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Altair Club Cars Honda Insight 2010 passenger side wing mirror removal replacement

Honda Insight 2010 passenger side wing mirror removal replacement

Hi there everybody so on today’s video i have this uh honda insight this is a 2010 and uh i just need to change the mirror i’m gonna be changing the whole unit because it’s been damaged and it’s broken it’s broken everywhere so i’m gonna show you how to remove the whole unit here so to remove that mirror um we need to take this panel out because we just have

To disconnect the wiring and also we have 3 10 10 mil nuts holding the middle so we’re going to start by removing this little cover here this cover just pops out so you can get a screwdriver and just put it on the side and get this cover out it’s just plugged in there with this little clip and we then need to need to take this um cover here out as well

Is there’s two there’s two phillips screws holding hiding behind that cover now that cover is go it’s got a little clip up here that you need to you need to pull down and at the same time pull that cover somehow so i’ve already got it a little bit out and then we need to try and get something behind the cover so we can pull it out okay so get that cover out

And you will find two phillips screws in there um we then need to pull this whole cover out um so i’ve got a one of these and i just got it on the side and sort of pop that open a little bit on one side and on the other side same thing just popping this open like so so it’s just again it’s just plugged in and we need to unplug it basically get it unplugged

All around and in here if you get that little rubber out there’s another phillips screw disconnect them and then the whole door will be free to wiggle so you can then lift it upwards and take it out like so and then obviously it’s gonna still gonna be plugged in here but we only wanna access this bit here we only want to disconnect the mirror um so if

We can take this bit out and we can disconnect this here so there’s a little clip here we need to press to pull this out so i’m just going to do that now so you need to press quite hard on this clip to release it all the way in otherwise it it won’t release and that’s out so we can now put our door back up here temporarily because well um just before doing

That we can loosen these 10 mil nuts which i’ve already loosened them so we can get them out this last one is there okay so now i’m just gonna again as before i’m just gonna put this temporarily up here so i don’t have to be holding it all the time and we can now get the mirror out that’s pretty much up now just need to um wiggle this cable through let’s

Try to do that so there will be enough room for the black hole plug to come out and that’s the mirror out now i’m just gonna i’m gonna get my new mirror and uh refit it back so that’s basically how you can remove it if you need to do so so hope this video helps and thank you for watching

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Honda Insight 2010 passenger side wing mirror removal replacement By DaringBeefcake

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