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Honda INSIGHT – ??

Honda INSIGHT ZE2/3 – в чем особенность ГИБРИДА от ХОНДА?? СТОИТ ЛИ БРАТЬ гибридный ХОНДА ИНСАЙТ, Плюсы и минусы HONDA INSIGHT, особенности гибридной системы, габариты салона и багажника, все недостатки Хонда ИНСАЙТ. Тестдрайв и обзор Honda INSIGHT Hybrid, авто из Японии. Японский авто с аукциона.

Great people, we already had an issue about honda insight a long time ago about 4 years ago well, as i remember at least, but in any case, i wanted to do it again because we didn’t tell at all some moments in such a quick review at all we did not take into account some of the nuances that i often talk about now and in general in the comments under the issue about the fit

Shuttle and this car is approximately similar only technically similar but in a different body there were a lot of requests to make an updated issue about honda insight it is the site of the second generation we will be releasing the third generation still doesn’t really bring because it started in the eighteenth year and they, in fact, are just starting to be normally

Passable that is, this generation of insight ended in 14, then, as you understand , there was a break, it’s important it is very important to say that these are cars inexpensive, although not old. if you compare the price with priuses, of course, honda hybrids are much cheaper, but in fact with absolutely no worse consumption, about the same, it turns out i’m not talking

About the big prius alpha by the way, who haven’t seen, i have issues about the regular prius thirty and about the prius alpha, the links i tried to make sure that the cars, despite the fact that they are hybrid, seem to be so technologically advanced, but they were still quite easy to repair quite minimum of the type, the most minimal in price and the maximum, and this

Is what they answered me, i will display it on the screen if we bring 2009, that is, in fact, the beginning before restyling with a mileage of 120,150 kilometers, approximately so it will cost everything only 570 thousand if we take 14 well, there is already the beginning of the fifteenth year and with a small mileage of 30-50 thousand, it’s already up to almost 800,780

Thousand rubles, taking into account the commission and delivery to vladivostok. so if i’m already interested in prices. as far as i’m concerned, quite adequate price tags for a particularly useful link at the moment will be in the description with the help of a right-hand drive company, the city of vladivostok you will be able to purchase a normal, live , impassable

Japanese car with honest documents; they are with a and without hidden fees, of course, they will help with registration from delivery and even with the selection of a car, of course, besides, they are also engaged in designers cutting and even importing plumbing, i recommend using the company’s telegram chat follow the exchange rates and find out about the availability of

The cars you are interested in, the car is of course built on the basis of the fit and it is felt one hundred percent a kind of elongated fit, by the way, and the motor, in principle, is also the same fitov with eight candles that many do not like. the only thing is that the candles are now made of iridium for 1000 rubles a little thing like this without jokes yes, guys, by

The way, in this regard, there is a plus for restyled versions that appeared a little later after 11 years, they got a version with a one and a half liter engine in which there are 4 candles and it goes a little bit dynamic well, right here on here it drives like that dynamically, you definitely won’t feel it for 4 candles, you’ll feel it for sure, i say with confidence

That hybrids, especially honda hybrids, don’t particularly like the track after 100, our car is no longer gaining as much as up to 100, so let’s say it feels like m a small volume of the engine and of course a one and a half liter one would probably be better even when it shows that you are driving on electric traction, it seems that the engine is actually running anyway

The electric motor continues to turn the gasoline engine without gasoline entering it, you understand, that is, the speed is still maintained yes, indeed, the car is purely on electricity can’t go yes, even in the name itself, this is hidden, yes, that is, a built-in assistant for the engine, that is, an electric motor, it does not replace a gasoline engine, it helps it,

That is, specifically, the motor electric motor is a variator hybrid but a slightly simplified version although naturally on such the car can also achieve such a good low consumption, all the more so the variator quite allows itself to drive slowly neatly, that is, to dose for driving honda hybrids, if you read on the forums there are even direct methods how to accelerate

Correctly, that is, you need to accelerate sharply then release the gas pedal to read from them etc pits of the methodology from the whole how to achieve a very small consumption there, 4 liters, let’s say well, in principle, it certainly works out if you try , that is, the grandfather mode always helps out, many people drive it more than priuses, for example, that is, my

Friend bought this car between himself and saved up money without mom dad loans and advertising bets from the casino yes, he bought everything himself and, accordingly, he carries his aircraft on it without problems, nothing becomes bad for anyone, light-colored, good, by the way, the liquid variator of the special honda ones is very cheap, but it’s such a small nuance,

I’ll tell you honda, by the way, everything the components of this hybrid system of hers are made by herself. the only thing is that she orders a battery from third-party companies ; by the way, a nickel-metal hydride battery, so many people write comments that lithium-ion ones, which, for example, are installed on the prius alpha. well, the seven-seat version is like so-so

