how bmw i7 brings cinema to the
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How BMW i7 Brings Cinema To The Car

The new BMW i7 Brings Cinema To The Car with a build in theatre screen that is a gigantic 31-inch 8K screen that covers the back seats.With the new BMW 7 Series, the world’s most successful manufacturer of premium vehicles is creating forward-looking ways to enjoy driving pleasure, unsurpassed long-distance comfort and a top-end digital experience. Central to this reinterpretation is the BMW i7. BMW unveiled the new I7 seven series for a purpose. Here is the new BMW I7

It’s all about luxury limousine technology and gadgets isn’t appearance everything the new bmw i7 takes some time to like imposing aggressive toxic bmw doesn’t care if you don’t like its current design approach the m3 was divided the i6 was weird and the i7 advanced if you know about the new 7 series dual headlamp design it resembles the x7 the main beams are

Covered by opaque plastic lenses except for the top daytime running lights the new style suits the car it’s not as aggressive as the original 7 series but it’s hardly a mercedes eqs with ball blasts similar story on the side even if the new 7 series in i7 is rounded it’s still boxier than the eqs bmw’s 7th generation cup has a more straightforward design old cars

And hockey stick ornaments are gone i7 doorknobs are flush and blue two entry-level cars come standard with 19-inch alloys too small but you can upgrade to 20 21 or even 22-inch wheels the new cars window frame has a hoffmeister kink that’s bmw’s rearward curve the new 7-series rear end is less fussy and the one piece light bar is no longer used do you think it’s

A touch more vintage the cars will include bmw’s curved widescreen infotainment system like the new i4 and ix bmw 7 series and i7 feature an augmented reality satellite navigation system comparable to the mercedes a-class we also have interviews for the redesigned i7 dashboard with disguised air vents and a two-spoke steering wheel with a flat base under the

Dashboard and door crystal panels are new touch sensitive buttons these look excellent and enable you to control temperature and heated seats without on-screen menus the 7-series and i7 aren’t only advanced they bring premium materials all choices are oak and ash wood stainless steel speaker grilles crystal glass controls carbon fiber components and cashmere seat

Fabric including a large glass roof with mood lip panels to be the cherry on top of the icing what about a touchscreen behind the wheel the bmw theater screen is a gigantic 31 inch 8k screen that covers the back seats if you like the rear seat service and features amazon fire tv and 5g internet you may view movies in video chat while traveling touchscreen menus or

A 6-inch touchscreen in the back doors control it the 7 series comes with a 36 speaker boas and wilkins audio system and zimmer’s sound effects play when the theater screen and rear sunshades are activated i-77 series has luxury lounge seats if you’d prefer to sleep than watch movies this footrest slides out from behind the front seat and reclines the back seats

By 42 degrees from the beginning only the xdrive 60i7 was offered its 102 kilowatt-hour battery has a 388 mile range typically 50 miles less than a tesla model s and 65 miles less than a mercedes eqs 450 plus the i7 can charge at 195 kilowatts adding 106 miles in 10 minutes the i760 features two 544 horsepower engines with 20 more horsepower than mercedes the bmw

Will reach 60 miles per hour in 4.7 seconds which is slower than the mercedes which will take 4.3 seconds why is the bmw powerful yet slower commercial reasons exist as bmw will build a quicker i7 m70 with 660 horsepower and 1000 newton meters of torque making it their most powerful road car for the 2023 release session if you are not ready for electric cars the

Bmw 7 series will have six gas and diesel engines they’re incorporated into an eight-speed hybrid automatic gearbox rear-wheel drive 735 is has a three-liter turbo charged six-cylinder engine and mild hybrid system there’s also a 380 horsepower rear wheel drive at 740i 760i uses a mild hybrid system to create 544 horsepower from a twin-turbo 4.4 liter v8 these

Cars aren’t available in europe the seven series lineup starts with the four-wheel drive 740d this car has a 300 horsepower 3-liter dual turbo diesel engine with a mild hybrid system not to 60 miles per hour takes 6.3 seconds there’s also a four-wheel drive 750e hybrid with 490 horsepower and 0-60 miles per hour in 4.9 seconds if that’s not fast enough if that’s not

Quick enough get the m760e hybrid the 740i’s 380 horsepower gasoline engine and 758 200 horsepower electric motor provide horsepower adequate for naught to 60 in 4.3 seconds what if you want to play with electricity m760e and 750e can run 50 miles on electric power bmw unveiled the new i7 series for a purpose they share many parts without engines or batteries the

Two chassis look identical it’s like how bmw built the i4 from the 4 series grand coupe this contrasts with mercedes s-class and eqs designs from the outset they were separate they have no notable similarities the new 7-series and i7 only come in long wheelbase models backseat passengers have lots of legroom the new cars are one centimeter longer five centimeters

Wider and five centimeters taller than the original long wheelbase 7 series plug-in hybrids offer even more load space than the new automobiles like the i7 electric car they store their batches underground this frees approximately 105 liters of trunk space compared to earlier plug-in hybrid versions bmw 7-series and i7 have adaptive self-leveling air suspension

This may lower or raise the car by 10 millimeters to reduce drag steep driveways and speed bumps don’t scratch the bumper you may upgrade to a 7 series with rear wheel steering for an extra cost this rotates the rear wheels by up to 3.5 degrees to improve maneuverability in town and highway stability active body control uses air suspension and electric motors in

The anti-roll bars to avoid body tilting in tight turns turning off the anti-roll system helps the suspension handle bumps and vibrations when cruising bmw 7-series and i7 include driver assistance technology including 130 kilometers per hour adaptive cruise control this gadget can accelerate steer stop and change lanes and uses gps to slow down for borders

Junctions and slip roads only a speed restriction sign may slow it down in busy areas red lights haunt it automobile us drivers take their hands off the wheel at 81 miles per hour in november 2022 the new bmw i7 will launch excellent i7x drive 60 vehicles cost just over 107 000 pounds while m sport cars cost 112 000 pounds in spring 2023 petrol and diesel plug-in

Hybrid 7-series cars will be available bmw hasn’t stated how much they’ll cost but estimate 80 000 pounds that is it for today like and subscribe to enjoy our videos on your bmw’s ak cinema until then peace

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