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The new tele x 5 is possibly the most handsome and misunderstood american luxury receiver in its price range and it would surely be the best-selling american sv if it weren’t for the fact that its main competition is

Hello my life it’s nice to have you in the

Program beautiful hello my love thanks for inviting me again where do you want to start dxd5 i would like to know first what is the competence of this beautiful and the main one complete the main problem that khedira has that exists 5 it is called cadillac escalade because cadillac escalade i already know which is another segment, i know that it costs more, i know that

It is much larger, but it is also selling a lot, so this law draws more attention than this truck, yes, however, there are five large ones, it is robust, it is impressive and it has all the hallmarks of an american hub luxury and i love that because it includes not only luxury and the premium issue but also the power that we like so much, they are not very different

If they are very different in fact this xt5 is more in the segment of audi q5 or bmw w 3 or mercedes benz cls or even the volvo xc60 which i also like very much and then why should i buy one of these and not a mercedes an audi there is one big difference between german luxury and american luxury german luxury is a little more sober in its lines is not as aggressive or

Sporty and american luxury as you can see carbon fiber inserts on the steering wheel carbon fiber insert up here on the glove box carbon fiber inserts on the sides in the doors everything is upholstered in leather and it is the general motors system in the infotainment and android auto apocar play there is also navigation settings various things but what i like the most

Is that it has an onstar system and my cadillac system is aware that it is useful for many things it is useful because you have a wi-fi hotspot and you can connect up to 7 devices on board your cadillac up to 15 meters from the network where and they even have an unlimited data plan that i think costs the modest amount of 600 pesos a month, which is not bad at all, the

Other thing is that they also help you locate your vehicle in the event of a theft, you call the center from your phone cell phone you make your day report through the gps and those things locate the vehicle and the location will be known to the public security forces and they can proceed to recover the vehicle for you you cannot go look for it the other thing that i like

From onstar and i think it is the coolest thing of all in the event of a collision, an accident or whatever the vehicle is, through all the sensors they detect that the air bags have opened and this type of thing notifies the onstar control center where there are accessories 24/7 track the location of your warm that exists 5 through gps and they make a call to my phone

And if in the accident or mishap they don’t make you a phone call after a call loved directly to your vehicle if you do not answer either because you are not aware immediately they send the emergency and assistance bodies to your location and it is a system that has saved countless lives there is also assistance on the road you press this blue button and with this blue

Button you initiate the call to the center or nestor for any type of assistance or if you are going on a trip he says i am honest to see how my car is and he tells you no because it lacks oil in the service whatever you want and if you have an emergency you can press the wish button it’s the red one up here not finish and that’s all it’s logical on top of all that if you

See an accident or something wrong on the road you call to like it notifies it if they tell someone else to go and get rid the hand is super cool now let me ask you these characteristics seem insufficient to buy a quality that instead of a german premium i think not because something very important i know german cars are very talkative racers yes they are and how about

Eff previous american vehicles have the nice feature that americans like beefy raw muscle power they have quite the legendary reputation especially in general manufacture motors cars like lamb shrimp and well if everything is fine i offer you an apology we pressed the button by mistake ok i thank you very much how you see it and that the button by mistake they called us

Back the call did not even come through and if we had answered it send someone returning to the subject and if i told you that american cars also have the power to check it here there is a button that says mode mode we are going to put it in sports mode and it will be sky deep you are not treading so hard until the bottom 140 150 160 that’s a lot of control that’s enough

Power for you or do you want even more for me too now it’s a very safe truck speaking of this, there are these others, remember that my steering wheel vibrates when i want to change and it wo n’t let me change because i don’t set the address exactly why you have the lane departure alert and assistance activated , let go of the steering wheel, let go of it, leave it there

It is coming out and the steering wheel is going to come back by itself look very small movements but it comes back it is not an automatic pilot if you take your hands off the wheel for more than a minute or two you will get an alert and it will tell you to put the hands on the wheel there is also a warning sensor and frontal collision mitigation as well as auto adaptive

Cruise control there is a truck ahead by itself it will detect it and it will reduce the speed of the vehicle to the speed of change automatically here is the foot of the accelerator that you are not accelerating this is the control club doing its job and here it has already reduced the speed i no longer reach 110 it is already reducing the speed automatically speed that

The truck is going with the turn signal to overtake towards the lane change when you have a chance and take your foot off the accelerator and alone when it detects that it is clear you are talking in your free party 100% if the vehicle in front were to brake in a way suddenly a voter display alert appears that is exactly what you are seeing what is happening tell us that

A projection indicates the speed at which i am going the revolutions the lane preservation and all that type of other thing like very car rewarded a car of luxury is the screen is touch yes but here we have this knob that is also a joystick it moves to one side and the other to navigate your screen and there are also various shortcuts such as the home shortcut the back

Shortcut and here you are already in the three-zone air conditioning menu, two are the ones in front, the vents here have their own control of both fan intensity and temperature. an air conditioner usb ports a lot there are two in here there are more ports back here and a wireless charger on with a button i like that you have a manual type mode that is the m for manual

Mode pull the lever down now you can throttle and shift gear with the paddles that are back here and then this noise because i want you to hear that they are metal and coolers with the right paddle you make upshifts it is said to lists in sixth the lower the engine revs the more this allows you a truly sporty driving by taking it out the most power and torque the engine

