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Altair Club Cars Honda HR-V e:HEV – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

Honda HR-V e:HEV – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

Voor de nieuwe generatie van de HR-V heeft Honda zich er niet makkelijk vanaf gemaakt. De auto is er nu alleen nog maar met hybridetechniek volgens eigen recept en in het interieur komen we een luchtgordijn tegen. Is dat een stap vooruit?

Honda has presented a brand-new hr-v, and it’s been completely revamped. and i’m not just talking about a new body. there’s lots of new technology aboard… as well. also, it’s only available as a hybrid from now on, with the electric motor being the primary power source. the combustion engine is merely for support. honda has designated the new hr-v as a b-segment suv,

But they might be shortselling it a little. it’s pretty big for a b-segment car. the interior is very spacious. i’m almost 2.00 m. tall myself and i’ve got lots of space around me. nothing to complain about. i’m quite straight up though, but that’s because there’s a petrol tank underneath the front seats. not the most logical spot, but that has a reason. but i’ll get to

That. the seating in the back is pretty good as well. there’s more than enough legroom and the headroom is very decent as well. so what about the petrol tank? well, because it’s underneath the front seats, there’s additional space available underneath the rear seat. you can utilize that space by folding up the rear seat, which is very the interior consists of different

Plasticky materials. one harder than the other. it does look very nice and it gives the impression… that it will last very long. the way the interior has been designed was clearly aimed at functionality. it’s very easy to use. the instrument cluster is one big, digital screen, but it gives the impression the multimedia system isn’t that comprehensive, but it works nicely.

There are some physical buttons for the airconditioning as well. speaking of which, this car has an extra set of vents in the dashboard. they are able to blow warm air against the windows… in the winter, to create some sort of warmth-curtain. the same goes for coolness in the summer. that way, you’ll keep the heat outside. right now, the temperatures are very average,

So it doesn’t have a lot of effect. but if we have the car in those circumstances in the netherlands, when it comes to the hybrid drivetrain technology, honda has gone their own way. the base is a 131 horsepower electric motor, which… drives the wheels. the electric motor is powered by a generator, which in turn is driven by a 107 horsepower petrol engine. there’s still

A small gap inbetween, and for that, there’s a battery pack. in certain circumstances, the petrol engine can drive the wheels… as well. a clutch will close and that’s it. no set gear or anything, but around motorway speeds, the petrol engine can kick in. in most cases, it’s just a serial hybrid. a generator and an electric motor, and it works perfectly fine. sure,

It’s not a racing car, it does take longer than ten seconds to go from 0-100 km/h, honda has done their best for the chassis as well. it’s sturdy, without it becoming uncomfortable, because it’s quite a comfortable car besides that, there are several electronic support systems. you even have hill descent control. everything an suv needs, right? it doesn’t matter if it’s

An suv or a crossover, it mostly is a big car. especially for the b-segment. so the price is quite steep… for the b-segment. prices start at €33.500, which is quite a lot, if you ask me.

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