heres why the toyota rav4 hybrid
Altair Club Cars Heres Why The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Makes More Sense [Car Feature]

Heres Why The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Makes More Sense [Car Feature]

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Here’s Why The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Makes More Sense! [Car Feature]

Hybrids are the future with dwindling oil supplies and a move towards green energy more and more car makers are going for the electric push the thing is we don’t have the proper ev infrastructure here in the philippines to support that push which is why going hybrid makes a lot of sense toyota seems to think so because we have here the latest hybrid vehicle in the

Local lineup the rav4 xle hybrid electric vehicle in this video we find out if a green rav4 makes any sense here in the philippines let’s do this oh so so hello guys i’m reagan and welcome back to another car feature if you’re new to my channel i want you to click that subscribe button for your regular dose of filipino automotive content if you’re my

Subscriber already well sit back relax and enjoy the show but first click that like button also special thanks to toyota valenzuela for providing the rav4 xle hev to do this car feature if you are within the area and you need any toyota head on down here to toyota valenzuela and check them out for any inquiries you may contact the person in my pin comment below

There are multiple advantages to going green with fuel savings being the biggest one imagine gassing up once a month even if you use your car every day now that my friends is something that i can definitely go for now toyota has been an industry leader when it comes to pushing hybrid electric vehicles in the country with this rav4 now joining the ranks of the

Corolla altis the corolla cross and the toyota camry now the good thing here is toyota also prices their hybrid electric vehicles quite well with this base spec rav4 xle hev retailing for only 2 million 172 000 philippine pesos now that puts it at the same price level as the other top spec compact crossovers from other car makers but guys this rav4 is a car

That you only need to gas up once a month even if you use it daily now try to top that now some of you might say that the hybrid batteries of this thing are not reliable they’re too expensive to replace yada yada yada guys first this is a toyota so what are you saying that it’s not reliable and second the toyota prius which is toyota’s first hybrid vehicle

First came out in 1997 which is a solid 25 years worth of experience in hybrid battery technology already in fact some of you guys watching this video might not have even been born yet in 1997 well not me i already graduated high school at that time now guys all i’m saying here is you know going hybrid owning a hybrid vehicle is no longer as risky as some of

You might think it would be now the toyota prius that came out in 1997 looked kinda weird but not this rav4 we have here in fact aside from that blue badge there on the center saying that it’s a hybrid vehicle well this entire front fascia looks identical to an ice rav4 or a rav4 with an ice motor now we get full led lighting units here we’ve got led drls led

Headlights and led fog lights plus that grimacing front grille there that ties it closer to the other crossovers in toyota’s lineup now unlike a pure electric vehicle this front grille here is functional because this rav4 hybrid comes with an ice which just stands for internal combustion engine so being a hybrid it has an ice and it also has an electric motor the

Side profile carries the same toyota crossover silhouette that can be found well in other toyota crossovers in fact if you look at it closely the rav4 looks like a larger corolla cross or the corolla cross looks like a smaller rav4 yeah it can go either way now the bass trim rav4 xle that we have here has a smaller 17-inch alloy wheels here versus the larger 18s

Found in the limited trim and we also have side mirrors that have led turn signals but these side mirrors do not have a power folding function oh oh yeah and we also have a body colored door handles here versus the chrome found in the top spec rav4 limited now other than those uh those are few changes made here well this rav4 xle is practically identical to the

Top spec rav4 limited even down to the mechanical bits you see we get a four wheel disc brakes here and for the suspension we have a mac version setup in the front and a double wishbone rear suspension and as for the ground clearance well we have an ample 213 millimeters of ground clearance here helping the rav4 fulfill its life purpose as a recreational activity

Vehicle yes my friends that is what rav stands for in case you’re wondering the rear end of the rav4 hev is a pretty typical compact crossover rear end with led tail lights here although i am quite surprised to see that we still get a pair of functional exhaust tips there now that is something i’d expect to get in a sporty compact crossover but this rav4 hybrid

Also gets that the rear bumper is also covered in plastic cladding here to help protect it from debris in case you take your wrap for out for some light off-roading now uh pop open the power liftgate uh you see that even the bass trim rav4 xle gets a power lift gate well so now that we have this thing open you’ll see that the boot space of the rav4 is one of the

Biggest in the category at 37.5 cubic feet of space it only trails the honda crv in this segment now this 37.5 cubic feet of space can expand to nearly 70 cubic feet if ever you decide to tumble down the back seats now another good news here guys is the the trunk lip itself is also on the low side making it easier to load heavy stuff into this um cargo area

Now another good news i saw here guys is that underneath the floorboard of the of this uh trunk well we get an actual spare tire instead of the usual donut spare tires or fix up flats that the other car makers are giving us another advantage of a hybrid vehicle aside from fuel economy is believe it or not performance in fact you can even drag race in a prius you