Has seven airbags ultra-high-strength reinforced steel structures a very powerful engine 14-speaker bose performance civis sound panoramic or celestial roof because it’s gigantic the trunk opens with the foot it has this little thing that you give the little kick and it opens to reverse sensors reverse cameras 360 degree camera too én and a driving mode that i love that

This is the off-road mode there you can see that you can even monitor it on this screen it accelerates a little and here it can tell you the inclination and how much you are working the differentials there is the all wheel drive mode the traction it’s on four wheels and things do n’t end up here we have a rearview mirror camera if you don’t want to use the normal rearview

Mirror you’ve been using the camera all the time on top of that it has a parking assistant here it parks itself and the best for for me, since it’s an american vehicle, if you get into a fight about a spare part, something like that is brought from the us, you don’t have to wait for your thoughts to come from europe, from germany, one of the characteristics that i don’t get

Arrives faster i like the leather seats because of the climate we have here in sinaloa, but i discovered that this truck already has cooling in the seats with this feature. here is my objection to being able to take one in this one the seats are all in leather and the top quality finish the space is plenty the rear seats fold 60-40 with levers from inside the trunk there

Is a traffic sensor and alert blind crossover it is very stable at high speed it has a lot of control another detail is that when you put on the seat belt also the first time it does not happen until the second and it was that good in the end cadillac suspension calls it continuous damping control or suspension with damping in real time, which means that the shock absorber,

Which has valves and systems and sensors that, depending on what it detects on the road and the speed you are traveling or the braking you need to do, etc., will adjust the firmness of the shock absorber to make it firmer and more secure at high speed or when you need it most or to make it softer and more comfortable at low speed and e n city in fact in an acceleration

And brakes a little hard accelerates that and here on the way down brakes when you want that you feel how suddenly the period is transferred forward but then as it goes down all that is precisely the continuous damping control what what it does is that it distributes the load of the vehicle between the four shock absorbers so that you don’t go head-on, the weight is not

Transferred but so that all the four roses have better adherence, well, see if you like it so much and want to try it, i invite you to do it yourself. acceleration test from 0-100 what do you think let’s make the change but first let’s go to the solution of questions and answers yesterday i raised it a little in height it sits it not so that the dresser don’t worry me

Heavens i only fix it with the position memory in fact, if you had moved the position to the seat, the position of the steering wheel and the position of the mirrors as well, and i would return it here, number one would adjust all the mirror. s steering wheel lumbar seat all questions and answers that people say if you wonder in what aspects it stands out compared to its

Competitors greetings with sanz the first thing is that it is an american vehicle made in the usa as i say parts parts spare parts everything comes from it you don’t have to wait for it to come from europe you don’t have to pay in euros plus instead of having a turbocharged engine and a naturally aspirated six- cylinder engine until the power is instantaneous on top of

That the brand doesn’t say it but i do i suspect these are also designed to be able to load armor. it is seen that the truck is made to be armored. cls or volvo xc60 and nothing more to read is outside this highest seat i will be able to take it truly off-road it is not a 4×4 vehicle but it will pe you allowing you to get into bad roads with greater clearance and greater

Safety, in addition, the space inside is large, wide, robust, if you see that there is good space above my head, there can be even more space if i go up and down a lot under the seat, since i am already going to staying with him is assessing the neck raúl hernández asks what would be the differences with the chevy m model that make it luxury or branded motorization is

Not the first thing the 6 second motor all the safety features activate lane preservation braking semi autonomous semi autonomous parking auto start stop system 360 degree camera heads up display adaptive cruise speed control informant center ni ment premium air conditioning of 3 are the cameras in the rearview mirror is suspension with continuous damping control makes us

A lot of differences that more memory of santana is fantastic it is time from 0 to 100 and the price also mod or sporty and we turn off the air conditioning 321 acceptance is here is the torque was thrust reaches the red line nothing like 6500 makes the change and 100 kilometers per hour 120 130 140 150 160 30 180 and we brake feel how they go and what maybe everything is

Lowered instead of giving you the japanese greeting to all of them is the suspension is impressive i’ll let you tell us the price and the characteristics that we got there the promotions can change at any time so you have to consult your dealer more nearby defense guarantee defense three years or 60 thousand kilometers where first phase perforation guarantee for corruption

Five years or 100,000 kilometers whatever happens very few brands are those are the ones i have five maintenance services at no cost for three years or 60 thousand kilometers correct that includes mandatory services and even preventive services if you wish, plus 60,000 club points rewards like this and s so that the changes for aeroméxico tickets that premier or anything

Else that is within the premier points program with being three months and 3 gb wi-fi 4g and giving 35 percent down payments are from 0 to 18 months without interest one year of insurance included in gm financial job is correct yes and i’ll give you the beginning give me the price because the price is the modest amount of one million 198 thousand 400 mexican pesos which

Is approximately 58 thousand less than 60 thousand us dollars at the rate of today’s exchange rate may vary without prior notice consult your nearest dealer if you ask me for everything you have i think it’s worth every penny however there may be other people who like european or japanese luxury and that ‘s fine too

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