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Altair Club Cars [HOONIGAN] DT 095: 2018 Civic Type R vs S2000 with Alexander Rossi #SPACERACE

[HOONIGAN] DT 095: 2018 Civic Type R vs S2000 with Alexander Rossi #SPACERACE

On today’s episode of Daily Transmission, Indy 500 winner Alexander Rossi stops by with a new Civic Type R and proves that the Donut Garage can bring out the scumbag in anyone.

Kamri so these guys gave me a stabilizer gimbal what is it salt what is it it’s one of those things and i have no idea to use it so i’m going to handle the camera for a little bit so anytime i’m doing this apologies in advance two things are at a frame or you know technical terms that don’t make sense but it’s got a tripod on it so i was going to put it down at

Some point so i think this is the combat hurt shake cam we cant fix hurt we could only fix the problems around her so now we’re going to have to use this heavy crazy contraption so i don’t know my camera skills done so good luck with it much better so andrew made me change my shirt with brand new blank shirt thanks andrew so make sure you go onto hoonigan calm

And you buy yourself this maroon shirt otherwise i might i’m changing my shirt just for you guys so anyways we got something here today that not many people have seen in real life yet that is my piranha it’s pretty cool and it is it is a new civic type-r so today we have our first indycar driver here and it of my name yeah i’m alex rossi what’s up internet

Happy to be here the hoonigan garage never been here before pretty pretty bad yeah we’re stoked to have them but unfortunately it’s also the first day that i’m using its gimbal so and i’m not even in this yet it’s not even meant to be disrespectful i just stand here and words i’ll try to follow i don’t know like when you’re facetiming people in your own yeah

Yourself he brought by something special but i’m going to ruin it with this friggin camera all men are let me help you then then it’s not the camera guy i’ll go ahead and take over this you i’m trusty i know did it turn off i think it died i just want to be clear this is all you guys is full you guys complain about cam so now you got to deal with this awkward

Cam yeah yeah this is a straight up opera ken you thought i was bad at hammering before just wait yeah what do we look at this thing so there’s a brand new civic tiger horn or anything that bar it brought back which is pretty cool i mean the tie bar was kind of on this legacy and now chris bring it back and aggressive is they did he’s pretty awesome and not only

Look at the park but we just took it around the block it was fun yeah he went full-on like stage rally around the ford just things ready yeah it was cool and like you get inside and immediately feel like race car stuff to that seeds the bread tito red seatbelt it scary oh that’s fancy like turbo wastegates ah yeah it’s pretty tight it also it like the inside

Well actually can i can i interrupt you guys for one second because i’m just going to go ahead and ask the most important question now what does the b tech feel like because i know you guys plot some v-tach oh turbo edge instead so you got double to hit oh yeah that is that will be techno bike yeah that’s incredibly that is that is that’s like red velvet just

Screams speed yeah you passed to period ira so lola instead it oh i’ve always been a fan of honda’s one of my first cars obviously was a honda that’s where a lot of people filling you know i was lucky i never got my car actually you know i crashed it before it got stolen okay that’s the real answer i mean put out 306 horsepower and that’s in stock form so i

Mean what what series motor is it is it okay or what comes in these i know this thing’s way different than than anything else because i know i know with like k series and the series motors those things click boost plug them up and make 700 horsepower yeah on stock bottom end so i imagine if you need to do a little opposite of another nascar get deep in there

He’s like it’s up to the knuckle and it don’t even i don’t even get started alright don’t worry little freak boo-yeah dang vtec turbo that’s hot yeah one of the last time they made a turbo engine last time they made a turbo engine oh production let’s think about this real quick what is up i feel like everything they’ve done it’s been like an a because it’s

All about the vtec yeah hi wrapping it yeah yeah i can’t think of i mean i might be blanking but i can’t really it’s got way more torque than any other honda okay you know like now it has a hit it’s got the bubble did you lost appeared the other thing that’s cool is like you can take your giants got the auto flip on it yo did you come from my car panel shipment

Car it could be intimidating but take subtract that immediately they’re also the auto blood-based rematch read better than 90% of the people i go to the track kie not you yeah i don’t even supposed to drive race cars for a living out there good yeah i honestly i try to rev match but i don’t try it to actually read match it just sounds cool sounds cool so well

My jerking for what are we gonna think that’s just the direct call out yeah i’ll do the same for the only under honda person here oh yeah are you ready the torque on this thing is definitely are you making excuses for your loss already know because it sounds like you’re waiting man yes so we were trying to peer pressure him into this before alex even mentioned

