honda sensing on the 2018 honda
Altair Club Cars Honda Sensing on the 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid

Honda Sensing on the 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid

A quick overview of the advanced safety features that are standard on every Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid.

Hello everyone i’m landon tucker and you’re watching another magnolia charging video today we’re at bob boyd honda taking another look at the 2018 honda clarity plug-in hybrid and all of its safety technology now if you want to find a full review of this vehicle take a look at the video we did just a couple weeks ago it’ll tell you just about everything you need to

Know about this car today we’re actually going to take a look at all the standard safety technology that comes on this vehicle and there’s quite a lot to like honda sensing is comprised of five main systems adaptive cruise control lane keeping assist road departure medication for collision warning and automatic emergency braking these feature is enabled by the

Radar in the honda emblem up front that detects objects and the camera behind the windshield that reads the lane markings now i would like to demonstrate some of these features for you over the course the next few minutes i’ll explain the various driver aids that this honda and many other new vehicles offer that make driving safer and less stressful in this first

Clip i’m demonstrating the lane keeping assist and route departure mitigation okay everyone let’s just these features out an order for lanky vince’s to engage you must be going at least about 45 miles per hour once you reach 45 miles per hour you’ll see these white lines on either side of the lane keeping system light up as it just did now when i engage cruise

Control the car is now keeping me in my lane and it’ll actually steer me right now i’ve got my hands close to the steering wheel and ready but you see i’m going through a light right now i’m paying full attention and i’m ready to take control at any moment we just went through that light without me having to steer the vehicle now i just got a warning to put my

Hand back on the steering wheel and so i did the vehicle still expects you to turn the wheel but it’ll help keep you centered when you’re going in a straight line during this next clip i will demonstrate adaptive cruise control while going down the interstate okay so as you can see i have my proof set at 75 miles-per-hour and i’m coming up on the same way the

Vehicle has been saved by the car and it has slugged me down to their speed so i’m making the same speed as this vehicle now i’m pressing the button on the steering wheel i can decrease my follow distance and the vehicle keep me closer as you can see on the screen in the display it actually shows the vehicle getting closer to me this is on the next two closest

Setting now for test purposes i’m not going to get to the closest setting but not only is the vehicle safe to be in front of me and keeping me at their speed it is also helping to keep me in my lane now let’s try out some city streets to see how it works this thing is doing all the braking right now it really does have some aggressive braking now i am constantly

Remaining in control of the vehicle i’m not taking my eyes off the road or the vehicles in front of me this is required because this is not an autonomous system it is simply a driver aid set of features for safety reasons i will not demonstrate the automatic emergency braking in for collision warning just enough these features could help you keep from wearing

Someone if you become distracted for some reason and don’t react in time that was me breaking that was not the car braking vehicle was not able to see the cars in front of it because they came to a complete stop the system is not designed to slow you down for stopped vehicles unless it is at a very close distance this is so that you’re avoiding false positives when

Say you’re going under a breezeway or an interstate overpass and you’ve got those large columns the car will not see those and then possibly apply the brakes this is a safety feature and requires you to pay attention now the car has seen the vehicle in front of manor and i’ve got my cruise control set and it will now keep the distance from the vehicle in front of

Me i’ve now got on the closest setting since we are in a load speed zone this is about four car lengths for the closest setting and as this vehicle slows down my car will slow me down all the way to a complete stop this has been a brief overview of the honda sensing safety system before using the system be sure to familiarize yourself with its functions and rumor

To always be alert and focus on driving these are driver aids not driver replacements use responsibly these safety features will make driving less stressful and could even save your life if you liked this video please like and subscribe to our youtube channel so that you always get our latest videos when they are posted thank you and remember to plug in mississippi

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Honda Sensing on the 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid By Magnolia Charging

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