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Altair Club Cars Honda Insight Carbon Fiber Wrap (DIY)

Honda Insight Carbon Fiber Wrap (DIY)

Todays video we wrap the hood of our Honda Insight in a beautiful Gloss Carbon Fiber finish from

All right youtube first things first i want to say congratulations i am still alive and thriving it’s been about two months since i’ve been on youtube work’s been busy life’s been busy been on some cool trips and stuff like that so kind of had some time off to go reflect it’s always encouraging to make a video when a company reaches out for some cool opportunities

So once again vinyl frog thank you for the vinyl and supporting today’s video so here in this nice protective tubing with shipping you don’t really have to worry about that it’s not gonna damage anything this is a thick piece of tubing but for today’s video we’re gonna go ahead and wrap some of the honda inside parts i’m thinking the hood trunk possibly the

Roof we’ll see but this is in a carbon fiber 3d gloss finish let me go ahead and get this in the sunlight and show you guys what it looks like so at this time i will also let you guys know i’ve already watched the car i woke up super early gave it a nice wash of rinse i’ll do it again prior to applying the vinyl but just a heads up you always want to make

Sure you’re doing that on a clean car obviously and you’re in an area where it’s not going to get messed around with by the elements sand dust leaves bugs all that stuff so garage would be a perfect place for that so let’s go ahead and show you the car and boy do i tell you it’s already humid out here in florida and it’s only nine o’clock in the morning but

Here is the car as she sits right now no changes since the last video so yep i’m gonna go ahead and carbon fiber this hood walk over to the sides possibly the roof not really too sure because i don’t know if i really want to mess with the antenna today at this point and then right back here i’m also thinking about doing the trunk now there’s a couple options

I can do for the trunk i can do the whole thing there’s a couple pieces on here or i could do the top bring it all the way down to about here there’s a little seam i can cut off on the top kind of make it look like i have half a vinyl look or i can do the whole thing there’s a couple of different options so i’m gonna have to remove my duckbill spoiler so this

Thing’s been on there pretty good it’s been on here for over over a year now actually so i can say that 3m tape that they supplied for that is well worth it still a big fan of this this lip though so what i would do is i’d probably take it off do the wrap and then we put it on there so this is uh what we’re dealing with right now like it and i’m actually

Probably going to do this uh fuel door that’ll be nice and easy and then possibly the side mirrors that’s still my baby though actually since i already kind of talked about it um this vinyl too is from vinyl frogs as well so it’s been holding up very good hasn’t been lifting up on me or anything like that it was easy to work with if you guys want to catch out

The video on how i did it on this car um i’ll lay it down below so go ahead check it out but sadly it is not sunny right now because that is a color shift rainbow metallic looks pretty freaking badass while the sun’s out so unfortunately you can’t see it right now all right put you guys right here hopefully you can see everything of course it’s going to be

Gloomy today i got to show you guys detail on something it’s either really gloomy rainy someone’s cutting the grass there’s always something going on around here but um let’s go ahead and get this open let you guys see what it looks like i’m pretty stoked myself so once again huge shout out to vinyl frogs i’ll lay them down below obviously of course i already

Backed their product off of the lancer so i’m happy with that yeah i’m that guy who doesn’t know how to freaking open things so far it looks pretty good i’ll show you nice little carbon fiber i think it’s gonna look pretty good on this car but once again thank you vinyl frogs so with your car clean and in a nice environment you want to go ahead and set

Up all your tools so you really don’t need much you’re going to need a blade squeegee these are nice little magnets that hook up to the car help keep things in place for you a heat gun so i have a heat gun you can also use a blow dryer if you really want to but i will say this actually helps a lot better and a lot of patience okay so vinyl vinyl is pretty i

Wouldn’t say it’s easy to do but it’s forgivable so depending how bad of a mistake you have you can always pull it back up and fix it so yeah there’s that we’ll go ahead and give this one more wipe down on the hood and we can get started as you can see these bubbles come out relatively easy and the ones that don’t apply extra heat and they’ll work themselves

Out as you guys can see right here bubbles gone but as you can see this side came out nice and clean all right let’s check this out together all right so there is the hood wrapped it looks pretty dang good i like the wrap itself um it looks very glossy and it looks like a real finish of carbon fiber doesn’t look cheap or anything so there’s the hood oh

Fine and dandy right except for this the freaking air bubble area so luckily they sent out enough wrap i might have to i’m gonna have to go ahead and redo this but at least now i know it’s gonna look good on the car that’s me that was pretty much my fault so if you take a look at this hood it’s got little divots it doesn’t come straight across so right here is

Higher than here this is higher than here so there’s like a little levels of everything so you really want to get this surface done first then move on to the next and the next one i didn’t really do that that’s what caused the bigger bubbles because if you have big bubbles yeah they’re not gonna it’s not gonna work in your favor the smaller stuff is fine but

Yeah these are pretty big what i should have done was all right stretch the material down and got rid of those air bubbles so lessons learned but looks good on the car so i’m going to go ahead and redo this man this hurts my soul hurts it but as you can see it doesn’t really damage the paint but also it’s only been on for an hour or so but time to redo this

Is really this really sucks not gonna lie take your time all right wrap is looking good not the cleanest job up here but no one’s going to really see under my hood got nothing to show it’s a hybrid all right let’s check out this wrap shall we let’s do it together put this bad boy in reverse put it in reverse terry put it in reverse you all seen that

Funny firework video that’s where it’s from well let’s go and check it oh yeah that looks freaking good now the sun’s out a little more and doesn’t look like a fake carbon fiber you know what i mean it’s like that 3d one it’s not like that matte crazy look i really like it that’s super clean and since we’re talking about wraps already this right here is the

Vinyl frog as well iridescent little rainbow color same one i’m rocking on the lancer over there but yeah i like it what do you guys think let me get up a little closer for you nice and clean um so i will i will let you guys know oh you know this vinyl that i got this time it didn’t have a plastic covering on it usually there’s plastic covering on top of your

Vinyl that way when it’s all done you rip it off it’s all nice and clean you don’t scratch it however i found out this one actually doesn’t have that kind of a bummer i don’t know the reason why but so make sure when you’re doing it you’re being careful don’t want to scratch it up too much but um yeah i think i’m gonna call it a video today leave it at the hood

Um we’ll see how much if i don’t have left i’ll probably do the mirror covers and then like the fuel tank cover and uh that’ll probably be it for this car but it looks looks freaking fantastic so once again i just want to say a huge thank you to vinyl frogs sponsoring today’s video and um yeah make sure you go and check them out they have plenty of cool colors

Out there that you guys can go check out um pretty dope so i’ll leave that i’ll leave their website down in the comment section below and the description box so if you guys have any questions comments or concerns in regards to today’s wrapping video leave a comment down below and i’ll try to address them for you other than that i want to say thanks for watching

Never live your life an idol i will see you guys in the next one because i am back i had to take that little extended time away but there will be more content for the cars in the upcoming future so lancer blazer and the honda inside peace you

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Honda Insight Carbon Fiber Wrap (DIY) By The Snyds

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