It he’s like put my vtec i was a kid hearing laughing i think we need to have like we need to mix it up a little bit but okay we should you’re like the clock people of all races when you can run run to the car to the closure oh oh yeah pastry boom ah yeah footrace place that i need to go get my crack one of the cross block i start stretching guys not expected

A i like that this is a better patriot as the even the playing field don’t know don’t underestimate the crocs my friend let’s go here look at the corestates digit card you can stretch aggregate mihari he stages and when brandon gets back i’m gonna pressurize your joint enjoy i need a favor can you give the people a good old-fashioned shake camp for me because

I can i’m trying and it’s not working okay yeah they give me a good old-fashioned shake i shake hands good got it every episodes not too pleased that little machine yeah i didn’t even have the peer pressure i said oh yes he’s just come back i saw everything he’s going to do burnouts because he just go back he thought no surprise no surprise that the new cars

Burnout proof holy the level of combat i’m stoked right now you know let me just go ahead and say this now because we have a thing here everyone who comes here just just embodies the sketchiness that we love right like once you get in this lie you can’t help it because you think it just comes out of you yeah yeah yeah that’s a first that’s that was cool i mean

What are some things out whoo you know good every lining up right yeah why are you up all right light them up right there i could get my crown you guys are similar build so i think i think this would be a good race you got a croc up a croc runner croc with a lot do you have a message to our gimble pensar look gimble love repents so this you guys complaining

Complaining about shaky cam so now we’re forcing hurt you use akimbo which is a really awkward thing but it prevents shake a belief we think i’m shaking as hard oliver though is you’re going to lose some of the actions it doesn’t move as quickly do i come around here really hard yeah you see what you’re doing to us and not that great gotcha oh are you getting

Good huh elgin got they got moon yeah anyway like you a saying this but alright so oh you guys are ready my bad were having a moment randall righto whoo nice are you guys ready i like you you’ve got to pull a muscle disappointment all like deep a lot just like that it is i mean today would be night i would get started we may as well do a video right now

With brandon called that honda owners say because he’s making all these excitement of why you pop it til six grand my hh through all the power from my battery service seven-year-old dozen that full seat belt you did this you got so excited yeah quick yank yank why i’m cool by a pro that’s why nine eleven times the ignition on the left-hand side in lemans you

Could start the car while you drop the handbrake and sound gear did that right people are you just trying a bit yeah red is went ready for winter yeah yeah thanks man hold on right out what size my second that’s like a highlight alright that’s a highlight we do the best that i three years problem i say they do one heads up he’s going to lose anyway so won’t

Even be two heads up instead of the lawn fair alright wait to this but i had to come over and say that now it’s aesthetic i’m sorry what happened what went on in there it’s the blue interior if he just couldn’t deal with the pressure he didn’t have a red jeep oh oh oh is that racing belt yeah you have arguably one of the best performing honda vehicles ever

Made soon oh so you guys got to go one more for the championship the school whoo all right brandon yeah we can shoot got to eyes down for something oh yeah yeah he’s got to drag he’s got a strict disadvantage to drag yeah the car was built to good dude honestly if i can put that wing on this i’m doing a heartbeat hey thank you thank you for coming thank

You for getting it done i don’t know if you feel like doing any more sketchy burnouts we go yeah race in reverse to joanie’s close let’s start what is most racecar drivers can’t park for drivers reverse yeah yeah he’s not trying to crash the cars yeah see you always take the sketchiness to the next level the most let’s come back we don’t call you come back

Scott oh for no reason hey yeah like i should carnitine oh hey alex don’t listen to anything he said let’s go do some burnouts i think it’s bad for really oh i don’t think the reverse is working – oh come on you can do it you can do it was that a ship definitely get an a for effort not really good at going out but uh it’s sticking everything on it drift

Out to tell and yeah i mean that’s what they built it for ya know the civic type-r definitely isn’t made for this kind of debauchery yeah you would think you know nothing is so fasting that you prefer less short you know it’s weird it is almost like you break doesn’t hold in reverse that is not expecting the people would be doing yeah so it’s like when i go

See versus i’m going to make money wait behind engineer i make car that could do it yeah we definitely learn that new cars definitely don’t like the way we treat them so it’s fun to try but this car isn’t built for that this car is built to destroy track thank you for coming today thank you for bringing the cpr and i need you to do one thing for us what’s up

As loud as you can like literally it’s physically possible i need you to yell that’s a wrap that’s alright straight off the cbc kick up the beach right – i mean you’re clearly bo – bo bo they know jo how you feel it’s kind of cool yeah i wouldn’t expect an indycar driver day to be a scumbag like us

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[HOONIGAN] DT 095: 2018 Civic Type R vs S2000 with Alexander Rossi #SPACERACE By Hoonigan

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