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How to Change your Audi RS3 Emblems

We had to get rid of the boring old chrome and switch it up with some aggressive black emblems. Simple DIY video on how we did it.

So here’s the things that i’ll be using to install the emblems here are the emblems themselves you have the front grille i’m not doing the front rs3 portion i’m gonna go for a clean look so i’m not gonna have that the rear rs3 emblem and then the rear audi emblem for the trunk here’s some of the things that i will be using so i have blue painters tape coming

That will kind of line up where the original emblems are i’m going to sharpie off where each section goes so i’m going to kind of write on the tape to line up everything so everything looks nice and even i have a heat gun to more of the adhesive and be able to remove it easier some floss to help pry off the emblems and the adhesive this is thicker floss so it’s

Not going to fall apart as easily as regular floss and i don’t necessarily have to double wrap it but i have that i have a flathead screwdriver for the front grille so instead of having to take the whole bumper off i’m just going to try to pry off the original chrome emblem if it breaks it breaks because i don’t necessarily need the chrome there we’re going to

Go back to chrome measuring tape just to kind of make sure everything’s lined up and even then after i remove the emblems with the heat gun and the floss i’m gonna clay bar the adhesive off so i’m gonna make sure i lubricate it get all the clay off and then use some wipeout spray which will be similar to me using goo gun so it should be a fairly simple process

Hopefully this should take maybe 30 minutes to an hour to completely do and let’s see how it turns out so just by looking at it it looks like this is gonna be a difficult process because the chrome has a big outer circle of plastic so if i want to get the flat end in here it might scratch the black plastic casing behind it which i’m do not want to do but that

Is something to keep in mind and this is the 2019 i’m not sure it differs from year to year but keep that in mind and then the rs3 i thought it would be simple to have i thought it would just be two tabs holding it onto the grille but it looks like it’s more complicated than that so i will dig into that and see how that comes off actually i see an opening

Right here where the tabs are so i might be able to unhook it and pry that off here’s how it looks with the chrome emblems here’s how the rear looks and this is simple just heat gun it get it nice and hot take some floss to it and take it off it’s just a prep work to make sure the blue painters tape and everything is lined up correctly so i added some tape

To my flathead screwdriver so that way i won’t scratch up the black plastic panels you can see it’s like a little scratch right there so i kind of scratched it without any tape the lower portion is pretty much out so by grabbing these i’m kind of snuggling all the other tabs out and you can see it pretty much just gave away like that so the bottom clips are

Out now you’re gonna get the top super simple guys look at that didn’t have to take my bumper off this took maybe two minutes you just worked my way along with flathead screwdriver no broken tabs now this is all exposed no scratches to the black portion so i’m gonna give this a nice wipe down right now just um clean it up before i put on the black one so

Now we’re just gonna grab our emblem all the tabs should line up kind of guide them into place and just push them in together make sure all the tabs are locked in you have your glass black emblem so to remove the rs3 emblem um i figured out the tabs are being held in like little j hooks like this so simply i do not need to remove the front bumper again i got

A flathead screwdriver i literally just dug into where the tab would be and i tried it out like this and it popped out so same thing with this side i’m just gonna grab my flat head and try to unhook the j tabs or or not now you have a cleanless look so the emblem is a little smaller it’s a little skewed so what i did was put the black on top so i line up the

Middle because i guess that is what matters the most to make sure it’s even in the middle and the height so i kind of place it on top just to see where it blends in the most so i taped down and then now i’m going to tape out the outside parameters to kind of guide where to go and you’re going to want to do that all around just to make sure that you have an

Even outline so here’s our outline to work off of a little jinky but it’ll do the job so now i’m going to heat gun it and remove the emblem and then we have to remove all this adhesive so you could heat gun it and then just start prying away at it but this is the fun part guys so we outlined the rs3 got the painters tape and then i marked where each portion

Was so we could get the spacing correct too so we’re gonna do the same thing with this heat gun and remove the adhesive and then just get it all off so here’s the finished product it took two and a half hours just because the adhesive part took forever so i thought the hard part was going to be the front but the front ended up being the easiest did not

Have to pick apart the bumper at all or the grille looks great so it looks good super simple all you need is a flathead pry it off from the bottom and you’re done takes two minutes the front emblem took 30 seconds just prying out the tabs super easy nothing broke obviously the hardest part is going to be the adhesive just heating it up hitting it with the

Fishing line it just took forever so that was a lot of work and then just lining everything up looks good though no more chrome everything’s black now you

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How to Change your Audi RS3 Emblems By Meraki Autoworks

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