heres why the mazda 6 should con
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Heres Why the Mazda 6 Should Continue to Live On

The 2021 Mazda 6 will be discontinued in the US market by 2022, as announced by Mazda. Due to it’s low sales, the company did not see it profitable to continue making the 2022 Mazda 6. Here in the Philippines, there has been no news that the Mazda 6 will be discontinued, but with the current market trends favoring crossovers, SUVs and smaller cars, the local 2021 Mazda 6 is fast becoming a rare and niche vehicle. In this Filipino car review, we take a deep look into the 2021 Mazda 6 Turbo, to see why this car should not be phased out. Locally, we also have a naturally aspirated gasoline engine Mazda 6, as well as the Turbodiesel Mazda 6. Despite having 3 options, the Mazda 6 still remains a rare sight locally. This 2021 Mazda 6 Turbo is likely a North American model, since it did not come with i-stop and i-eloop. The other competitors of the Mazda 6 are the 2021 Toyota Camry, the 2021 Honda Accord, and the 2021 Subaru Levorg.

When news came out that mazda is discontinuing the mazda6 in the u.s market well the six became a bit of a rare commodity even rarer if you can get one in this brilliant sole red crystal collar now we do have a mazda6 turbo sedan right here and in this video we check out why this midsize sedan deserves a second look let’s do this hello guys i’m regan and welcome

Back to another car review if you’re new to my channel i hope you click that subscribe button and become part of the reagan strides family if you’re my subscriber already sit back relax and enjoy the show oh and also click that like button as well also special thanks to mazda philippines for lending us the mazda6 turbo sedan to do this review mazda has moved to

The premium vehicle segment in recent years which explains why most local mazda owners are often viewed as rich folks the mazda6 sedan also carries the same air of premium luxury pretty similar to let’s say a euro sedan coming from bmw well almost similar however the price of this turbo petrol 6 still remains at the same level as its japanese counterparts with

This turbo petrol 6 retailing for only 2 million 250 000 philippine pesos now you do have to pony up a bit more money to get it in this brilliant sole red crystal color but if you were to ask me this color is absolutely worth it now this turbo petrol 6 is at the same price level as the diesel 6 so it all boils down to your personal preference i’ve always viewed

The mazda6 as one of the most beautiful sedans out there and that view remains the same even up to now the fact that it’s becoming a rare sight nowadays adds to its appeal to me even more now this mazda6 has a timeless design and that is a hard fact guys because this design language is over three years old already now we still get the same squinty adaptive led

Headlights here that integrate well into that updated kodo design front grille we also get these muscular front fenders here that add a sinewy even on almost a feline character to the mazda6 now most midsize sedans can be bought in drab colors of black and white but as i mentioned if you get the mazda6 in this sol red crystal color and you add that extra cost

Well it’s absolutely worth it because this mazda6 is a head turner on the road the side profile shows off its smooth and flowing lines as if it’s been sculpted by a master sculptor now it would have been great if the mazda6 also got a set of wider rear fenders to go with those muscular front fenders but then we’ll just have to make do with those muscular front

Fenders for now the mazda6 gets power folding side mirrors with led turn signals and we also have a set of 19 inch gun metal wheels right here now these wheels are wrapped in 22545 r19 tires which may seem to be on the skinny side for a midsize sedan but then those skinny tires would translate to a lesser rolling resistance which should improve your fuel economy

Just by a little bit now behind those wheels we get four-wheel disc brakes and for your suspension we have a mac version setup in the front and an independent multi-link rear suspension at the back now the ground clearance of this thing surprised me a little bit because it stands at 165 millimeters which is a bit tall and it didn’t give me that same feeling when

I was driving it because honestly guys this kind of feels lower than even the mazda6 diesel that i drove a few years ago the rear end of the mazda6 gets the same simple and fluid design from mazda we get a pair of led tail lights here plus a chrome strip in the center for that added elegance now we also have a hint of a ducktail spoiler that’s been molded into

The top of the trunk lid plus a pair of functional exhaust pipes which adds to its sporty character now when you pop open the trunk you get 416 liters of trunk capacity which is a bit on the small side for a midsize sedan but then mazda’s always been known never to give us ample space and the same could be applied to them as the 6 at least for the trunk space

Now 416 liters is still enough though to fit a medium-sized luggage and the second one beside it plus some smaller items on the sides however if you need more space than 416 liters the seat bags stumble down fold down in fact to effectively double your cargo capacity this mazda6 is equipped with the more engaging turbocharged petrol engine than the naturally

