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Altair Club Cars How Does The Ford Bronco Sport Handle Our Off-Road Course? I Take It Over Every Obstacle To Find Out

How Does The Ford Bronco Sport Handle Our Off-Road Course? I Take It Over Every Obstacle To Find Out

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Hey guys welcome to a really fun video because today we’re going to find out just how good a bronco sport is on our off-road course that we lovingly call andre’s pit so mike here drove all the way from arizona with his new bronco sport to take on the pit and mike let me show you what you’re playing for we’ve got these new stickers uh which basically say tumbleweed

Rated by our friends at onyx offroad and if the vehicle makes it through all five courses then we’re gonna put if you want to put it on the car but you will i will put it on the car you’ll definitely get the sticker and the courses get harder as we go along so we’ll start on the easy side of andre’s pit and then as we move through the pit it’s going to get harder

But before we do that let’s talk about your bronco because obviously it’s a sport yep but obviously it’s lifted what’d you do to it so essentially it’s the big bend version so it doesn’t have that rear diff locker i’ve put a one and a half inch rough country lift on it and then i’ve added the 30-inch all-terrain tires and that’s basically all the all the modification

That i’ve ever done to it you know so it’s pretty it’s just pretty much stock other than that now the interesting thing is you came from a tacoma trd off-road yes which some would and i would agree say is a more off-road worthy truck than a broncos sport why’d you go from that to a broncos sport well i drive about two and a half hour commute to phoenix from where i

Live in in eastern arizona you should get a sticker for the longest commute yes i only do that maybe once or twice a week but still at the same time that was getting 15 16 miles to the gallon this brand new was getting 27 28 miles to the gallon and even with the lift it’s still at about 24 25 with the big tires too so that’s really good actually yeah that’s really

Good and how do you like it compared to the truck i like it a lot it’s it’s just as fast as the truck i also had a 4runner a 2018 4runner that i traded in and i’ve taken this down the same trails and it’ll go about 80 percent of the places now what’s under the hood of this guy it is a 1.5 liter turbocharged motor okay single turbo putting out what 200-ish horsepower

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Service and their work helps protect wildlife and park lands enter today for your chance to win the tiny home of your dreams go to offroad1 for the chance to win a custom 130 thousand dollar tiny home built by true form tiny homes and support a great cause the national park foundation how about comfort wise you know the thing about the tacoma is you

Gotta love like you know driving with your feet at about your hip level yeah that was my biggest dilemma with that whole thing with the tacoma i don’t like i’m a six foot tall guy almost six feet you are yeah so so tacomas you know they’re known for having very high ceiling and a very low roof right yeah so you kind of kind of get your feet straight ahead of you

This is obviously much more different right this is more traditional it is and i like the way you know fords prop you up you sit up more in a ford where a toyota you kind of lounge back in so i do like the way this sits better on road i had a buddy drive it the other day and he said it’s like driving a sports car and i said yeah it’s kind of like this a marriage

Between a sports car and a four-wheel drive vehicle uh how long have you had it though bought it back in march april right then okay so how many miles yeah i think there’s like 14 almost 15 000 miles on it now holy cow yeah yeah most people put 12 000 miles a year so you do that in half a year yeah so you do drive a lot i do drive a lot but i like also going on

Adventures a lot so all right so let me ask you the kind of the most i think interesting question that these people are interested in let’s start with the one what’s your favorite part of it favorite part of it i like the turbo charger it’s peppy it gets up and moves really quickly you put it in sport mode and it can really pass with authority okay surprisingly

And what’s your least favorite part ground clearance i wish you had more ground clearance yeah even with that what’d you say inch and a half lift yeah yeah yeah well you could always go you know yeah go crazy yeah was it a puck lift it it actually is it’s a little more than a puck is it because it’s an independent suspension right yeah it’s all four wheel into

