honda pilot 2005 fuel pump servi
Altair Club Cars Honda pilot 2005 Fuel pump servicing and fuel filter cleaning…

Honda pilot 2005 Fuel pump servicing and fuel filter cleaning…

Um this is a honda pilot 2004 we want to take out the fuel pump and clean the foil filter so the first thing you have to do is that um this sits behind the driver seats you need to take out the seat so you just have four 14 millimeter bolts one two three four yeah but you have to um take the seat forward take your screwdriver and pop out the plastics these

Guys you pop them out from the side you pop them out from the side okay you pop out the plastics from the side then you have access to the 14 millimeter bolts then you come here now if this has not been opened before you will notice that this is open but there is a line here right now you actually need to cut along this perforated lines need to cut along

This perfect headline so that you can access this pan plate here if you don’t do that you won’t be able to bring out these plates and then there are some screws four screws here you take your phillips screwdriver one two three four take your phillips screwdriver you lose it then you raise up the plant the plate you take a screwdriver and jack the plate up

And when you jack it up you need to disconnect this connector from under there you just press and release press and release bring out the plates so this is the connector press okay press here press and pull out and you get it up then this guy is tough so you need to take a hammer a hammer and a chisel and work it out counterclockwise keep hitting it work

It out counterclockwise then you get this open 12 lines see this plastic here this place on this place that’s here here push it in and this other side push the side in as well you can do it separately you don’t have to do it at once push it in and you pull it out here there’s a floats floating sensor so when you pull it out you have to bend it a little

And just yank it out okay don’t up all right so we’ll take this guy and take the foil filter out here i’ll be back in a bit i’m gonna open this i’m gonna open it up and take out the foam filter so um you need to take this well pump apart you know you remove these lines right so when you look at this there’s an electrical clip here this one here this one

Here you press down on this photo this one i want you press on the side on the side there pull it off and you take out this you pull out this clip another one then this wire this um line close line you push it out from here very disconnected okay that’s it there you just push it out and you get access to your 12 filter voila okay so this clips one two

Three you take them out then you get access to this clip then you can take out the floor filter this one is quite clogged and dirty you can see that it’s really really dirty it needs to be replaced yeah so i’m going to wash this because i can’t replace it i’m in nigeria and um parts are either easy because good parts are really scarce here so i’m just gonna

Wash it up see you back in a few so i’m going to wash through it well i’m going to wash it and i’m going to soak it with well just like um you know servicing your generator you know it’s so um filter so i’m gonna wash it clean it brush it all this off wash it so far and get it back here

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Honda pilot 2005 Fuel pump servicing and fuel filter cleaning… By Ofili Michael

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