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Altair Club Cars How To: 2008-2017 Buick Enclave Sway Bar Bushing Install: Plus Outlook, Arcadia, Traverse

How To: 2008-2017 Buick Enclave Sway Bar Bushing Install: Plus Outlook, Arcadia, Traverse

In this video we replace the worn out sway bar bushings with Moog units on the 2012 Buick Enclave to fix the clunk.

This is done this is silly putty man all right we’re getting ready to put a new one up all right youtube what’s up it’s magnus we got the enclave jacked up we’re doing the sway bar or stabilizer bar bushing replacement the ones on this car are wore out not supposed to be able to move like that not supposed to be able to take your hand and be able to move that

So what we’re doing we’re going to change the bushings we’ve got the mog polyurethane units first thing you need to do before you even attempt to do this job you need to disconnect your sway bar end links now i did the top and the way you had to do this is you’ll take your 18 millimeter and hold the nut and take your eight millimeter on your ratchet and then

You can hold the nut with your box in and ratchet the actual stud off and it makes it a lot easier to get the cereal bar end links disconnected the top and bottom is designed that way but i just do the top and you can just after you get it loose you just take it pop it out watch your lines here every sensor and just lay that to the side put your nut back on

And then repeat the steps on the other side and then your sway bars freeze it to move move it how you need to move it so you can get your new bushings on now the hold down cap for the sway bar those are 15 millimeter you can get to this one from here but to get the other one you’re going to get up under the car and reach it and you’re most likely going to have

To use a ratcheting box in okay here’s the the mog part number for the bushings right there and this covers all the lambda vehicles i’ll put a put them all up there in the video but like i said you’re gonna be using 15 mil for the whole down for the sway bar and 18 to take you loose your sway bar end links all right we got your other side done and that

Bush and on the stabilizer had a lot of play in it we’re getting a clunking noise uh the control arm bushings look great and the front ones they’ve been changed already i think there may have been a recall possibly on some of this stuff i had to check but those are my units those are blue just like what i’m putting on the stabilizer so hopefully that’ll fix

A problem like i didn’t see anything else that would cause that clunking noise uh sweat burning links look good so and that’s the only thing that look wore the hell out on here so we’re gonna change that and uh give it a test drive see what we got okay guys get up under the uh car and you see that’s your sway bar right here take your 15 millimeter and you can

Get to these two back boats real easy like i said just laying it back what’s wrong here we’re right there i’ve already got them out but make sure you have a jack and a jack stand on each side so let’s get up on here with jack stands because this thing weighs a lot this is a heavy it’s a heavy ass suv man and i don’t think you’re going to survive if this thing

Falls on you so we got the two back one job now we’re going to get up and go on the front side on each side and get the front hold down for the bracket off and then we can get those bushings up all right remember to use a 15 millimeter ratcheting box in and you got all your bolts out now see your front and back now take your long screwdriver a pry bar and pry

That cap off all right you got your cap off now and uh this is that bushing that bushings that bush’s toast it’s almost like silly pudding man hey it’s no good and i’m gonna compare it with the new one all right there’s your new one that’s what it’s supposed to look like and a lot of people say oh they sent me the wrong part number no you gotta understand this

Is wore out that’s why that hole is bigger than that one that hole’s got a smaller diameter sort of for tension so when you put this on it’s gonna be tight and that clump and wobble on you like this one did so just remember that when you’re putting new parts on especially bushings like this all right i’m going to take some that electric grease put in here and

We’re going to open it up slide it on and get into position you see there’s a david right there we got to get it back on the frame you can see could you see it see it in there that’s what we got to get that position back on and then we put our retainer back on okay guys we already got this side done and what you need to do i’m going to show you what you need

To do that help you put that on um the best way to do it is to get up under the car and open it up from the bottom of the vehicle that way you can just place it onto the stabilizer bar and i know some people struggle with this because they try to put it on out here and slide it up you don’t don’t do that just get up on the car make sure you got dialectic

Grease on it so it can slide on and you’re gonna get it in that slot and we’re not going to tighten this side down yet because we got to do the other side then we’ll tighten them both down at the same time but i’m going to show you what to do with this to make it easier because this thing is polyurethane it is stiff so you’re going to have to do some a few things

To it so to make it easier for you to get it onto the stabilizer bar all right get your dielectric grease you’re gonna put your nice bead on the inside of that slather all the way around on the inside then we’re going to show you the next step what you need to do all right next get you some snap ring pliers stick it on the inside of the bushing and work that

Bushing back and forth a few times in the opening that’ll help it make it a little easier for you when you get up under the car to put it on the stabilizer bar to open it up with your hands you can slide it on the bar and get it in position and then just clamp it down that’s all you gotta do put the electric grease on the outside of it too so when you put your

Retainer on it’ll slide down on there good but see now since we’ve took our snap ring pliers and kind of work that opening a little bit it’s actually it has a gap now so it’s not it’s going to be a little easier for you when you get in position up under the car so open it with your hands and slide it down on the bar okay this is the passenger side okay and that

One was really toast i think most of the problem came from that side but it is this is done because it’s silly putty man all right we’re getting ready to put a new one up okay after you get your passion aside on you go ahead and tighten both of your chainers down driver and fashion aside remember the 15 millimeter to run them down and when i get them snug i go

Back and tighten them with a 15 millimeter ratchet and socket and then you can reconnect your sway bar end links and go for a test drive we’re going to get finished tightening it down and we’re going to go for a test drive also on this passenger side there’s going to be a heat shield kind of in your way from up under the car you can still kind of work around

It with your hands so you can open up that bushing and get it positioned onto the sway bar so just keep that in mind all right youtube we’re doing a test drive my driveway is pretty rough and um as you see i’m going over a lot of bumps here there’s no clunk no bump now nice handling i’m gonna do some side to side here oh yeah see before i when i would do that

You’d hear it clock clock i mean it’s like a no truck man but now and i know what an old truck sounds like i got plenty of so uh but that’s uh we’re gonna call this a success guys it’s really not that hard you see you only need like two row three tools to do the job to put on uh sway bar bushings so i’m gonna leave you with that uh got more stuff coming for

The enclave more maintenance more tips like subscribe stay tuned happy magnus enjoy the rest of your sunday peace you

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How To: 2008-2017 Buick Enclave Sway Bar Bushing Install: Plus Outlook, Arcadia, Traverse By Magnus Prime E1

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