how to change ram 1500 classic m
Altair Club Cars How to change Ram 1500 Classic Map light, dome light, and footwell light bulbs

How to change Ram 1500 Classic Map light, dome light, and footwell light bulbs

TRUCK IN THE VIDEO IS A 2022 ram 1500 classic.

What is going on guys it’s my ram 1500 classic and i’m going to show you how to change the interior light so i already changed my footwell lights to blue but i’m mentioning it to a different color i’m also going to do the map light and i guess the dome light pretty easy we’ll start with the bottom over here give you guys an idea so i highly recommend uh turning

Your lights off because when you don’t have an led bulb the other regular traditional bulb is really hot so if you just turn this all the way these lights will turn off so now when you get under here see this this is basically just a cover for the bulk and what you could do is just put your fingers around it and pull it off be careful because this might come

Off too so you you may need two hands to do this and i’m just gonna go ahead pull the bulb up so the original bulb is a lot harder to pull out and the reason why is because it’s so small that you might not even get a grip so if you have a tool or something that you grab onto the bulb you can use that to pull the bow but now that we have the boba i’m going to go

Ahead put the new bulb in to put the new bulb in i recommend turning them on the reason why i recommend turning them on is because with the uh led bulbs here what you could do is if it doesn’t work one way you just rotate the bulb 180 degrees and then plug it back in and you should work so we’re going to go back here we’re gonna plug it into the housing and if

It turns on that means we’re good if it doesn’t turn on that means we just have to rotate the bolt there okay no sign yet there we go that turned on it’s plugged in and then we’re gonna go ahead grab this cover and put it back on you should just clip in all right so that bulb isn’t not as bright as i expect it to be i’m gonna go ahead do the other side and i’m

Gonna show you guys how to do the top turn these lights off all the way because it is going to be hot and uh we could either use a flathead screwdriver or a proper tool to stick in there so you could uh take the uh take the cover off to access the uh access the bulb i have a nail cutter basically the back end of the new cutter i’m just going to stick it in here

Just behind and i’m just going to pry this out like that pull it out same for the other side i don’t think the sides matter but i’m going to put it right on the right seat and left i’ll just throw in here and you can see the bulbs inside if you want to reuse them just use gloves if you don’t care you could just use your fingers because the oil on your fingers can

Cause the bulbs to burn out faster and if your lights are on these are going to be hot just warning you guys and it will require some force so this is pretty nice i go one side in and it makes a big difference so i think for the foot wells i might ditch the red and then i think i’m gonna go for the super white this is not blue this is super white much brighter

For now we’re just gonna put this back in test it out nice all right and then what we could do is we could work on the back light there too i go both sides in and this looks super nice now i’m gonna do is put this cover back on the way it goes back on is i think the side does matter because their right side has a tab on the right the left has a tab on the left

What you want to do is slide it in like so then push it from here there we go i’m gonna go ahead turn the lights off and we’re gonna double check make sure this works boom boom and i think i’m gonna do the bottom one too because when i turn all the lights on you can’t even see that there’s a red lace down here so you can use that for something else and just to

Let you know the bulb size i am using a t10 bulb so 164 uh t10 wedge bulb whatever you want to call it will work this is an led one and for the back it’s called a festoon bulb i believe so it’s a 42 millimeter festoon bulb i’m gonna use that for the buck so a 570 led festoon bulb 42 millimeters 41 42 millimeters that’s usually what’s going to show for the range

All right okay guys so for the back side bulb i am sitting beside the behind the driver’s seat and same thing flathead screwdriver i’m going to be using needle cutter or any plastic tool that’s pretty small and thin like a flathead screwdriver gonna pull it i’m gonna poke it on the side it’s gonna be a little it’s gonna be a little indent there i don’t know if you

Guys could tell let’s see if the camera can focus just in there see you want to stick that screwdriver here nail cutter or whatever inside of there and then you just want to take it off be careful or if it doesn’t come out completely we could just let it hang out over there like that that works too because we have enough access and this bulb feels pretty hot but

We’re gonna take our chances there you go pull it out just like that and i’m just gonna leave it on the side we’re gonna grab our new bolt here and same thing i suggest turning the light off from there by taking the bulb off but i’m gonna go back and turn it on so we can make sure we actually have it properly in there so i got the bulb here now we’re gonna do is

Just insert it so obviously this side facing out because that’s where the light’s showing through i’m gonna go ahead test it oh that is bright and i nailed it in the first shot there we go all right so the look is pretty much complete got the front done there got the back down there and the color looked exactly the same i purchased from two separate uh sellers

On amazon and i’m just happy there’s no color difference it’s perfect exactly the way i want it and it’s super duper bright now i’m gonna go ahead and install the same lights bottom here all right guys now the whole look is complete this looks super nice i got the lights everywhere footwell map lights dome lights and it’s super bright in here and i like it

Anyways thanks for watching hope this video helped

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How to change Ram 1500 Classic Map light, dome light, and footwell light bulbs By Abdullah Zahid

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