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Altair Club Cars How The 2022 Audi RS3 Sportback Has Changed The Hot Hatch Game Forever

How The 2022 Audi RS3 Sportback Has Changed The Hot Hatch Game Forever

Here is the 2022 New Audi RS3! The Audi RS3 has always been an incredible car and Audi have made the new 2022 Audi RS3 even better! In this video i take the 2022 Audi RS3 for a drive and talk to you about how it changed the hot hatch game forever! You will see the Audi RS3 Launch from 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds.

Behind me is the 2022 audi rs3 and in this video i’m going to talk to you about why this car has changed the hot hatch game forever we probably want to start by looking at where it all began the rs3 has been around since 2010 and over the years it’s just got quicker and quicker it started its life with 340 brake horsepower and has gone up to 400 brake horsepower

From 2021. the 2022 variant of the rs3 is a little bit different however it has the ability to drift now on the surface that may sound a little bit gimmicky and some may even question why audi have had to done that don’t have had to do this is it because they wanted to or was it because they were forced to by the likes of the a45s but gimmick or not the rs3 is set

Up with a mechanical front diff and on the rear arch or rear wheels we’ve got two electronic clutches which allow for the opposite side wheel to keep pushing which will create oversteer as well when powering out corners now i went to the launch of the rs3 in austria and i took this around some pretty epic mountain roads and i could really feel the back trying to

Kick out when powering out of corners audis have been traditionally known for understeer and what’s previous models of the rs3 had wider front tyres than the rear to try and counter audi steer they never really got it quite right until now that is now the rs3 as we all know comes with the glorious 2.5 liter five-cylinder engine that’s lived under the bonnet for the

Same time as the original rs3’s berth now it’s a cracking engine it delivers great sound and plenty of power and over the years the rs3s 2.5 has had different turbos attached to it to increase performance and torque and whilst this variant is the lark well it’s it’s not a huge power increase over the last model it still provides incredible performance and power

For what is ultimately one of the best hot hatches out on the market of course the rs3 being four-wheel drive means it makes it a great all year round car and can pretty much be used for all style of driving now whilst the rs3 has evolved over the years so has its price and this is where you need to be sitting down for this because this car comes in an eye watering

67 900 pounds for us what is ultimately a hot hatch that said this car does have some pretty hefty options the most expensive being the rs pack which costs 5 500 and that consists of the carbon ceramic brakes as well as the adaptive suspension however even if you opted for the most bass spec rs3 it’s still going to cost you 51 grand if we look at the rs3 styling

Perspective in this 2022 model we can see the front end has got a whole lot more aggressive it’s got wider front wings the rear of the car is much more beefed up and overall it just looks a lot more pissed off than its predecessors it looks it looks super aggressive but taking all that we’ve talked about into account the rs3 has fundamentally changed the hot hatch

Game forever whether you like it or not it’s created its own class within the market and i don’t think it can even be called a hot hatch anymore hot hatches used to cost around 25 000 pounds and whilst the world has changed and inflation has provided some severe tailwind surprise hikes i can’t believe i’m looking at something that costs almost as much as a new

Shape m3 or a julia quadrifoglio but whilst this is an eye-watering amount of money for a car it’s also a hell of a lot of car let me demonstrate 0 to 62 miles per hour dispatched in just 3.8 seconds this car is 400 brake horsepower it’ll do 180 miles per hour now what hot hatch do you know that does 180 miles per hour it’s just ridiculous i mean when it comes

To hot hatches i look at the majority of hot hatches sitting in football terms in the premier league the rs3 however lives in the champions league i mean it’s faster than most performance cars out there as in like it punches so far above its weight it’s absolutely ridiculous this car this car is nuts i mean the rs3 has always been good but this one is next level

It really is next level and of course with this model you get as i mentioned earlier on you get the rs mode you get the rs torque rear mode which sends all that power to the back using those electronic clutches which means from a dynamics perspective in terms of handling it makes it so much more involving which is a good thing what a thing what a thing the other

Thing i mentioned earlier on is this car comes with the rs dynamic pack which consists of the adaptive suspension and the carbon ceramic brakes now for me the carbon ceramic brakes if you’re only going to use this car on the road might be a little bit overkill however if you are going to stick this on a track they are definitely warranted because you will be hammering

Down on those brakes and whilst the steel brakes are good when i took this car out in austria i was hammering it and the brakes took a little bit of a beating let’s put it that way that sound of the five cylinder never gets old but the sound the performance is one thing for that kind of price point when you look at the interior of the car you have to ask yourself

The question does the interior deliver on what is ultimately audi’s flagship hot hatch well in some cases i would say yes and in others i’d say no interior wise for example these seats beautiful in full alcantara i’ve got a bang and olson sound system which again is incredibly impressive however the question for me is i’m looking at it here as a driver and i still

Have to ask myself how different is this from the likes of the a3 or the a1 now there isn’t an awful lot of difference and and you know when you’re looking at cars such as a45s for example which you look at the interior and you they feel very futuristic very modern very spaceship like back end going there they feel very spaceship very modern light the rs3 once it

Has some nice cues such as the new uh center display with the tram lines coming towards you it still feels an awful lot familiar the other thing as well to point out will be the seats themselves whilst for the majority of driving these are absolutely perfect they’re extremely comfortable i really like the rs seats but if you’re really going to get the most out of

This car you’re going to stick it on a track and that’s where for me the bolstering is good but when you’re sliding this car around you’re not necessarily going to get the best from it because they could hug you a little bit more that said the car still does feel very premium all the plastics in here feel nice you do know you’re sitting in audi’s flagship model

To an extent things such as boot space in here very good you know it’s very practical it gives you all the gizmos such as apple carplay your lovely big screen all the stuff that you’d expect to use this car for everything the rs3 delivers on it 100 hundred percent rear space the rest space is good rear seats are good look as a whole it’s a brilliant brilliant

Thing however with all that said and done the audi rs3 is still a phenomenal car and if you do go out and buy one you will absolutely love it i hope you enjoyed this video guys please do subscribe it really does help the channel and i’ll see you all very soon on the next one take care bye bye

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How The 2022 Audi RS3 Sportback Has Changed The Hot Hatch Game Forever! By Stef ABtv

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