Aspirated 4-cylinder that the base model 6 gets this is a 2.5 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol engine that puts out 228 horses and 420 newton meters of torque by all accounts this is the most powerful motor in the local mazda6 lineup because even if the diesel 6 has 30 more newton meters in terms of torque well this turbo petrol 6 is 30 kilos lighter and

When it comes to mazda’s well lightweight always takes a priority now the power is sent to the front wheels by a six-speed skyactiv transmission and during its weeks stay with me i was able to get around seven and a half kilometers per liter in heavy city traffic but when it cleared up i was able to go up to nine kilometers per liter and when i took this out on

A highway run i was able to get as much as 14 kilometers per liter the mazda6 cockpit hasn’t really changed much in the past couple of years since i last reviewed it but that’s not necessarily a bad thing especially since well mazda pretty much got it right the first time around now having said that there are still some areas that needs a major update and i will

Also discuss that with you in this video now just like the mazda6 diesel that i reviewed a few years back this turbocharged six also gets the same brown napa leather treatment here inside the cabin we get brown apple leather on both the power adjustable driver and passenger seats and we also get brown napa leather pretty much all around splashes in the cabin we

Even have stitch brown apple leather here at the sides of the center tunnel which makes for a really good knee rest now there are also some alcantara inserts here we’ve got alcantara trim at the lower part of the dashboard and inside the door cards which at first i’m not really fond of but having driven this for a week well it is starting to grow on me now the

Steering wheel here is also leather wrapped and we also have buttons for your hands for connectivity and cruise control and we also have paddle shifters hiding behind the wheel now the steering wheel also adjusts for tilt and it also telescopes so finding the perfect driving position it’s going to be quite easy now when you look at your instrument gauge cluster we

Have here a seven inch colored multi-information display in the middle that is in a nice and analog format i mean i love this gauge cluster because it’s clean it’s simple it’s easy to read and it appeals to the certified teeth of manila in me now we also have a heads up display right there in the like right there in front of me which should help keep your eyes on

The road now when you go to the infotainment system this is where my first bummer and major update comes into play you see we still have this old mazda connect eight inch semi screen infotainment system and i mentioned semi touch screen because this thing is only a touch screen when you’re parked but once you’re moving this disables the touchscreen functionality

And well they did update this with apple carplay and android auto but but when you’re in apple carplay or android auto the touchscreen functionality completely disappears so the only way you can navigate your apple carplay or android auto is through this master control wheel here which is i understand where maz is coming from it’s a safety aspect but yeah try

Inputting an address in your waze app or in your google maps app with this scroll wheel and you could already tell that it is not intuitive at all i mean if other car manufacturers could already put a touch pad here in your touchscreen and just quickly input your address in your gps then you’d be on your way yeah now the second bummer that i found here in the

Mazda6 is the image quality of the 360 degree view camera now i’m happy that there is a 360 degree view camera but the image quality could be better it’s not the clearest image quality out there it’s uh barely usable it is usable but um really barely barely usable guys so yeah the infotainment system is in desperate need of a major update now moving forward from

There we have a fully automatic dual zone climate control system here and also a tray that says dvd now kids if you’re wondering what a dvd is go and ask your parents i’m sure they’ll know now this tells me that yes the mazda6 is truly for that certified tito or tita of manila now when you go down from that dvd tray we also have here a sport toggle switch which

Uh transforms the mazda the mazda6 into a sporty midsize sedan and i love that toggle switch there and of course we have an electronic parking brake with auto hold that after aforementioned master control knob there and two cup holders here which we will subject to our clean canteen test so you can see well the mazda6 is sold all over the world so i’m pretty

Sure this will pass yep it passes with flying collars as you can see the clean canteen fits in those two cupholders now they also threw in a nice little sunroof here for good measure but when you look at the entire cabin materials and the fit and finish of this cockpit it almost rivals those that are found in lexus or even bmw it’s probably a step or a couple

Of steps lower than those two marquis but yeah it just goes to show how far mazda has come to distinguish itself as a premium vehicle maker i mean wow my goodness this is a really premium feeling cabin at least for me the mazda6 comes with puddle lamps on all four doors which is a really thoughtful feature now this back seat can set two adults comfortably you

Could put a third one in the middle in a pinch but it won’t be the most ideal situation now the reason behind that is we have a pretty tall center tunnel here plus when we get to the toy section of this portion well you’ll really understand why it’s best to keep it at two passengers here in the back seat now i’m five foot six guys as you can see this is my driving