Pitch so that’s a little trickier yeah how much did that cost it was i actually got a really great deal i ordered it straight from rough country and i think that was maybe 500 that’s not bad no and then the dealership that installed it um was if i could plug their name horn freedom ford horn freedom ford give us a call if you want some more commercials yeah yeah

That’s your arizona so anyway they uh they actually allowed me to buy the lift kit and then they installed it for me all right and my last question before we hit the course uh do you have any bronco envy full-on bronco you is there a part of you that’s like oh the next one is going to be a bronco you’re asking a guy who likes to to roll through vehicles so so i

Told my wife within a year i want to have a full-size two-door fair enough uh i want wild track badlands i want the works yeah all right that’s a two-door so so this is kind of a tweener bronco yeah this is a beginner bronco for me all right well let’s hit the course you know what we’ll do this we’ll try to do it in kind of one take style uh so i’ll let you drive

And i’ll give you some pointers because i’ve done this a lot to help you through it it’s relatively straightforward right there’s no low range in this nope so it’s kind of the way it is is the way it’s going to go yeah yeah all right mike i’m super excited to do this because i’m always curious just how good the bronco sport is now i think and i’ve you know driven

Well i’ve driven all of them it’s going to be modest but let’s just be honest i’ve driven all of them i think this is the best uh soft rotor you know it almost becomes uh an off-roader in the classic sense but because you don’t have a low range i’m calling it a soft rotor so i don’t mean to like disparage the car yeah it’s just a technical thing so what uh goat

Motor you put it in so what i did is i put it down into what they call sand mode yep it seems to be the one that gets the job done better than other ones off-road great and goat by the way stands for goes over any terrain uh so i’ll show you where the course is let’s go do this huh and and am i right that you said if i pass through this course okay we trade broncos

No i didn’t i did not say that but um that’s clever of you to say all right all right so the first one we’re gonna do is lava lane uh so you can see the sign there and leveling basically tests approach and departure uh so you wanna be careful because you might kind of scrape your front end so what i would suggest you do is just take it nice and slow there you go

When you go down this hill you might scrape a little bit um but i think this thing will be fine with the lift yeah yeah i know no problem whatsoever yeah found track there it’s a little bit there it goes it found its traction and that was easy but like i said it’s going to get harder as we go along all right all right so back around now back down the thing and

The next one we’re going to do uh is holes now holes is a test of articulation so we’ve set up a holes that are placed in such a way that you know when one tire is in the hole the other one still has traction but it basically tests the car’s ability to send power uh to the wheel that has traction okay all right so let’s do holes next and see how this does i like

This truck it’s a good well car truck i don’t know both car trucks it’s kind of like that kind of very similar sport car so that’s the whole one all right so just go up the middle of it and you know make sure you put your wheels in the holes and yeah this should be uh relatively straightforward but it’s going to get harder after this one float a little tighter a

Little tighter yeah exactly so what it’s testing is the car’s all-wheel drive system and how much articulation it has because obviously if you don’t have articulation you’re not gonna get traction there we go okay now now it gets fun all right so the next one is called logs all right so logs uh is what it says it’s a bunch of logs and we put them at different

Angles right so it’s basically doing the same thing that that holes did but in a much more kind of uh intense way all right so especially if it gets wet it’s pretty slow i can imagine yeah but once again i i don’t suspect you’ll have a lot of problems with it we might get into a position where it is going to have to think for a little bit to figure out where to

Empower but let’s try logs and i haven’t quite figured out how it figures out that yeah it uses abs okay is that does it do like a toyota does it yeah so what it does well that’s that’s a little bit different so what it does is it senses the difference in speed that the wheel is turning right and when one wheel is turning fast in the other wheel it locks that wheel

Up and then sends traction to the other one so that’s how it uses abs it’s basically a terrain management system it’s getting a little tougher here oh yeah yeah that wanted to yeah yeah see a little bit a little bucked me a little bit yeah all right i was trying not to go too fast but sometimes it yeah that turbo’s gotta and that’s you know you put your finger on

