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Very often i tend to return to a specific place with the same car brand or car type. i don’t know why, but usually when i think i have an original idea for a shooting place eventually i find out i have already been there with a similar car. honda civic type r has lured me to places connected with honda and my first racing beginnings. in this area more than 20 years ago

We had a service zone during the hill climb race in čierny balog. because of that i am connected to vydrovská valley through my memories of my first race with honda civic vtec. i realised this fact only now while driving along the former railway depots. we’ll see how it fares in our test, but there are already some hints that its 320 hp and 400 nm of torque

Clearly help so that it outruns other cars particularly on the circuit but also on straights and even during cornering. what fascinates me the most is what honda can get away with in terms of visual design. honda doesn’t have to follow the trends, can be absolutely independent and do it how they want it. although sometimes i think this car looks more robust than it

Really is. it’s still a compact with 2.7 meter (8.85 ft.) long wheelbase, but its 20“ wheels still look like they are too small for the size of its body. the most massive part is the back with aerodynamic parts which are presumably all functional but the most functional feeling comes from this huge wing. i haven’t driven more than 220 km/h (136 mph) yet,

Maximum speed is 270 km/h (167 mph), but compared to its predecessor i have a feeling it’s more stable. it doesn’t have four exhaust pipes but three and i liked it more with four of them. it’s a pity these are not functional so we’ll see about civic’s cooling. i think the service stop at this parking lot has been long enough for us to

Depart for familiar roads in vydrovo. i’ve got butterflies in my stomach which is the same as it was 20 years ago during my hill climb race with 3-door civic 1.6 vtec. it was a real rush, all the revs, and the car went like a missile. and i feel this turbocharged 2.0 liter honda engine is going to scare me just the same. although the asphalt is really badly

Damaged i am going to set it to r mode because i trust the chassis. the adaptive suspension is able to deal with damaged asphalt here at vydrovo. i’ve also turned on the led indicator of the rev counter to help me with the gear shifts. because in the first gear it’s going to be, whooop, at the rev limiter and that’s with the traction control turned on.

That was the first turn which we used to go through on full throttle but i can’t afford that now, but the feeling of flying to the first s-bend remains. at this point during the race if i had the revs too low it was bad but this one pulls like crazy. the sun was in my eyes the same as it is now and i didn’t see into the second s-bend. with the tires in

Operating temperature honda is neutral and if you can handle the acceleration the front works nicely as well. one thing that doesn’t suit me in this car is the gear shifting. as soon as i start to use the maximum revs it worsens. and here it’s always been like this, thump, thump, rasťo just hold the accelerator pedal. here by the stump i must brake, using the

Active rev matching which is available. i used to call it the “turn by the stump” and there were a lot of cars which went off the road here. it’s picking up speed nicely. the only thing i don’t like is the gear shifting. if you find a nice road with serpentines which are not too tight so that the front axle doesn’t become too twitchy. play more with the chassis

Than with the revs, because this car really pulls right from the low revs. coming up is a special turn which always used to be slippery, i might have a higher passing speed with this serial car than i used to have back then with the track civic. there’s going to be one more section where i can enjoy the ride. there isn’t any vtec spike anymore, but it’s still honda.

You can feel the axles are under heavy load when you use all of the 400 nm of torque on uneven surface. up here these s-bends were always demanding on the chassis so you wouldn’t lose the grip. this also used to be the section where i tried to maintain full throttle with civic, but i can’t afford that now. in the last turn before finish you went almost 180 km/h.

Yay! i am at the top! and again the active rev matching. but not when downshifting to the first gear. i am at the top. tires are as if etched and i am going to cool them on my way down. the car is abnormally fast but at the same time i’d need some time to get used to it. buy it for the long-term so that you can get the car under your skin. it’s predictable and i am

Curious, because we can’t measure the time here, we can’t close this road off, how will this honda do on our speed track. i feel it’s more suitable for faster, more open segments of the track but we shall see. let’s switch to liptov then. i had a problem to keep the front axle on the road. i’ve scribbled it with tires. the front wheels were losing the grip when

Exiting this turn because of the extreme engine power. the steering is awesome during normal operations, but here on our speed track i’ve had problems shifting to fourth gear. so, it hasn’t been an easy drive. the car is really fast and i couldn’t keep up with my commentary. i don’t know what to think about it. i had a feeling i am fighting the front, the understeer.

In the end civic type r affirmed its number one status and proved to be a hard nut to crack for me. that’s because the computer put together an ideal lap time which was a full second faster than my best lap usually the ideal lap time is faster no more than .3 or .4 seconds. civic, using the continental sport contact 6 tires, which are not bad but not as soft as michelin

Pilot sport cup 2, made the same lap time as peugeot 308 gti. with the peugeot though the computer didn’t manage to put together better ideal lap so civic goes to the first place and is a new king of our speed track. it was helped by its engine as well as great brakes. what became obvious though was that driving it on the edge wasn’t easy. sometimes i overdid it and

Sometimes the car was faster than my expectations. with its crimson coat and very aggressive design it doesn’t have the looks but drives like a boss. its self-confidence is based on reality because in a way it’s an uncompromising car. the interior is also uncompromising with sport bucket seats that we approve of without reservations. it chills during the winter and

Burns in the summer but that’s how it’s supposed to be. and the instrument cluster resembles a formula car with all that goes with it. with the turbocharger pressure gauge as well. this is how the hot-hatch should look like in our opinion. i don’t know which components have changed on the chassis but civic has also become a friend for your quiet time off – you

Have three modes to choose from – comfort, sport and r. the r mode is the one for racing which we’ve seen already. but unless you really want to drive it hard it’s better to switch to the comfort on these normal roads. gear shifting experience is better when you shift slowly. as soon as it’s in high revs or under big pressure it’s not going to shift so easily.

Every generation of civic type r has had something special and good the first civic had a great engine but it was too high, almost like a minivan. when the ufo (2nd gen.) came out it had a problem with brakes, but still had enough power. previous type r came out as being too dependent on its software, it was a really big leap. and now as if all of these things came

Together and civic, as a whole, gives me a good feeling. but do you know what has always been great about this car regardless of its generation? it’s the engine. and now they’ve added the brakes and also dampers. one thing which honda could change looking to the future is the exhaust. i don’t mind the three pipes setup with two being used heavily and the middle

One having other functions. at times it may even suck the air in, and should act as anti-resonator, but i think that driving on a motorway at 130 km/h (80 mph) this car shouldn’t be so noisy. i can’t really imagine daily driving this car on the motorway. it’s really a car for the circuit and not for the motorway. my moods behind the steering wheel were changing

– A moment like this, a moment like that. maybe i had a feeling that the chemistry between civic type r and me didn’t work correctly at first, but at the end of the test i must take my hat off, because at the moment this is probably the king of hot-hatch cars.

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Honda Civic Type R – TEST – GARAZ.TV – NEW ENG SUBTITLES !!! By Rasto Chvala GARAZ.TV

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