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Altair Club Cars Honda NSX vs Civic Type R – Shootout OLD VS NEW | Fifth Gear

Honda NSX vs Civic Type R – Shootout OLD VS NEW | Fifth Gear

In this brand new Old VS New shootout, exclusive to YouTube, Jason’s on track at Castle Combe to see if the latest Civic Type R trumps the legendary NSX. Thanks to BOTB for sponsoring this video. For a chance to be BOTB’s next Dream Car Winner, enter here 👉

Hi i’m christian from botb and we’re sponsoring today’s race because we have the brand new honda civic type r available to win in our dream car competition tickets cost just one pound 95 and there’s also 50 000 pounds cash as part of the prize at botb we’ve surprised over 600 winners and you could be next enter now at and i could be surprising you on

Tuesday one track two cars and a stopwatch it’s a fifth gear shootout and this time it’s old versus new in a fastest over-the-line challenge back in the 90s the nsx was an awesome showcase from japan a v6 mid-engine supercar was like nothing we’d ever seen from honda when it arrived in 1990 a lightweight aluminium chassis honda’s legendary vtec technology

All combined with some moderate input from a certain mr airton sanner honda stopped making the original nsx in 2005 and this is one of the very last cars off the production line but can a modern hatch one with proper seats and room in the back for a trip to ikea actually take on a supercar we lost it after 20 years ago well just look at these stats would

You believe the new civic type r looks like it’s packed in enough punch to take on its ancestor and at just a fraction of the price so then which is fastest around the track first up it’s the nsx oh how lovely is that where you can hear the induction noise do you know what i’ve never driven one before the chassis is gorgeous it’s supple yet stiffen huh the

Steering’s beautiful i mean really lovely that’s really delightful so the you know the price of this car went new was 60 grand but you know adjusting for inflation all the rest was 90 000 pounds which was a lot of money back then but actually not a car for the money you know this would have been a shrewd investment actually because that i mean this car is a

Very good example of it this is way over 100 grand i think now i suppose the most trick thing this has got it’s one of the first production cars to ever fly by wire throttle and when gordon murray was you know working for mclaren designing the mclaren f1 he used one of these as his daily drive i remember hearing an interview where he said he was really impressed

With the usability of this car and the visibility and that’s something he tried to incorporate into the legendary mclaren f1 it’s a very very lovely car to drive and the way it points into a corner it’s really beautiful 120 mile an hour now nearly 140. you know what the brakes are grumbling a bit i need to be a bit gentle with the old girl so what sort of lap

Time she’s gonna do all right focus let’s get ready and the nsx crosses the line in one minute 21.3 not bad for a car with its roots in the 90s right then let’s see if a modern hot hatch can beat that time for the civic here in the british tourer car championships even though this is a road car on those arms these things have been a right royal pain in the

Backside because they’re a bit quick initial impressions it’s too stiff jesus it’s three driving boats i’ve got this in um plus r which basically stiffens everything up the dampers will improve the throttle response make it a bit sharper a bit more edgy and also increases this um synthetic engine noise which i my god i hate it i want to rip out the car god it’s

Awful it’s got amazing amazing grip in the corner with hardly any understands to speak up it’s a little bit but yeah 320 horsepower front-wheel drive car impressive anything i would say is the rear is too planted definitely needs a little bit more rotation in it now on this facelift model the brakes have been operated to give it a much better initial bite

And more feel i know you know yeah they they have but they’re things too stiff you know the rebound dampings have been wound up too much that’s what makes it pump touring cars don’t even hop like this so we a bit like the nsx you know there’s they’ve used aluminium on this car a lot of the suspension components and the bonnet are aluminium and also it’s got

Like an active suspension there’s there’s g sensors all the way around the car so that the suspension can act or react much faster than the previous version but an interesting fact is the gear throw is identical to the nsx at 40 millimeters throw and also they put like a um i think it’s a 90 gram counterweight in it to make the shift perfect i’d have to say

The gear shift is lovely right so let’s have a hot lap eh oh your fighter at the first checkpoint the civic is one second ahead of me all right come on baby let’s see how we’re getting on at the second checkpoint it’s now two and a half seconds ahead of the nsx good job i haven’t got any fillings the civic crosses a line in one minute 17.5 beating the nsx

Time by a little over three seconds the nsx is certainly still a legend in our minds with one of the most enjoyable chassis going however modern suspension and improvements in brake technology have given the civic the edge you can now get classic supercar levels of performance from a hatchback don’t forget if you like what you see remember to click subscribe

To the fifth gear youtube channel to be first to see our latest content and maybe drop us a comment below if there’s a shootout that you want us to do for your chance to win that amazing honda civic type r head over to right now and get your tickets all our cars are brand new and come with 50 000 pounds cash in the boot best of luck you

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Honda NSX vs Civic Type R – Shootout OLD VS NEW | Fifth Gear By Fifth Gear

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