honda cr v hybrid test drive
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Honda CR-V Hybrid Test Drive

The CR-V Hybrid is responsive, smooth and efficient. It’s intelligent, highly advanced hybrid powertrain provides a seamless driving experience. View this test drive video to experience it for yourself

Welcome to this test drive video for the honda crv now the cr-v is the world’s best-selling suv and this particular version that we have here is hybrid now this is really important to us because by 2022 we want all of our mainstream vehicles to be electrified so let’s take a look at this one okay so now we’re in it’s a really easy car to have got into in the

First place so i’m now greeted with the premium leather seating which gives me a really nice high driving position to give really good visibility out of the car so to actually start the car to get going all we need to do is press the button just by my right knee which will allow the car to be in ready mode now to select drive it’s really easy because we’ve

Gone away from a traditional stick change to buttons so this frees a load of space for us and it’s really easy once we press d to actually then drive away now my foot is still on the foot brake and what i would need to do is take the parking brake off now of course to to drive away now two ways i can do that i can actually push the parking brake down drive

Off and that’s it very very easy and when we come to stop we can pull it back on again however even better for me at the start of my journey i’ll press break hold and what that will do for me is every time i want to pull away it takes the parking brake off for me and when i come to a standstill it actually applies the brakes for me so i don’t need to touch that

On the entire journey so let’s go for a drive in front of me i have a really clear digital display so at a glance i can see my speed and underneath that i have various sections that i can scroll through at the moment i’ve got my my drive mode on so i can see at the minute i’m in ev mode it’s also regenerating the the battery for me now accelerate a little

Bit and we’ve gone into hybrid mode now and if we were cruising you’d see that going to engine mode just by my right knee i’ve got a button uh for head-up display so what that’s going to do for me is put up this little screen and we’re going to project onto that key bits of information so i can keep my attention on the road and my eyes straight in front of

Me now on the steering wheel i can scroll through different pages of information at the moment we have a compass up we can actually use this button here to go through my charge or power indicator we’ve got just the speed we can have the adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist information on there as well or traffic sign recognition a really useful

Feature to have to give us nice clear safe vision if we want to any point the same button just press and hold we’ll actually send that away and the dust cover will come over on the dashboard as well the crv we’re in today is the hybrid version now what we have under the bonnet is a petrol engine and we have two electric motors one as a generator attached to

The actual petrol engine itself and we have a separate one which is the drive motor which powers the road wheels so this gives us three drive modes we have ev mode or electric vehicle mode whereby the high voltage battery at the back of the vehicle is supplying power to the electric drive motor to drive the road wheels thereby creating no tailpipe emissions

We also have hybrid mode this is where the petrol engine is running that is spinning the generator to create electricity and then what that will do for us is allow the high voltage battery at the back to power the drive motor we also have engine mode this is where the petrol engine is running and we lock up together the drive motor and the generator thereby the

Drive motor is still powering the road wheels but driven from the petrol engine thereby giving us the option for best usability of the engine and best usability of the electric motors for any given circumstance right in the center of the car we have a connect screen this is for our infotainment system where we can have things from bluetooth connections for our

Phone then allowing me to use steering wheel controls keeping me safe and also legal on the road making and receiving those phone calls we have other information as well like audio so we can choose music from a usb device digital radio or fm whatever our choices are many we can go for there also this particular crv has the garmin navigation app pre-installed

So my navigation is taken care of there but i also have the ability if i wanted to to use google maps so for instance if i had an android phone i can use android auto or carplay for my apple device and i could use my apple maps google maps or even waze if i wanted to as you can see it’s an absolutely fantastic day today so this feature i’m not going to need

At the moment but it is the uk you never know when things are going to change so this car has auto lights now the lights are full led front and back on this vehicle and of course the auto system will put them on for me when needed and it can even go to full beam when it’s advisable to do so and pop it back down to dip beam when it needs to as well but added to

That we have the auto wipers function so using the center on the screen it’s going to detect that and as soon as it has the the moisture on the screen the wipers are going to start cleaning the screen for me and then i can fine tune the adjustment of the the right hand stalk to more or less sensitivity our rear view mirror on the car is actually auto dimming

So it is going to sense if we’re going to get any glare from vehicles headlights behind and it will automatically dim the view that we’re going to get so that we don’t get any glare again keeping us safer on the road all crvs come as standard with honda sensing now this is an incredible suite of safety features and driver assistance features which are going to

Help you to keep safe and also reduce your fatigue from driving so again helping to keep you safe now if we take just one of those to expand on a little we have a feature called cross traffic monitor this is particularly useful when reversing out of a parking space because the radars at the back of the vehicle are actually looking really quite far afield to see

If there’s a vehicle that’s going to be crossing your path behind the vehicle and it will give you little warnings in the the connect system so we get an audible notification and also a couple of orange arrows in the direction that the vehicle is actually approaching from so that we can wait to left past and then safely reverse out of our spot forward collision

Warning it’ll give us a warning about a collision in front of us again based on our closing speed we have blind spot information it’ll give us information when somebody’s in our blind spot all of these features just add up to making it one of the safest suvs out there with 184 ps and 315 newton meters of torque this crv has that instant kind of acceleration

That you’d expect from a vehicle driven by electric motors thanks to the incredible hybrid system we have in this vehicle the combined mass per gallon figure for this car is 40. now if you’re going to be doing more urban driving sort of stop start town journeys you’re easily going to see over 50 to the gallon crv is available in two-wheel drive and all-wheel

Drive options so if fuel economy is your ultimate concern with crv we have the two-wheel drive version if you want that extra peace of mind to know that pretty much whatever the conditions rain snow mud we’re going to get the best available traction when our cr-v can distribute power not only to the front but also to the rear wheels at the same time so just

To the left-hand side of the the drive select buttons in the center console we have three additional buttons they are the sport the econ and also ev buttons so if we work through those right at the top we have the sport button so to turn it on or off is just a simple press of that button when it’s engaged it will actually sharpen the throttle response for

Us thereby giving us a more sporty drive on the econ button when we press that one it kind of does the reverse so it will soften the throttle response what that means to me as a driver is that i need to use more movement on my accelerator pedal to get the same amount of acceleration thereby kind of coaching me to drive more economically what it will also do

Though it will actually make my climate control and also my cruise control work more fuel efficiently finally the ev button when the conditions are suitable so if we have state of charge of the battery and the load on the accelerator being appropriate we can press the ev button and it will put us into a full electric vehicle mode again no tail pipe emissions

Whatsoever so thank you for joining me on this test drive of the honda crv and hopefully now you can see why is globally the best selling suv now it’s also been market leader since we introduced this model in 1997. and if you’d like to take a test drive yourself so you can experience this incredible vehicle please contact your local dealer we’ll be delighted

To book you in for an appointment so thank you very much indeed for watching

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Honda CR-V Hybrid Test Drive By Rowes Garage

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