how much faster does the jb4 mak
Altair Club Cars HOW Much Faster Does The JB4 – Make Your cars | KIA STINGER GT2

HOW Much Faster Does The JB4 – Make Your cars | KIA STINGER GT2

Testing the JB4 on a Kia Stinger GT to see how much faster it makes the car from stock to map 4.

Hey there welcome back to another one of my videos today’s video i want to test out my new toy which is the draggy i’m going to be testing out different map settings on my jb4 and just seeing how much quicker my 0-60 times are i’m going to be testing map 0 with no tune and then i’ll go up from there to map one two three and four and see if i can shave any time

Off my 0-60 so without further ado i’ll hop in the car and go find my spot and get input all right this next one is going to be map zero a little windy got a pretty hard crosswind today i’m not gonna lie that felt kind of quick i can’t see the times because i got the camera behind me but pull over here and take a quick quick look so map zero put out a 4.63

Which is pretty quick i think for no tune basically just exhaust and intakes uh let’s go to map one and see what we would get there boy those are feeling faster than my map four again i can’t see the camera or the screen to see what my 60 0 to 60 time is until i pull over here so map one was a 4.44 that’s pretty quick on map one let’s get into uh map two and

See if we uh pick up some more time or lose some more time on our 0 to 60. all right here we go in map two come on duty that felt like a pretty bad launch pull over here and look at my time so map to like i said when i was doing it felt like a pretty poor launch got a 4-6-3 uh it was actually just a tad slower than map zero so we will move on to map three

And see if i can launch it a little bit better all right map three here we go felt quick but the launches aren’t feeling that great you definitely feel that lag i’m sure my iats are a little bit warmer after doing so many polls so map 3 produced uh 4.58 not super impressive launch was a little bit bad i am launching off the parking brake because i feel like

I can build a bit more boost that way so let’s try map 4 and see what happens so map 4 with some e30 in the tank i did a 4.25 that’s close to my best that i’ve done it was a 4.24 i think is the best i can’t seem to get it much faster than that i’m telling you it’s all in the launch though once i get better at launching maybe i can inch closer to the threes

But i think a tcu tune is needed i’m just going to try a launch here just off the pedal and see what happens i’m curious to see how it responds so i’ll flip the camera around turn on the draggy and just launch off the pedal on this last one not four see what this car can do off the pedal complete stop go on oh that’s going to be slow that’s gonna be gonna be

The five seconds for that one well that’s gonna conclude the video for today um from our fastest time was a 4.24 in map four running some e30 i got standard upgrades intakes spark plugs cat-back exhaust and that’s about it our slowest time was around i can’t remember off the top of my head but uh 466 and not zero i believe or four six five or something so i

Don’t know a half second let’s call it a half second difference from no technically no tune no tune in the car but i do have exhaust and i do have intakes which probably helps at just a fraction i think this car is rated for a four seven four eight stock but one thing i did notice is that it’s all all in the launch and i was launching off the park break because

I find the launch control with the car doesn’t build enough boost and it’s lags i don’t recommend launching off the park brake all the time but once in a while it’s okay you can get your rpms up and you can hear the boost building pretty quick and you let it go and it takes off way harder than it would off the fan so i think like i mentioned before i’m in order

For possibly a tcu tune next um that would probably help with the shifting and get the times down let me know what tcu tune you guys are thinking i’m humming and hawing between lawsic and a lap three of course um logic has a bunch of different settings i’m not super familiar with but i am getting help from guys out there kind of teaching me what what settings

To go with or what settings they would recommend uh twin turbo you’re one of them thank very much for responding to my many messages and questions your your grade at helping me out anyway if you like the video please subscribe i really appreciate every subscription like i’ve mentioned it really motivates me to keep going and trying to build helpful content for

You guys so if you like the video hit that subscribe button and i will talk to you later

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