Were drag racing in a prius see when a gasoline motor combines its maximum output with an electric motor well you’re going to get some pretty healthy figures in fact the maximum combined output of this rav4 hev is 215 horsepower which if you think about it guys is even higher than let’s say a toyota 86 however the rav4s that we get here are only front-wheel drive

Because all-wheel drive is an option that well toyota motor philippines didn’t bring into the country now the transmission of this thing is also a cvt which tells us that this rav4 uh even if uh yeah even if you can drag race it if you need to well its core life purpose is still to be a fuel miser the rav4s cockpit is straightforward corporate toyota because

We just have an all black cabin here save for some yeah some matte aluminum trim thrown here and there now this bass trim rav4 xle gets fabric seats here which has absolutely zero power adjustments now if you look at it in the greater scheme of things guys it’s not really a big issue now when you move over to the steering wheel well we do get a leather-wrapped

Steering wheel here plus a little surprise that i didn’t expect in this bass trim rap for xle you see hiding behind the steering wheel we get a pair of paddle shifters which supports what i said a while back that yes you can indeed drag race in your rav for hev in case it’s needed because you have a pair of paddle shifters so the steering wheel also adjusts for a

Tilt and it also telescopes so yes that is already expected in a compact crossover from toyota that is already nearly at the premium category now the steering wheel also has buttons for some of toyota’s safety sense driver assist bits because we don’t get the whole caboodle see as you can see on the screen we have some toyota safety sense features here except for

Blind spot warning and rear cross traffic alert which is reserved for the top spec rav4 ltd still guys this uh these safety bits is good enough to keep this bass drum rav4 xle safe at all times now when you turn your attention to the gauge cluster here we don’t get that nifty digital large digital display panel there that’s found in other toyota hybrid vehicles

But rather we still get a typical analog layout here we got an analog speedo and what looks like an analog tag but in reality it’s an eco meter now we do have a tiny multi-information display in the middle around 4.2 inches for some more vital vehicle information now when you move over to the to the infotainment system here well this my friends is truly corporate

Toyota you see we have a seven inch touchscreen here that is placed in a crt monitor type housing right there in fact we even still have a cd tray front and center something that i no longer expect to see in vehicles manufactured from 2022 onwards still guys this is quite functional we get apple carplay and android auto plus we also have the image for a reverse

Camera now if you want the the panoramic view or the 360 degree view camera well you’ll have to spring up for the top spec wrap for limited trim also if you look up guys you’ll see that we don’t have a moon roof here because that’s also reserved for the top spec rav4 limited now other than that guys we get the same goodies and niceties here that are found in the

Top spec rav4 we get a dual fully automatic climate control setup here we even have a wireless qi charging pad and we have an electronic park brake with an auto hold feature there are also buttons here for your drive modes you can go full ev mode if you want for a certain distance plus we have the usual eco normal and sport mode now below that we have a couple

Of cup holders which i will subject to my 600 ml clean canteen test now i know that the rav4 is a global model so i am very confident that this will pass and there you have it gentlemen and ladies yes the rav4 passes my clean canteen test now when you look at the entire the cabin layout the cabin materials used here well i’m happy that toyota used soft touch

Materials for this rav4 we get a white stitch leather here on the middle dashboard i do believe that the top dashboard is just soft touch plastic though but we get hard touch plastics on the tops of the door cards although the door card the elbow rest is padded as well as the center armrest right here it’s an overall yeah basic quite bland in fact a cabin here

But the good thing here is what’s what’s important is it has to be functional and in that regard yeah the rav first cabin fully delivers the rav4 hev’s backseat has ample’s amount of space because it is a global crossover model so since this is being sold and offered worldwide well it needs to have enough space inside to accommodate much larger people than myself

You see guys i’m only five foot six and this is my driving position here and i get a good seven to eight inches of knee room and a whopping yeah around eight nine inches of headroom right there so yes the absolute space here at the back is really good guys but i i did notice that the the seats themselves are a bit on the firm side so i didn’t expect to get that

Here in the rav4 uh since this vehicle is already over two million philippine pesos so yeah the seats are really yeah they’re quite firm surprisingly firm guys now as for the amenities here at the back well this rav4 uh xle still delivers we get a couple of ac vents here we have a couple of usb charge ports and also a center armrest that comes with a couple

Of cup holders i understand that most people in the philippines are still hesitant to switch to a hybrid vehicle now toyota motor philippines also understands this which is why they are making it easier for everyone to switch to hybrid technology so how exactly is toyota motor philippines doing that well it’s pretty simple guys by slowly replacing the local

Toyota lineup with cars that have hybrid technology soon guys in the near future if you wanna buy a toyota well then you won’t have any choice but to go hybrid but here’s the thing guys if you think about it it’s not really a bad thing it’s good for mother earth plus it’s also good for your wallet and in case you’re in a rush not a toyota rush but in case

You’re rushing well then you can always drag race in your toyota rav4 hev thanks for watching

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