how good is the genesis gv80 suv
Altair Club Cars How good is the Genesis GV80 SUV? Fleet Auto News says as good as other luxury brands.

How good is the Genesis GV80 SUV? Fleet Auto News says as good as other luxury brands.

Fleet Auto News was at the launch of the Genesis GV80 luxury SUV and we also took one on an extended test drive to live the good life. Is the Genesis GV80 SUV a luxury car? Can the Genesis GV80 match the European car brands for performance, style and design? After our test drive, everyone in the Fleet Auto News office thinks the Genesis GV80 SUV would make a great novated lease and is as good as the European luxury SUVs.

Hi rod from fleet auto news again today i’m driving the new genesis gv80 it’s genesis first foray into the suv market and what a statement they’re making with it one which many european brands should set up and take notice it’s a luxury suv and is only priced in this model the three litre turbo diesel all-wheel drive from 103 600 which makes it substantially

Cheaper than that of many of its competitors let’s go for a drive well here we are in the gv80 heated and cooled leather seats in the front um it is a seven seat of this one as i’ll show you elsewhere in the video how the seats fold down but this is a great drive the engine responsiveness is fantastic out of the three litre turbo diesel motor put the hammer

Down here bit for you a nice exhaust snake but never intrusive and being in diesel it is very quiet fantastic also about this vehicle um it rides in 22 inch rims which uh you think makes the ride a little bit harsher you can feel a little bit but it is beautifully comfortable to drive this vehicle and certainly one well worthy of your consideration if

You’re in the market for a novated lease on a luxury suv at the heart of this gv80 is a three liter turbo diesel motor power is rated at kilowatts and torque at 588 newton meters fuel economy is listed on the combined cycle for this engine at 8.8 liters per 100ks gv80 is a seven seater suv three rows of seats let’s see how easy they are to adjust starting

The tailgate power operated of course third row seats here all folded down for extra luggage space need more space in the front bigger load push the button once one side’s going down again there’s the other big enough to bring back anything from bunnings finish with a load of bunnings need to get the kids in the back seat just as easy just push the button

Lift it back into place the rear seat pull the strap fold the air dress up on the other side seven seater all good to go to be honest i’m really pleased driving this gv80 genesis tells me it’s the entry level model what looks entry-level about this certainly this is not a poverty pack that’s for sure there is the 10 000 option of the luxury pack which will

Add extra touches as real wood inlays and the power closing soft door closing uh and the like but this has got leather everywhere it smells feels beautiful it’s fantastic to drive and certainly this is a vehicle if you’re in the market for a luxury suv forget the badges of the europeans this thing will match them in about every respect for much less coin you

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How good is the Genesis GV80 SUV? Fleet Auto News says as good as other luxury brands. By Fleet News Group

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