hitting the road in my cheap sal
Altair Club Cars Hitting The Road In My Cheap Salvage Bentley Flying Spur And Feeling Awkward

Hitting The Road In My Cheap Salvage Bentley Flying Spur And Feeling Awkward

What is it like to be behind the wheel of a $175K luxury car? Find out as I tackle a couple issues with the Bentley and take it out on to the road for a nice drive.

So i’d actually managed to get this bentley running it wasn’t running that great it was still missing on a few cylinders and it was still throwing a couple check engine codes then it shut off on me and then i realized that the fuel pump had actually burned up while removing the fuel pump i discovered that there had been sugar that actually blew out of the lines into

The tank so after cleaning the tank once again and reinstalling the fuel pumps it was time for me to start this thing up and see if it was run any better so after cleaning the tank and reinstalling the pumps it was actually running a little bit better but it was still throwing check engine codes so i decided to pull the spark plugs and check them out they all look

Pretty good so i cleaned him up and put them back in but even after all that it still was missing on a few cylinders i figured that i still had some bad gas in the tank and just needed to drop the car also i got this thing loaded over chemicals here got some of this heat that’s supposed to be good for removing water from your gasoline works pretty good we got the

Seafoam a lot of people already know what that is that works pretty good for cleaning out your injectors and stuff like that i got some of this techtron here i’ve heard good reviews of that so i decided to buy it and try it out you only use a little bit of at a time so i’ve got all three of these in there so between all three of these we should be getting that gas

Right where it needs to be by the way this is not a paid endorsement by any means this is just some of the stuff that i use around my shop and by shop what i mean is this lovely section of gravel driveway well i do have a garage but as you can see i keep my corvette in here so i do a lot of my work out in the driveway so i’ve been dropping this thing around it’s

Actually running a whole lot better but what i’m going to do is i’m actually gonna take the fuel filter off and we’ll blow some air through it and see if we can get any more trash out of it last couple of times i’ve took too long i’m done there wasn’t that much bad gas to come out of there but i’m just going to do this as a precaution now these cars have an air

Suspension on them so before you can jack up the vehicle you have to make sure your keys on and you got to come over here to the center console and you got to take these two buttons right here you got to push them in and hold them you should put it in jacking mode and it should come up on the dash you see that little yellow light that means it’s a jacking mode now

You can safely jack up the car without causing any damage to the suspension so this is my setup just to the blower nozzle what a piece of tubing on it gonna hook it to the filter now this is low pressure this is only about 20 psi so here’s the gasoline that i got out of the filter now as you can see it does look pretty good and it does still have a little bit of

Something there i’m not sure if that’s water or if that’s fuel treatment i do have some fuel treatment in there you see that right there that is actually a little bit of sugar so that means our filter is doing its job bad thing is that does mean that there’s still some in the tank not a big deal but that’s not a whole lot compared to what was coming out of there

So probably do that for the next couple hundred miles take it undone see if there’s any bad gas coming out of there it’s a lot better to do it that way than me to just keep throwing filters on it constantly well i’ve been driving this thing around it was still hesitating on me still throwing check engine lights still acting up so i’m probably unloosened the fuel

Filter maybe six or seven different times trying to get some of that old gas out of there it seems to actually be doing a little bit better now so we’ll continue to drive this thing around and get some of that fuel through it she’s running a lot smoother we still do have a check engine light let them scan that and see what it is probably something real simple

Might be a misfire code from earlier but it seems to be running and driving actually pretty good so now that this thing’s running better we need to take it over to the rich neighborhood and see if they’ll actually wave at us so it actually seems to be running pretty well now but we do still have that check engine light on so what i’m gonna need to do is hook up

My scan tool and read the codes so it looks like we have a p 0 0 1 4 which is a camshaft position fall so after driving this thing around a little bit i noticed there was a little bit of top-end noise on a cold startup so i added some seafoam to do all to help try to clear that up and it seemed to help out a little bit so i’ve seen the scan tool and see we had a

Camshaft adjuster fault that right there tells me that we might have some bad oil in there my experience with these engines with variable valve timing something as simple as bad oil can cause the whole system to malfunction you also check engine lights you’ll have performance issues and in my case you can even have it or it’ll shut off on you so what i’m gonna

Go ahead and do is i think i’m gonna go ahead and get all this old oil out and get some fresh brand new oil in so another problem that i noticed was right here on the end of the dipstick tube this little grommet here was broke it was actually causing a little bit of a vacuum leak you could hear it while it was running that’s not really good we need to go ahead

And replace that so we don’t have any more problems so here we have an oem oil filter and as you can see it does say volkswagen on it now if you’re not familiar with the bentley brand billy it’s actually owned by the volkswagen auto group so later on i’ll talk a little bit about some of these parts i’ve been buying most of them’s from volkswagen and from the audi

Dealership they are the same parts that you get from the bentley dealership but at the volkswagen and audi price so it’s also important that you use the correct type of oil this car requires zero w for t-mobile one synthetic would it be in a turbo car that makes a lot of sense this oil is not cheap the cheapest place you can find it it’s usually walmart it’s around

Twenty six twenty seven dollars this car requires 13 quarts so we were talking three bottles that’s seventy-five eighty dollars right there with tax i was lucky enough to get these bottles for $20 plus tax each walmart hands down is the cheapest place to buy oil it’s usually way cheaper than some of the big-box auto parts stores so that’s where i always buy my old

From so of course the first step is to remove this giant splash shield from underneath the car now yes it is damaged and i’ll talk about that in a later video but for now we have it off now we can move on to the next step there’s the old filter in the old oil that’s again and it all look too terrible i don’t see any kind of contaminants or anything in it new metal

Shavings i just looks dirty no telling last time that’s been changed but she’ll have a fresh oil change in it now now as you can see this thing has a canister style oil filter and here’s the brand new element inside the housing it’s always a good idea to change the crush washer when you change it all on this particular car the washers actually made onto the bolt

So here’s a brand new bolt with the brand new washer on it now also believe to this piece being broke was actually causing an inaccurate reading on the dipstick this should solve that problem also make sure you check out my other videos on this deadly like share and comment below also make sure you click on that subscribe button click the bell and if you’re not

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Hitting The Road In My Cheap Salvage Bentley Flying Spur And Feeling Awkward By 4Lane Blacktop

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