honda civic si gets faster with
Altair Club Cars Honda Civic Si gets Faster with this Mod | First Driving Impressions

Honda Civic Si gets Faster with this Mod | First Driving Impressions

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Oh what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another video so it’s finally gonna happen i am finally going to install my prl flex fuel kit i’ve had this for i don’t know since like may i’m sure you guys remember me talking about that a while ago i don’t know it kind of held off on it and i just was like i’ll get to it when i get to it and then he kept

Rolling right on the trunk and then i kept getting dms and then i was like when are you gonna get like 300 all right it let’s do it rods to the moon so check this out like i mentioned before this is a used one i bought off my boy andrew drewski got it off phone for about 325 bucks which is not a bad deal uh it comes with everything that i need for the kit and i

Ended up buying this line right here directly from pro it’s just an upgraded fuel line i guess is what you would say because this one’s all like rubbery and whatnot and this one’s not this one’s a brand new one that they offer with the kit it is recommended to buy this line from them if you have the old one just because it holds better it’s a stronger line than

Everything else in between you know what i mean i should be chilling it was an easy swap out i’m actually going to be going to a manual shop and we’re going to be installing everything there so yeah foreign yes all right whoa it’s it’s flashing okay so i brought it back home real quick only because i do need to check on my dog uh homeboy’s been sick so i

Gotta make sure he’s good but drove home i still have the same ethanol levels that i had before so just wanted to come home check and make sure everything was cool and yeah shout out to emmanuel for helping me out and installing this kit for me so everything’s really really nice i know the engine’s dirty i’m gonna get all this details soon enough uh which are

Funny i actually have the race math i just didn’t install it because i’m gonna wait until i get turbo in the piping and a turbo that way i can just get all one thick boy going at the same time cool bringing it into the gas station i’m gonna bump diesel i’m just playing i got it back there so right now it is saying i am at 16 15 16 ethanol because i’ve been running

1.2 gallons of e per 91 phillip now if my calculations are correct all i have to do is put another 1.5 gallons of 85 fill it up with 91 and i should be at 8 30 or 30 percent i know there’s an app out there that calculates all that but if i already have 50 with 1.2 gallons all i have to do is put another 1.2 gallons roughly maybe a little bit more like 1.4 or

Around right there you know i’m at like a little bit under half a tank let’s see where the percentage is right now still says 16. so i’m sure it’ll mix up right now it’s already good amount okay i’m gonna drive around just to see how i’m pretty sure it’s gonna adjust itself slowly so let the e mix in a little bit the install was fairly easy as you guys saw

Right there so we’re cool let’s oh there it goes it’s going up now it’s at 17 18 percent so i figured i’d use my phone since it is a little bit better quality uh instead of my gopro because my gopro’s a hit and miss and like sometimes it wants to do good and then the other times it’s like now you’re i’m pretty sure i got approximately like two because i always

Fill up a 1.2 1.3 right now i did another 1.2 1.3 cell technically i should have 2.6 to 2.7 gallons of e per empty if that makes sense foreign that’s not bad that’s what 20 psi so okay okay so it’s still saying 90 ethanol unless i think the calculations wrong i forgot that because i’m not doing the r tune anymore my red light is not 6865. i can tell you

Right now it’s very smooth it’s smooth it’s definitely smoother than the 1.5 r on this road is definitely not the best but i think you’re pulled dirty empty oh oh my god i was not expecting that yo that torched here though yes i know grab it with two hands and i was not expecting that hold on that’s what she said okay some says 18 i’m i’m too like fully

Get all that much that is i didn’t expect it to build up like that that was was good that almost felt like my map three on my r2 maybe a little bit better no definitely better okay i get i get to go you get to stay i’m gonna pass all these guys around i’m gonna do a third year pull and i’m gonna hang on to the freaking foreign yeah this is a lot quicker i’m

Gonna get in trouble i’m gonna get into trouble with this car i definitely under poured e in it it only went up 18. and i know the for a fact that my boy jonathan he lives in in l.a he has a s.i he was telling me that going from e20 35 huge difference in power so we’re uh we’re gonna learn today you know what for shits and giggles let’s go to map three now

