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Altair Club Cars How To Change Front Shock Of Chevrolet Express/Savana

How To Change Front Shock Of Chevrolet Express/Savana

In this Video I Will Be Showing You Guys How To Change The Front Shocks. There Are Some Very Important Tricks So Stick Around.

So yeah this video i’m going to be showing you how to replace a front shock for a savanna this has took this same application for two thousand i believe six and up to two to two thousand twenty 2018 or 2019 i’m sorry it’s just a regular front shots the has spring they’re already worn out i got the happy replacing with bill time front shocks there are more heavy duty

And last longer you will need a 15 millimeter wrench and for the bolts of the bottle you will need a 13 millimeter socket to remove the actual front shocks let me take it out and show you how it’s done guys they’re the 50 millimeter knob that you’re gonna be loosen up you you see you know right now because it’s all rusty i you put you put some penetrant penetrating

Oil later let it sit for whatever 15 minutes 10 minutes or so and then you’re gonna loosen up because if you’re really rusty he’s gonna give you a problem you know you’re gonna have to use some force right at the beginning use a piece of pipe to put it into to the range and then he’s gonna turn it’s gonna take you some time but then you it’ll it’ll go now when you

Start loosening up the knob you’ll have to use up like an adjustable wrench and hold the tip which is a flat side you hold it you have to grab it or let it put something – against against against it and then keep going otherwise it’s gonna if you don’t do that it’s gonna keep spinning and you would not lose and the knob is now that i come out so you you hold

It and keeps turning because otherwise you think that it is getting loose and it’s not if you don’t hold it so you can use a vice grip i don’t have it with me now but you can use something that is to just hold the flat part side of the the tip of the of the shock and then keep going keep going – enough gets out okay guys so there’s two uh i think it’s when you

Take up the two bolts are here underneath so you take it out one and two and then the shock is gonna release little by little you take it out boom boom boom and i’m gonna show you here outside how or how important to retain the shot i don’t think this shot to ever be replaced look at how it is don’t even have gas right you can just leave it on the floor supposed

To have gas right so this is i mean couple a shock a last probably like a couple of years maybe three tops depends how you know the use that you give to the to your car to be in this case commercial vehicles i will change it to be honest like every two years and now i’m gonna put this one new which is built sounds pretty good i like i’ll be using those tiny shots

For all my trucks and they’re pretty solid so i’m gonna do one side and i’m gonna do the other side you torque it and i don’t remember that the torque specification but i will show you in a bit so basically you put it this the new when you put it on the ready knees at the same way you took it out the old one same way you’re gonna put this new back in you know i

Thought there’s some trucks on some of the cars you have you actually have to replace the spring comes out to like like i have a dodge caravan that i had and i’m dutch caravan thing or i’m not sure if it’s one of my cars that i had before he will come out with the spring but this case the good thing you don’t have to take take out the spring because otherwise it

Would be a pain to replace the shot yourself some but this is good so anyways i’ll keep do this and then i’ll show you the outcome in a bit okay okay guys so i i do want to bring something to your guys attention it’s like when you put the new shot and you a observer the pin on the top to put it in order to put enough it’s not gonna be enough let me show you how

It’s not gonna be enough to put the knob on the top so basically you need because that you don’t have the tire right you need to bring over the car so basically what i did i put a shot and then i put anything that you can support a car with because if you have to if you put back to the tire you won’t have room right to work around so basically i lower i lower the

Jack i use my you know it’s you sometimes support two by fours like stan or you can use anything you like right let’s know you don’t damage this on the ground to the ground so then the pain then that pain before it didn’t reach all the way to the top like the original ring so now when i lower the truck look how high because you need to put the other rubber right

And you put there’s a rubber just like it on the bottom and then on another one on the another one you can have to put it on the top and you put it on the rubber side against the metal right so that’s how it is this comes with the with the shock so now before i didn’t have any room now i do so i put it in put my knob and he started the locking nuts and starts tired

With my 15 millimeter wrench okay folks basically i finished replacing the front shock it’s pretty much straightforward all you have to do is be careful when you do it but it always put your jack stands if you work on especially on the ground make sure that you were safe whoever wants to do if you’re planning to replace or to do some front suspension work is

Better to do it when you do in the front shocks normally when you change anything on the front suspension with the sharks or lower arm or operas or bull chase you need to take it for an alignment every time you do any work on the front suspension you have to align the car you don’t want to have uneven tires it down the road anyway that’s pretty much it i’ll keep

Posting more videos and thank you for watching and i’ll see you soon

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How To Change Front Shock Of Chevrolet Express/Savana By Dj David

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