how fast is the new 0k nissan z
Altair Club Cars How fast is the new 0k Nissan Z? New Z vs Supra vs Mustang Mach-1 Cammisas Drag Race Replay

How fast is the new 0k Nissan Z? New Z vs Supra vs Mustang Mach-1 Cammisas Drag Race Replay

The 2023 Nissan Z has a 400-hp twin-turbo V-6. It’s roughly the same price as the Ford Mustang GT 5.0 and Toyota Supra, so let’s answer the $50,000 question: Which one makes it through the quarter-mile first?

…Well, we’re about to answer the $50,000 question! …a 400-hp rear-wheel-drive legend whose computer won’t let you do a burnout. sigh. no need to hit the fast forward button because the action starts now! you could call that an exact tie… except i’m not  going to. because even though the two cars crossed the line at exactly the same time the

Mustang was going 3 mph more quickly. to go, because that thing’s 78 extra horsepower   but once the tires hooked up and its (dimwitted) 10-speed automatic finally figured out  what to do… meanwhile the supra is just an overachiever because  the supra is a bmw. …and it does everything you ask of it every single time

Doesn’t hurt that it weighs 260 lb less than the z. the z has launch control and it incinerates the rear tires…. it burns out the whole way through first gear and then slam shifts into second (which is awesome) and then bangs into third and keeps the wheelspin going… …but by 60 mph, it’s already 0.2 second behind the other two cars. then, it

Finally hooks up. that’s where the horsepower kicks in and, well, it stays right behind them the rest of the way through the quarter mile. (a funny concept because if he *actually* could stop time, maybe he wouldn’t look so old and haggard.) ah that’s all well and good, but there wasn’t a clutch pedal in the bunch!

Luckily the 2023 z is available with a six-speed manual! it trades the automatic’s complicated-to-engage  launch control in favor of a no lift shift program. unfortunately, it’s very quiet thanks to a bunch of  genuinely stupid drive-by noise regulations that penalize manual transmissions. nissan chose not to fix this problem the way porsche has…

Instead they installed a very quiet muffler, and that is a very easy thing to fix. nissan has assured me that if i fix this problem using a sawzall, they will take that sawzall to my genitalia. so, i’ll just leave this here and half this race will be very quiet. thanks to that gearing, the six-speed manual is  only 0.3 seconds behind the nine-speed

Automatic to 60 mph — which is about the time it takes to make the one-two shift. the lead grows to 0.5 second by the quarter because the mercedes-sourced automatic’s gears are shorter and more closely stacked. for the record, both the new zs would have crucified  nissan’s old 370z. the new z is in an entirely different league of speed… …one

Occupied by another two-seater that’s exactly the same size.

One tenth of a second — and not a single mph apart — at the end of a quarter mile! well, there you have it. or, as captain obvious might point out, adding two turbos to the z gave it a lot of firepower. …enough firepower, it turns out, to aaallmost keep up with an aston martin and a ford mustang mach-1, and a notoriously overachieving bm-double-yota.

Enough firepower that with nothing more   have been able to keep up with them all!

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How fast is the new $50k Nissan Z? — New Z vs Supra vs Mustang Mach-1 — Cammisa's Drag Race Replay By Hagerty

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