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Hot Wheels 2012 NSX Acura Concept

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Five boots tomorrow and i’ll be gone five boots tomorrow and i’ll be gone five tomorrow dude wackadoo wackadoo oh right yes a day we’re gonna do another hot wheels race and today we’re gonna race boomer that’s the 2012 i got shout out here a 2012 the acura nsns n sx concept 22-hour acura nsx concept for 2005 yeah this is sent to me by my good friend otc that’s

Me and look at this car what a nice cool looking acura these were made of course in 2012 but it’s officially according to the wikipedia here it’s officially going to go into production 2017 2017 and man that is a cool looking front line doing a big shadow so look at this car i set it here and get that shot i mean to zoom in some handheld stuff going on have some

Lighting problems tonight i usually do these in the day car kevin melvin today so i want to get this race done maybe we can find a car that could beat rob rogues all right here we go and look at this nice nice little it’s a little bit feet up top was car this is a obviously used car nice taillights acura symbol the hot wheels logo would love to have this car in

Real life that i will never know if that’s what happened that od sees house or what they yeah he sent this car to me and i was quietly said i would race it so it’s awesome i love this color and like i said in 2017 d so officially go into production so i’m it’s let me read something to you real fast 500 horsepower and that’s pretty fast 191 top speed zero to 62

Miles per hour in 2.9 seconds whoo that’s fast car that’s biased so nothing really much look at so yeah oh dc said yeah let me send you my car so let’s find a car that can beat rob’s let’s see what here’s this again 85 camaro this has won every downhill race i’ve done so far and i don’t know man i think this car might be unstoppable maybe today it’s finally found

Its match odc versus rob’s robes check out their channel down below robert these action figures and he’s a big robin batman robin fan robin and as in batman robin and nobody see just great reviews from star wars to marvel legends to some figure arts to dc collectibles so both of them good friends of mine and they support my channel i support their channel we’re

Good buddies yeah all of us hmm all right so rob’s rogues versus odc bom bom bom all right so in lane 1 1 1 1 1 we have odc in the 2012 concept acura odc you think you’re gonna win well i’m guys uh i want you guys check out my channel down below um and i’ll see i’ll see rob on the flip side and rob you think you can beat uh ants odc in his um 2012 acura you think

This 85 camaro could beat him whoa i can win and i really got pete a rise he says that every race so gentlemen start your engines ribbit mmm mmm you when you got to stay about the rock melted a hell i might just piss on the damn thing if that just kind of guy i am wow winners all right i just wanna take anthony for sending me this car sorry anthony the camaro

Is faster than the sakura maybe not in real life but in the world the pot will racing it is so thank you for let me keep the car – that’s really nice of you and i will definitely put this in my collection this is rob’s i mean this is anything this is rob’s so alright guys if you like these races comment down below if you want me to do some more i’ll do some more

No even though if you guys don’t comment but yeah rate comment subscribe check out these guys this channels and i’ll see you later left did you fall down and go boom

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Hot Wheels 2012 NSX Acura Concept By Chapman Films

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