honda cr v v kia sportage review
Altair Club Cars Honda CR-V v Kia Sportage Review

Honda CR-V v Kia Sportage Review

The Kia Sportage is the newest kid on the Medium SUV block. So naturally, it’s time for an SUV showdown!

The suv segment continues to charm australian buyers and with an ever growing and diverse lineup there really is something for everybody and this the kia sportage is the newest kid on the block so naturally it’s time for an suv showdown on test is the kia sportage platinum pitched against honda’s top specs salvi dti o both vehicles are powered by a turbo diesel

Engines made into automatic transmissions and are all-wheel drive each is priced around $45,000 in as tested form and offer the expected levels of practicality and drivability but the measure of a great suv is more complex than that the crv has proven it’s worth time again with a rounded offering that appeals to family buyers historically however the similarly

Specified sportage has more than doubled the crv sales in australia so what gives at the heart of any suv offering is its practicality and both of these are fit for hectic family life and a round of golf the older crv pips the newest board touch four load capacity however offering 566 liters compared to the kia’s 466 it’s inside these vehicles where the real

Differences come to light ergonomically sound and with similar equipment levels it’s the sportage that feels like the more polished offering in the backseat – it’s obvious that there is just a little bit more space and the seats are really nicely sculpted the two-tone leather adds a bit of a premium feel and in fact when you look at the dash the car does feel a

Little bit more like a premium offering of equal importance these days is the technology suite and while it’s true that our test vehicles bring class leading examples cruise control push button start electric adjust seats reversing cameras and satellite navigation the kia brings it more extensive and more advanced technology in comparing the differences in drive

Lines between the crv and the sportage the on-paper differences may not be quite as pronounced in the real world and a big part of that has to do with the 9 speed transmission found in the honda crv it’s quite a smooth quite a progressive transmission keeps the engine in a sweet spot without it having to really work and the obvious upside to that is that it not

Only disguises the sevis lower torque thicker but it also improves fuel economy quite a bit will the ride handling compromise between these two cars is line ball but they’re not in the way you’d expect i wouldn’t say that they’re both the same the crv is certainly just that little bit more comfortable but of course that does come at the cost of dynamism when you

Look at the sportage it is a little bit more sportier it points more accurately and it does hold the body a little bit more taut through the corners the sport has just makes life a little bit more easy not only is the sportage easy for tooling around town when you’re on the freeway and a hundred you’ve still got that bit of power to overtake when you need it our

Rivals are close on price and both score are five-star safety rating but it’s the kia that offers better value with a longer warranty generous cap price servicing scheme and 12 months roadside assistance and to this the key is superior dynamics premium fit and finish and class leading technology and the chaos potage takes a deserving win over the honda crv you you

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