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Altair Club Cars How the 2023 Lyriq Cadillac is Produced

How the 2023 Lyriq Cadillac is Produced

Following a 2-billion-dollar investment months ago, the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq Debut Edition began rolling off the assembly line on March 21st at the Cadillac Spring Hill plant in Tennessee.

How cadillac lyric is made at gm spring hill tennessee assembly plant on the 21st of march 2022 general motors marked another major milestone in its commitment to an all-electric future as cadillac formally celebrated the beginning of retail production of the 2023 cadillac lyric at gm spring hill tennessee assembly plant gm president mark ruiz cadillac vice

President rory harvey tennessee gov bill lee uew representatives plant employees and other officials joined together to celebrate this milestone in today’s video we take a look at the 2023 cadillac lyric and how the lyric is made at gm spring hill tennessee assembly plant thanks for stopping by in order to stay up to date to all the latest and fascinating things

Gm is doing especially its all-electric future all you have to do is click the subscribe button and the bell notification feature to stay up to date our content is reliable verified and entertaining thanks to the efforts of our team please reciprocate by liking commenting and sharing let’s get back to it cadillac lyric is one of the most anticipated ev for 2022.

Cadillac will be adding the lyric to its lineup in the month ahead following the 2 billion investment months ago the 2023 cadillac lyric debut edition began rolling off the assembly line on march 21 at the cadillac spring hill plant in tennessee the concept of the 2023 cadillac lyric was first unveiled in august 2020 followed by the production prototype in april

2021 pre-orders started in september of 2021 which sold out in under 10 minutes currently demand is increasing and on may 19 cadillac will begin accepting additional orders for the 2023 lyric cadillac recently announced plans to ramp up production of the lyric to meet strong interest in the all-electric luxury crossover spring hill can produce 200 000 units of the

Battery electric luxury crossover each year to meet demand the ramping up of the 2023 lyric cadillac was accelerated ahead of schedule nonetheless cadillac xt5 cadillac xt6 and gmc acadia assembly remains world class and in progress mark reeves gm president gave the following remarks that cadillac lyrics sets the standard for the future of cadillac and marx another

Major milestone in gm commitment to an all-electric future he added this is a monumental day for the entire gm team we were told spring hill assembly with the best most advanced technology in the world and the team worked tirelessly to complete the preparations nine months ahead of the original schedule cadillac lyric is one of the most anticipated ev for 2022.

Cadillac will be adding the lyric to its lineup in the months ahead both rear wheel drive and performance all-wheel drive versions of the lyric will be open for booking on march 21. nevertheless only the real wheel version went into production from march 21st and the all-wheel drive performance model will be introduced in the fall of 2022 deliveries beginning

Early 2023 back in 2021 the 2023 cadillac lyric single motor powertrain debut edition with a 12 module 100 kilowatt hour battery pack that is estimated to reach 300 miles on a single charge was the only model available for pre-order and introducing the all-electric cadillac lyric a vehicle that’s rooted in over a century of innovation and that’s charging boldly

Forward cadillac lyric promises 500 horsepower with dual motor all-wheel drive starting at 60 000 the rear wheel lyric will be the base model it features cadillac’s latest technology dynamic styling and a new generation of battery technology this five passenger mid-size suv is powered by a single motor that produces 340 horsepower 325 pound-feet of torque and 255

Kilowatts of power as with other evis the cadillac lyric 2023 runs on a rechargeable battery which can be charged at home or at a charging station lyric segment leading 19.2 kilowatt charging module can add up to 52 miles of range per hour for home charging in addition lyric offers high speed dc fast charging for public charging stations at 190 kilowatts which can

Add about 76 miles to a car’s range in about 10 minutes other features of the cadillac include cadillac smart system suite of safety and driver assistance features choreographed exterior led lighting a stunning 33 inch diagonal advanced led display that can exude over 1 billion colors open poor dark ash wood decorated with backlit door panels illuminated black

Crystal shield front cadillac emblem and exterior door handles fixed glass roof with power interior shade eight-way power driver and front passenger seats with four-way power lumbar heat ventilation and lumber massage region on-demand and one pedal driving a variable region on demand system and one pedal driving will be available on the lyric that will help

Customers take full control of their driving experience lyrics region technology allows drivers to control how quickly the vehicle slows down or come to a complete stop using a pressure sensitive paddle on the steering wheel regenerative braking is used by both technologies to maximize the efficiency of electric driving cadillac exclusive akg studio 19 speaker

Audio system next generation active noise cancellation adaptive cruise control enhanced automatic parking assist my cadillac mobile app with energy assist cadillac digital key dual level charge cord standard 20 inch split six spoke alloy wheels or optional 22-inch dynamics split spoke reverse rim alloy wheels the all-wheel drive is expected to be priced higher

Than the rear wheel version because the dual motor all-wheel drive model is promising a 500 horsepower and it’s poised to compete with foreigners in the ev space like the 2022 bmw ix x drive 50 which produces 516 horsepower 324 mile range priced at 84 195 dollars for the base model the audi e-tron s which generates 469 horsepower with the standard wheel and tire

Package which completes up to 208 miles on a single charge while th sloped back counterpart the e-tron s4 pack is expected to be able to go 212 miles on a single charge according to epa estimation the audi e-tron s is priced at eight to four thousand eight hundred dollars in premium plus guys and eighty nine thousand eight hundred dollars in the plusher prestige

Model and tesla model x dual motor all-wheel drive starts at 114 990 the plate can go 340 miles on a single charge the long range can complete an impressive 360 miles on a single charge lyric is built on gm ultim platform which is central to the company’s ev strategy a relatively 50-50 weight distribution makes the suv’s ultim battery technology ideal for sporty

Driving according to general motors the ultim batteries are also made from raw materials that are ethically sourced ultim’s large format 100 amp power cells provide the equivalent power of 20 cylindrical cells ultim cells offer high energy modular pouch batteries that differ from conventional cylindrical batteries the cells are capable of supporting evis of any

Size and shape both electrically and physically in addition to using less space the pouch is stackable horizontally and vertically ultim battery is scalable from 50 kilowatt hours to over 200 kilowatt hours enabling ranges between 300 and 450 miles this is part one of gm cadillac lyric 2023 outlook and how it is made at the assembly plant in spring hill tennessee

As part of our upcoming videos we will explain the step-by-step process of manufacturing and assembling the 2023 cadillac lyric by gm that’s where we wrap things up for today this channel features updates and the fascinating things gm is doing especially its all-electric future zero emissions and battery technology be sure to subscribe to the channel and turn on

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