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Altair Club Cars Honda Insight Carbon Fiber steering wheel Install

Honda Insight Carbon Fiber steering wheel Install

Added some carbon fiber trim? What do you think about it? Let me know down in the comment section below!

All right youtube what’s going on and more specifically the honda family um gonna have some insight content for you guys today so let’s go ahead hop in the car and i’ll go ahead and talk to you guys about what’s gonna be going on so it has been a while right since this has actually been on the channel um yeah nothing’s really changed i haven’t had any need to

Update anything still waiting for these wheels just kind of lose their tread that way i can go ahead and throw on the white ones i think it’s gonna look pretty badass so yeah let’s just go ahead and hop in the car real quick real quick here we are in the car nothing’s been changed in here at all so let me go ahead and show you guys what i bought off of amazon i’ll

Drop the link down for this product down in the description box below if you guys are interested um but here we go they are little carbon fiber trim pieces i’m just going to do the steering wheel for now see how everything fits up if i like how everything works i’ll be confident to put to purchase other stuff for the car but for now we’ve got some steering wheel

Pieces here’s the top or here’s the bottom piece and here’s towards the top it looks like it’ll sit right up here just like that so let’s go ahead open up this package see the quality and see the fitment so i’ll be right back as soon as i get these packages open all right and here are our parts to play with a little closer updated look of the carbon fiber just

Going to be held on with 3m tape on the back side so before we apply any of that 3m tape and clean our surface let’s just go ahead and throw it on get it into position see how it’s gonna fit up here’s one for the honda badge i had it right the first time it’s gonna sit just like that and then the top piece right here gonna fit up there just like that so i think

It could be a nice little touch what do you guys think so let’s go ahead and clean off the surfaces i’m gonna go ahead and get it clean take off the 3m tape and then reapply it so pretty straight forward install be right back as soon as it’s on the car all right last little piece oops didn’t mean to honk into anybody all right so all the carbon fiber is now in

Place i’ll be honest with you guys this probably isn’t the best kit i’ve bought in regards to like carbon fiber trim type of stuff um let me just go ahead and show you guys what i’m talking about so here it is right everything is installed got the middle centerpiece for the emblem this portion down here and then one across the top so what stops me from like really

Liking this product is i guess the 3m tape could be better because like up here this wasn’t sticking true to form it would keep popping up so as you can see like this is just barely on there part of the reason is maybe it’s the tape maybe having an expired batch or something and then another thing is the surface that it’s mounting to it’s more of a plastic so i

Don’t know if that’s having an issue adhering to it um this portion as well this is like a leather material or like pleather so it’s not going to really stick or bond to the surface as well but this piece right here is pretty solid as you guys can see i’ll give you a detailed view fits nice and snug everywhere it needs to be has full coverage you can’t really

See the back end of it um yeah that’s what i would expect to see up on the top but that for me isn’t the case so i’ll i’ll go back strip off this little tape to have back there apply my own 3m tape odds are i’ll be fine it’s going to sit down where i want it to now this is really no workaround like it’s on there but as you can see you can like move it around or

Whatever it’s probably not going to last too much longer to be honest with you guys so i’ll give it another go with my own 3m tape as well so as far as the quality goes i really like the look of it makes the car stand out a little bit better on the inside doesn’t look so plain jane um i would definitely i guess i would definitely buy this you know you just have

To supply your own 3m tape and make some modifications so in all honesty you’re probably going to have a look like this because this is probably just going to be falling off you know so unless you like glue it on there but highly suggest don’t do that but that looks pretty good as well like i said this is like the winner for me and it’s a cheap product it’s like

Only like 30 so um 30 bucks to spruce it up a little bit give it a little pop in the interior can’t really lose so so yeah just a little update for the inside for you guys i still have plans for this thing i’m not gonna get rid of it anytime soon especially with the gas prices the way they are right now um yeah still waiting for the wheels to throw those on and

Um yeah little things here and there i might buy some more carbon fiber stuff let me know down in the comments below if i should even do that but the way this was fitting um kind of skeptical still but willing to give it another shot then to sell stuff for um center console and things of that nature door trims so eventually we can go ahead and knock each one of

Those out see how they work on the car how they fit up on the car and go from there so other than that just want to say thanks for watching never leave your left night or i’ll see you guys in the next video peace

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Honda Insight Carbon Fiber steering wheel Install By The Snyds

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