It right that’s where that low range is nice yes when you get a little bit more control yeah all right this next one’s gonna get even harder if we call this one rocks uh and there’s a truth or dare which one you want to take truth is easier dare is harder i’ll let you decide none of them will damage this car but let’s go there then let’s go let’s really do the thing

Let’s do it let’s go do there so line yourself up and there goes um to your left to the left yeah so that’s the one you see that’s the one where you’re gonna definitely test uh oh i see now yeah test your approach departure and breaker wrangle you might we might i’m guessing we might scrape a little bit on the bottom here do you know does this have skid pads no

It does not yeah the the badlands version comes with the skid plate you want to do truth instead um that one you may have done this one you won’t if you stay on top of the rocks let’s see i’ll let you decide i’m i think i’m comfortable with shooting that okay all right go for it take it easy as slow as possible as fast as necessary that’s what the range rover guys

Like to say yeah and i think they’re right about it and just keep your wheels on the top of the boulders right you don’t want to straddle the boulder that’s always a rookie mistake yeah because that’s when you start tearing up differentials struggling a little bit but it’s not bad you should be in here because if you’re in here all you see and all i see is scott

Right yeah nice a little worse a little touch just a little touch i felt it on the internet congratulations hey nice work that was great mike that was great all right this one i’m not sure we’re gonna make it up this one okay so this is the last one uh and you’re not gonna damage anything here but the question is can it do it so let’s go down all right once again

And what makes this one especially tricky is um we’ve dug these um ruts basically they put the vehicle on a severe angle and really test the suspension it’s going to be right there all right and we call it the trenches so go around and then line yourself up with the trenches we’re lucky because it’s been dry if it’s wet it’s really hard but basically it puts two

Wheels into the air and then the vehicle has to send power to two wheels so you can kind of see what’s going to go on here if it’s going to go like this and then like that so we’re doing this this this there you go opportunity to float some tires yeah exactly right so this is the first it gets hard when you start to go on the other one and now you’re floating

Two tires so now the front is in the air and the back rear is in the air right yeah so here we go there you go now we went down the other side and what’s going to happen again the other way now i’m impressed usually this is where people get stuck it just doesn’t it’s good yeah you know yeah it’s doing well obviously a little a little turn of the steering wheel

Helps to yeah shift the balance but you know this is as good of a vehicle as i’ve taken through here it’s doing really well nice work come on one more you can do it one more and you can feel the abs kicking in yeah yeah yeah congratulations there we go you did you are now a veteran of andre’s pitch let’s park it let’s let’s we’ll close it up hey mike so let’s do a

Bit of an exchange congratulations you are the first person here at the ranch that’s going to get officially tumbleweed raided all right and you’ve got something for us i do i have a couple of airlines on license plates so as you guys know we’re building uh a barn which is yonder and we’re gonna put these up on the wall uh as a thank you and as a way to uh kind

Of you know involve you guys in uh the series that we’re doing here at tumbleweed if you wanna send us some just shoot us an email at ask tfl and we’ll send you the address to send them to so congratulations mike perfect that was a lot of fun i really was it was good it was nice to meet you yeah that actually that license plate came off of my tacoma so

Cool so now you have an official tacoma yeah yeah i love that i love by the way i love arizona plates they’re beautiful yeah i love the colors it’s a cool plate i’m a little partial i i you know i used to grew up in illinois sorry illinois land of lincoln this is a beautiful place yeah all right well i’m gonna stick this on here yeah stick on yeah go for it all

Right here it goes i officially christened this one tumbleweed ranch rated all right so what we’re going to do is have you sign this on the vehicle that it came off of so then we put up on the wall at the barn we’ll we’ll know who it came from and we’ll thank you properly i can’t read that by the way i’ll remember it but thanks mike appreciate it thank

You thank you perfect that’s great you

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