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Altair Club Cars Hot Wheels Ford F150 SVT Lightning Truck

Hot Wheels Ford F150 SVT Lightning Truck

Hot Wheels Ford F150 SVT Lightning

Hey guys welcome to the channel and today i have a 99 ford f-150 svt lightning now this came out of the p case and i want to take a closer look and look at the details of this vehicle in package here is the ford svt lightning up close it’s in this bright red which is the most classic color you see the ford lightning back in the 90s the late 90s and another

Reason why it’s iconic is if you ever watch the first fast and the fierce brian o’connor was driving this vehicle which was like the work truck for the place that he was pretending to work at so that’s why if you see them in red this is a very classic color for this lightning and this is not actually the first color they made this in i believe earlier in the

Year there was a gold version of this but i wasn’t too fond of that color because it just doesn’t bring memories of this svt lightning and you know back then when this came out this is a really cool truck in real life um because not many trucks were like souped up and looking having like a body kit and wheels and stuff so this was like one of the hot trucks

Back then now looking at it there’s a side step right here and it even says lightning on the side on the fender over here and then look at the front you got the ford emblem and the headlights are detailed and painted looks really good very clean vehicle on the top there isn’t anything the bed is all black like a bed liner and then coming around the back you

Got the tail lights painted but they didn’t put the ford emblem on the back that was kind of a miss right there let’s see what else what other details are oh if you can kind of see right next to the wheel right here there are two exhaust pipes that come out so that’s what the lightning did in real life was have the light will have the exhaust pipes coming out

On the side so look at the bottom not much detail there but i like the wheels it really matches the vehicle i mean it’s a classic hot wheels wheel that they put on it but it does fit this truck very well they didn’t do anything weird where they put graphics i mean that’s what on brian connor’s truck there was some uh i guess sponsors on the side so that’s the

Only difference between this and the fascinating fears vehicle but looks great i think this is a classic you know souped-up pickup back in the earl or late 90s so what do you guys think of this ford lightning is this something that you would pick up do you guys have fond memories of this svt lightning do let me know below in the comments and if you guys know

Anything about this vehicle write that down there below too it’d be cool to share more information about this vehicle i only know so much about it but i thought this was a very cool truck to have because i remember seeing it when i was younger so this was the 99 ford f-150 svt lightning remember to like and subscribe to my channel thanks for watching

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Hot Wheels Ford F150 SVT Lightning Truck By SkyShadow Reviews

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