Position and i got a good nine inches of knee room here and around four inches worth of headroom so that’s not really not really too bad especially for a midsize sedan and when you look at the toys now we have a couple of rear ac vents here and we also have a center armrest that also comes with two cup holders and a slot for your smartphone now there is also a

Felt line compartment here which also houses your two usb charging ports so imagine if you’re here in the back seat and your three across and you need to charge your device well you’re not going to be able to do that especially because well the usb charging ports are found here in the center armrest that’s why it’s really best to just keep the number of passengers

Here in the back to two adults maximum that would be the most ideal uh amount of people here now another reason there is with just two people here at the back that would give you more space and comfort to fully enjoy that 11 speaker bose sound system that this turbocharged six comes with now i couldn’t really play any music for you because it’s going to be a

Copyright strike here on youtube but trust me when i tell you this that for a stock sound system that 11 speaker bose setup that this mazda6 has it’s really really good now enough of the backseat guys let’s hop back to the driver’s seat and take this turbocharged six out for a spin on the highway alright guys so we’re now driving the mazda6 turbo and mazdas

Have always been drivers cars with the six being no exception and i’m happy that mazda decided to to put a turbo in their mazda6 i believe it’s one of their better decisions because not only did the six maintain its relative light weight but it also gained gobs of power which we will see now on the highway now the funny thing here is this turbo petrol mazda6 does

Not come with the istop and the ie loop systems which the other mazda6 variants in the country get well the diesel variant doesn’t well doesn’t get the ie loop but it gets the eye stop so it’s kind of weird that way but i guess that means that this um turbo 6 is actually a north american model because well they don’t really have that istop and ie loop systems

In north america and i’m happy that it’s not here because well that istop system just kind of it kind of impinges on the the fun factor that you can get from this mazda6 now when you’re driving this on the highway on normal mode you could feel that the mazda6 is trying to stay on the fuel efficient side since it doesn’t really have that ie loop system the engine

Feels a little bit sluggish and a little heavy as if it’s trying to well maximize on its fuel efficiency however when you toggle sport mode which i’m doing now this thing transforms oh yeah all right it trans transforms a totally different animal guys the revs go up quicker and once you get over that 3000 rpm mark the turbo kicks in and you could really feel the

Full power of this beast yeah this mazda6 this turbo mazda6 is a lot of fun to drive fantastic guys now despite being a sporty midsize sedan i’m quite surprised to see that the visibility of this thing is pretty good you’ve got a good amount of forward visibility and sideways visibility as well now you do have a pretty long hood but i’m happy that we’ve got the

Front sensors in the front bumper which should help in negotiating this thing when you’re going around in parking lot speeds now another bit of surprise that i’ve discovered with this turbo petrol 6 is the steering feel you see when i drove the mazda6 diesel a couple of years ago i was kind of disappointed with the steering feel because it was a bit too light

It was too artificial but this turbo petrol 6 has a very very good level of steering feel the amount of heav that you get is pretty good and in fact some people might even say that it’s a bit heavy whenever you’re driving around in parking lot speeds but on the highway like what we’re doing now i got a good amount of steering feel and the turn in is pretty sharp

As you can see yeah the the steering ratio is quick and the turning is pretty sharp in fact this is almost the same type of a steering response that i’m getting in my own mazda miata and wow i couldn’t really believe it how no mazda tuned this turbo petrol steering to be quite different from the mazda6 diesel this one really feels like a driver’s car now when

It comes to the nvh levels and the overall cabin comfort well this is a premium executive sedan so you could expect stellar levels of carbon comfort and nvh we’ve been driving on the highway here but i don’t get too much i don’t get any road noise outside and when i went up to the speed limit well i also didn’t hear any tire noise that those are plus points for

The mazda 6. now of course being an executive sedan this thing has a comfort tuned into it but it is still one of the sportier options that you can get in the mid-size sedan category now for safety the turbo6 has got you covered we get six airbags here including curtain airbags we also have abs with ebd we have stability control and we have rear cross traffic

Alert and lane keep assist so when it comes to the safety aspect well the turbo 6 has got you covered overall guys the turbo 6 offers an engaging and premium drive for people who have made it it’s essentially the family car for the tito of manila who loves to drive him despite decimal sales figures we’re lucky to have three variants of the mazda6 available

Locally it’s a viable option for that executive who loves to drive and wants that refinement associated with a midsize sedan it also has mazda philippines 5-year free preventive maintenance service package so that should make for hassle-free motoring an engaging drive awesome good looks plus 5 years worth of free preventive maintenance service wow now that my

Friends is what i call a good deal anyway thanks for watching you

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