And see how that bad boy is dude this thing boogies thank you yeah okay i am i i think yeah map one going to map two huge difference in second gear that was yeah so check it out it’s still 19 just like i told you guys let’s go ahead and do a map three second gear pull i do have traction control completely off i need to remember to shift on time because

I’m not used to my car i’m not gonna stabilize the car being fast but i’m i’m not gonna say that my car is fast but i’m not used to it freaking hating red light that quick foreign bro i can’t if my calculations are correct i calculated that wrong like i should have put a little bit more sorry this thing keeps falling and i don’t want to take it off deal

With it yeah dude that thing buggies oh my god sore lord fast as boy i’m gonna chill with this e20 right now and obviously with the next fill up i’m gonna calculate it a lot better maybe you want to get to have a ticket i don’t know i’ll put tomorrow in it but i and satisfied and this is definitely the best bang for butt mod you can do to any car like if your

Car has the option to go with a flex fuel tune or a full e85 tune and it’s compatible it’s definitely a game changer now i’m not gonna talk about reliability or not because we all know that these tangents love to blow up especially when you start going over 300 in like some foot pounds of torque it’s it’s awesome and look before you guys start going crazy on

The comments what about your arp head studs what are you gonna do about your transmission are you going to rebuild they’re gonna go ppg gears dude i’m gonna go as we go does that make sense so i’m already putting money on the side and i’m saving up because the last thing i want for my gasket to blow so i am going to be put ting some arp headsets already talked to

Emmanuel about it so when i’m ready and when i have to basically want to have the funds i’m gonna go ahead and take it in and we’re gonna knock that out that way i don’t have to worry about that in the future now about the transmission i’m not really somebody that drives and red lines at every single red light you know i can meet my car about 50 to 60 miles a day

To work five days a week and majority of it is highway it’s like 90 highway so and when i on my off days i’m not really i used to have it on my side i’m actually i’m actually put i had all my uh my days off i’m chilling we usually take my girl’s car out so unless it’s like a huge uh video that i need to do you know what i mean so i’m a very conservative driver

With this so i’m not expecting to blow something up right away but if i do happen to blow something it comes with the territory of making these videos for you guys so i’m not gonna be surprised if something happens but let’s just hope it doesn’t happen right away now again my theory was wrong i probably should have done another gallon of 85 that way i actually

Got closer to 8 30. but this is not a bad start e20 is definitely not a bad start i’m at e20 right i’m at 20 right now which is one up again so e20 is not a bad start to get into this slowly getting it i mean i’m not yo that that first pulling second gear i i didn’t expect it to tell you that i didn’t expect this is awesome this is awesome okay bringing it back

Home before you guys give me some okay look i get it it’s not a full e30 35 that’s where the tune gets its best best performance outcome out of it but like i stated in the video i did mess up i calculated wrong i should have put at least 2.5 gallons of e instead of 1.5 1.4 however much i said so yeah i mean even like i told you right now like towards the end of

It just what kind of went up to like e20 so technically i’m running e20 on the car once i get rid of some of the gas obviously then i’ll go ahead and throw in some more in there and we’ll be able to uh get a better comparison but anyways guys that’s gonna be for today’s video uh if you guys want to see what’s been done to the car mods are going to be in the

Description for anybody new to the channel and yeah we’ll go ahead and end it right there i’ll see you guys in another video thank you all for watching if you guys like today’s video hit the like button it helps me out with the algorithm if you guys want to see more make sure you hit that subscribe button and make sure you guys hit the notification i know there’s

Videos you guys aren’t that too big on scene but if i’m being honest i’m gonna be throwing videos every now and then the way i want them to be so yeah if you guys want to be part of it awesome if not i’ll see you in the other one so you guys have a good one peace oh

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Honda Civic Si gets Faster with this Mod | First Driving Impressions!!! By Tony Castillo

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