Batteries . nickle-metal hydride batteries are typically much cheaper than prius batteries. ovskaya well, there’s probably 30 thousand somewhere cheaper, and it doesn’t break down much less often than the prius ones, maybe i’ll assume that the honda is better organized cooling but these are all my guesses if there was a malfunction with the electric motor or with the

Battery, for example, yes, that is the battery is all turned off, we will calmly get home to the place of repair on a gasoline engine, you will start and get somewhere clean even on gasoline by the way, i found information on the internet that you can sort out the battery on the prius elements, that is, remove the honda ones and put the prius elements and everything works,

Estimate and in addition, you will be moved by such a topic that they want to redo the pour and titanate, that is, in winter be just perfect, it will start up in any frost, everything will work fine. i don’t want to like just the fact that the tidy is in the right place they are in the middle, like the prius, respectively, i immediately like it more, besides, the tidy is

Such a two-layer understand that is, it is on top, but the christmas trees wow, i can’t right with these all sorts of radio tape recorders, that is, we have a speedometer on top yes, a digital calculator blue backlight from the bottom honda tachometer well, it can’t yes, it’s a little so to give some kind of sportiness even to such an essentially ordinary car, in fact

That we have it under the phone no, modern phones don’t climb anymore it’s cool, of course, the mess is conveniently located cup holders in front of the handle yes, i’m being ironic because damn it’s uncomfortable the rear doors of course infuriates hard i understand that the shape, so to speak, is dictated by aerodynamics, they have achieved a very low coefficient

Of aerodynamic drag there and it looks much nicer and prettier than the pot-bellied prius, you will agree that it looks more youthful, but you understand, it sits back there, well, it’s not really high at all, seriously, that is, everything is already even with my height purely japanese tr fuck grace such curves of the body to get into the back seat it’s clear b plus

You just fall down so you fall down from behind what you come in from the front and this one is flattened and of course but i like him outwardly more therefore, of course, you definitely suffer for the flattened shape of the trunk, too yes, especially if take into account that there are no transformations of the cabin, only you can put the backs forward. by the way, a vivid

Example of the fact that you just have to put the spare tire in the trunk , of course, it was not originally provided for in the same place. naturally, take into account if the floor to the backs is exactly 80, i would say due to the fact that the flattened car despite the fact that it is again a liftback, that is, it opens along with the rear window, this doesn’t help

Us much, see the width of the opening, the width of the opening, let’s say 89 is only 42 cm well, that is, you understand, yes, that is, g some kind of cargo, even loading a 44 cm car as a whole. approximately four and a half meters long there the car is larger and the trunk is much larger than the unfolded backs to the front rows of seats well , it’s more or less a

Good size, but we’ll round it up to seventy meters, let’s say, but again, depending on how the front seat moves, that is, in general, it’s not bad fit shuttle is still it will be more practical due to a more convenient entrance to the trunk, a higher profile opening, remember someone said how to choose a car if this handle rises smoothly, a good car should be taken

After the video about the fit shuttle, many in the comments wrote like why disable the istop system, it does not annoy me at all and other guys, i absolutely agree with you. if you buy such a car , this is business about yours what do you like about it and use it i personally express my opinion on releases yes, that is, i basically don’t like the istop system, that is,

I don’t really like this topic and they wrote to me there that of course it can be turned off there, remove eco that’s it mode or in s mode all the time to drive well, firstly, it’s nonsense to drive all the time, in fact, it turns out at higher speeds , yes, that is, on s we’re talking here actually about an economical car, why will i deprive myself of this very

Economy yes well, yes they said that it doesn’t work in winter, but in winter on the other side in winter it’s clear not a single car and from the stop doesn’t work, well, where is it just explain there is a button where turn off this system, i don’t see it at point-blank range, i don’t see it oh wait , at least insight doesn’t have one hundred percent of it,

And most likely if someone doesn’t like this system, they will have to disconnect the chip from the brake pedal to remove it in that old issue about insight. i remember saying something like why this glass ka on the trunk lid is another additional one from below, now i understand that because of the profile of the car, because of such a flattened streamlined, if it weren’t

For this glass, it would be inconvenient for me to first look in the rearview mirror that is, i would have a worse view because the upper part of the glass well, that’s right here on top of the trunk lid, you can’t really see anything in it at all but the lower part is definitely needed more youthful than the prius, as they don’t make them some evil japanese muzzles

In any case prius anyway and in general hybrids from toyota they are still perceived as somehow more adult or maybe here my car is definitely more youthful you like girls more in such a car, i think i saw bad reviews about the light on the internet well, about the light of the front optics all lovers of chinese xenon find fault more, but in the case of insight, here you

Need to know that it exists in the left-hand drive version, you can safely buy left-hand drive headlights and then those who don’t like right-hand drive won’t sound like you’re blinding an oncoming lane. in general, guys, be sure to write comments about such a mass car. it’s interesting to read. i think that its main advantage is that they are relatively inexpensive. and all bye

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