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Altair Club Cars Hot Wheels 2023 Car Culture Series, 2023 Boulevard Series, Matchbox 2023 Cars, Moving Parts Series

Hot Wheels 2023 Car Culture Series, 2023 Boulevard Series, Matchbox 2023 Cars, Moving Parts Series

Hot Wheels 2023 Car Culture Series, 2023 Boulevard Series, Matchbox 2023 Cars, Moving Parts Series

Hey hello everyone paul here from the daily dose and of course we have more updates so in this video talk about the new cars that matchbox will have hot wheels also some updates on that anyways let’s start today’s news with some new cars from matchbox so these are i think a mix of like mainline cars premium cars also for next year some cars we tackled already but

For this we have like better photos of it so yeah first up how about this yeah this is a classic matchbox casting and yeah it just suits the matchbox brand a lot so this is i think like a kenworth sammy and i like this one more specifically i think kenworth cab over yeah it looks really cool and i just love this type of vehicles there’s just so solid and just awesome

Man awesome to look at absolutely beautiful and based on the tires right there i don’t know i think that would be a premium release next how about that a red ford raptor it is just a beautiful car right there pd awesome lovely details and just a completely like detailed card just beautiful wanted here and uh the next one is this brown porsche uh 911 so for this i

Don’t know man again we’ve talked about this i don’t like the color a lot of you also don’t like the color that’s why i call this like the porsche 911 turbo but anyways uh this will be like i think part of a moving parts set or like a premium set because like it has like opening doors right there but for the details yeah good details detailed headlight right there

The porsche logo is also detailed and uh rear lights also detailed for this so more cars right there as you see we have like the mercedes-benz i think a g500 cabriolet it looks good to be honest although not the biggest fan of that gas thing but yeah it looks good then we have that 65 land rover uh defender so that one is just again well made well done by matchbox

Great details right there on that land rover absolutely dig that one a lot so we got yeah at the back more cars right there as you see more vehicles i should say then for this yeah they have like another refuse drop the yellow one so again you can’t mistake that uh casting for any other so just like a classic matchbox casting they have done like a lot of reviews

From already and one of their older gas things out there so you can see at the back you’re more gas things right there more beautiful cars and again man these are absolutely beautiful so mix of moving parts cars right here and main lines and i think premium also so yeah what are your favorite ones let me know and yeah really big thanks to sdh hunter for the photos

Right here of the latest mazda rx7 fc so yeah that looks really beautiful love the colorway and just look at the details and just look at the rear details right there beautiful one up front of course it’s the headlight just popped in so no not a lot of details up front so anyways really gorgeous looking car also right here yeah here’s a new gasser from hot wheels

Huge fan of gassers honestly and my favorite yeah is the is the bel air gaster so this is a 2023 release absolutely beautiful in yellow with those a chrome parts right there as you see chrome blown engine chrome interior yeah really beautiful so it has like brandon batuski’s name of course we standard with the chevy bel air gaster snc designed this one so really

Cool a lot of side tempos right there which is really nice looking top temples also is included with this one yeah stunning car really biased with this i’m a huge bel air gasser uh fanboy so here’s a list of all the 2023 car culture series so far so let’s take a look at all the mixes right here and the cars included so we’ll just make it as quick as possible since

This is a really long list so 2023 mix one we have the speed machines finally again been waiting for that i’m excited about that so pagani zonda r will be the chase car so obviously that would be a black one 2021 porsche 992g t3rs including that lamborghini veneno 4g tlm and the mclaren 720s mix 2 will be named that’s amore so in 23 lamborghini or 2020 lamborghini

Countach will be the chase car that is awesome of course you have the standard lamborghini countach and the alpha romeo c8 launches stratos alpha gila uh split gta mix 3 will be named curves ahead features for tiara and rs cosworth 74 volvo 142 gl mercedes-benz 500e bmw m5e 39 and a 1990 porsche 944 mix 4 will be named circuit kings it will feature the 1994 mercedes

Mercedes c-class racer audi r8 lms will be the chase car a porsche 935 a 77 ford capri jps and an aston martin advantage gte oh more mixes right here mix five will be named flashback fleet it will include the chase which is a 1998 toyota alteza oh that is nice i think that’s yeah the first toyota alteza from hot wheels if i’m not mistaken a honda civic eg another

Eg right there a vw colorado vr6 1991 mazda miata and a fiat are barth one three one mix six will be named dust and dirt featuring tesla cyber truck nice so first tesla cyber truck premium car i think a big air belt air and 2018 toyota 4runner the lexus gx 460 will be the chase car i think that’s also the first release of that of that car then the range rover

Classic make 7 will include the uh uh aston martin v12 speedster by the way that set will be named auction block then uh moving on 1994 mclaren f1 bmw m1 pro car and the porsche 911 gt1 and lastly porsche speedster makes eight will be name speed icons will feature the ford mustang rtr nissan 400z toyota gr cor corolla infinity uh q60 what else an lb works lamborghini

Huracan coupe so a lot of awesome car culture series coming soon and i’m really happy with they sat so far really promising and exciting cars up ahead for us so the 2023 boulevard series will have five mixes all in all so mix one will include the vw caddy 69 holden hk monaro gts 2020 ford mustang shelby gt500 1998 subaru impreza sti and a dodge van mix 2 will

Include a ford escort rs cost worth vwt1 panel bus another one of that 1999 honda civic type r yeah everyone loves that casting here in asia lb er 34 nissan skyline 1996 chevy impala ss makes three will include a lancer evolution mercedes-benz m63 coupe black series a 2003 mazda mazda speed miata 1991 gmt cyclone and a 2021 porsche 992 gt3 rs mix 4 includes a

2015 mercedes-benz amg gt audi s4 toyota a86 2020 suzuki chimney and the mazda rx7 fc pandem and the last mix yeah this will include the porsche 911 turbo 930 2003 honda nsx type r the lb works lamborghini huracan coupe celica gt4 that was featured uh yeah but i think lambly and it looks fantastic and uh 67 ford anglia modified really awesome boulevard series

Again exciting stuff right here from the boulevard series and the new the car culture series from hot wheels so that’s it for today’s uh news and update i i hope you enjoy this one please don’t forget to subscribe also give this video a like and see you on our next episode thank you everyone have a great day and god bless bye foreign

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