honda clarity fuel cell preview
Altair Club Cars Honda Clarity Fuel Cell preview

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell preview

Take a test drive in the most advanced hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in the world: the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell.

This is the new honda clarity the clarity is at the forefront honda’s electric green we plan to have two thirds because that we sell by 2025 to have some form of electrified powertrain and not only is it the first and long line of honda hydrogen cars it’s also smashing records for the hydrogen sector itself boasting both the highest range and largest seating

Capacity in sector hi i’m sam i get to work this cutting edge piece of technology every single day let me tell you a bit more about it when it comes to the interior the clarity the eco-conscious theme at the base of the whole car rings true and here to where that 80% of material is used to create interior in the low environmental impact the clarity is a few

Interior features help you drive as efficiently as possible one of which is the blue ball in the dashboard which expands the contracts to show you how much hydrogen you’re using at that moment in time the other is the central screen which shows you the powertrain spader and charging status and batteries and discharge they’ve listed for yourself clarity has

Been designed from the ground up with aerodynamics possible which has meant was quite a high rear of the car come by this what the designers have incorporated is a tunnel when you look in the rearview mirror you can see straight through and out the back no less busy than any other car on the road when it comes to the exterior of the car han design team had

One key goal aerodynamics in order to maximize the range the car can travel on one full tank hiding on most difficult things to manage in the aerodynamic design of a car if the drag was created by the effect of the spinning wheels so these air curtains effectively channel a high-speed current of air across the front of the wheel air is taken in we’ve schooled

Up to the front of the car passed over the front of the wheel and we have the same thing at the rear total effect of that is a huge reduction in drag the next design feature that we’ll have a look at is a very unique wheels what we have is a regular five-spoke alloy wheel with a 10 spoke plastic cover attached to the front of it what is covered those the draws

And hot air out from behind the wheel into the airflow generators and also aids and brake cooling and the final thing is actually the overall profile of the car so as we can see a very smooth roofline coupled with the high tail what this does is this reduces drag and vorse sees that craters over the top and back of the car which helps improves efficiency which

In turn helps improve the ranging problem and next i’ll show you how a hydrogen fuel station works two of the main questions that we get with a hydrogen powered cars are how do i fill it up and how long does it take let me show you let’s fill it up it’s no more complicated filling up your petrol powered car you slide the contactless card on the payment panel

Over here took me a couple mazal attach it to the car and two minutes later the car is full so hydrogen is pumped from storage tank in the filling station it’s pressure about 10,000 psi and minus 40 centigrade this gives you roughly depending on conditions somewhere between 300 and 350 miles of range so what sets this car apart from an average car on the road

Is obviously what’s under the bonnet and when i say under the bonnet i really do mean all under the bonnet so what sets this car apart from this key hydrogen fuel cell competitors is the fact this is the first ever to have the entire powertrain contained within the engine bay this has been done the generation on generation reduction the size of the fuel cell

Of about third and some clever reconfiguration within the engine bay has meant the overall powertrain now is no bigger than the standard v6 the safety has been one of the key parts when designing this car the whole way across the top of the engine is a ventilation system in the event of any form of emergency the co safety event any hydrogen is active and lock

Its tanks in some safety i hope you’ve enjoyed that preview on the clarity and we look forward to sharing our next steps on the road to electrification in the coming future you

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