heres why the ford escape is act
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Heres Why the Ford Escape is Actually a Toyota

Here’s Why the Ford Escape is Actually a Toyota, DIY and truck review with Scotty Kilmer. Ford vs Toyota. Does Ford really have Toyota parts in it? Are Fords reliable? Is the Ford Escape a good car? Buying a used Ford Escape. Ford vs Nissan, which is better? Should I buy a Nissan Rouge? Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 54 years.

Today we’re looking at two popular compact crossovers the ford escape and the nissan rogue will drive through their development and evolution we’ll also look into which model years are best to buy and which ones you should avoid if you’re looking to buy used so hop in and let’s get going did you know that the ford escape wasn’t developed singularly by ford actually

It was jointly developed by ford and mazda this might be big news to some people but in the car industry it’s not uncommon at all often times car makers collaborate and share technologies and resources in order to reduce cost and production time take a look at the supra which is toyota’s mid-size sports car did you know that the latest generation supra is the

Result of a partnership between toyota and bmw in fact the super shares a lot of parts of the bmw z4 just look under the hood the inline six engine is sourced from bmw that’s because toyota doesn’t make any inline six engines of course toyota did tune it specifically for the supra what about the 8-speed automatic transmission it’s from bmw chassis also from the

Bmw z4 at first glance you might think the collaboration benefited only toyota but that’s just half the story because actually bmw benefited too the reality is that bmw’s cost to develop the next generation z4 would have been exorbitantly high but toyota chipped in and took on some of the financial burden and bmw was able to launch the new z4 alongside the new

Supra so you can see it was quite mutual of course some die hard super fans weren’t too keen about it but if you look at super sales doesn’t seem to bother most people after all you’re buying a toyota but you also get a bit of bmw but now let’s talk about the ford escape the collaboration between ford and mazda resulted in not just the ford escape but also in the

Mazda tribute both cars shared the same underpinnings from the ford cd2 platform based on the mazda gf underpinnings mazda supplied the inline four engines for basic versions of both cars while ford supplied the optional v6 ford assembled both the ford escape and the mazda tribute in the u.s for the north american market at the same time moz assembled both cars in

Japan for other markets ford released the escape because it saw the trend in demand for compact crossovers around this time americans had started favoring the crossover because it offered more passenger and cargo space and better vehicle performance than sedans the crossover market has been led by strong competitors namely the toyota rav4 and honda crv and while

The ford escape never surpassed its competitors nonetheless it would become a top-selling ford model in america in the first year over 164 000 units of the escape got sold with subsequent annual sales exceeding 100 000 then in 2011 it surpassed the 200 000 mark when ford sold more than 254 000 models just three years later sales exceeded 300 000 units with 2017

Being a record-breaking year so the ford mazda collaboration has certainly seen success sales started to wane after 2017 although the escape was named ford’s best-selling passenger car only the popular f-series truck surpassed the escape in 2019 in sales volume did you know that the escape hybrid uses technology that’s similar to the one in the toyota prius ford

Engineers independently developed it but then later realized their technology may conflict with patents held by toyota so ford struck a deal with toyota that was in 2004 it was a patent sharing agreement between the two companies basically ford got licensed to use summon toyota’s hybrid technology in exchange toyota was able to use some of ford’s diesel and direct

Injection engine technology toyota makes its own prius transmission in-house and the toyota group owns an automotive power supplier called aisen sye this company supplies hybrid transmissions to other car makers so that’s how toyota through iesen supplies the hd-10 hybrid cvt for the ford escape but not all car collaborations run smoothly it’s no surprise that

Challenges can rise that happened due to iesen’s allocation of limited production capacity and engineering resources to ford the fourth generation ford escape started with the 2020 model the escape is manufactured at the ford assembly plant in louisville kentucky it comes with four engine transmission combinations including a plug-in gasoline electric hybrid it can

Travel 37 miles on electricity alone with an efficiency rating of 100 mpge in addition to a conventional hybrid and two turbocharged engines mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission the base engine is a turbocharged inline three cylinder that generates 181 horsepower and 190 pound-feet of torque the basic model includes front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive

Is an option also available is a 2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that outputs 250 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque the standard escape hybrid is powered by a 2.5 liter gasoline inline-four which runs with the most efficient atkinson cycle two electric motors in a planetary gear which by the way allows you to change the gear ratio and pretty much works

Like a cvt the battery of the standard hybrid is rated at 1.1 kilowatt hours and produces 200 horsepower on the other hand the plug-in hybrid battery is remarkably bigger at 14.4 kilowatt hours capable of 209 horsepower both of these batteries are lithium-ion battery but now let’s take a look at ford escape’s rival the nissan rogue the rogue is nissan’s best-selling

Vehicle surpassed even its former best-selling car which was the ultima sedan this makes the rogue one of nissan’s most important models the nissan rogue debuted at the north american international auto show in detroit in 2007. it replaced the nissan x trail in canada as the entry-level nissan suv and the body-on-frame nissan xterra in mexico the 2017 nissan rogue

Included a special edition it was the rogue one star wars limited edition inspired by the highly anticipated star wars movie rogue one the rogue one edition differed from the regular nissan rogan that it was available in either glacial white or magnetic black exterior with charcoal interior it featured a panoramic moonroof a bose audio system and blacked out everything

I mean black high gloss front grille black high gloss front and rear accents black bumper black chrome door handles black roof rails black smoky dual leg protector headlights with hid and black wheels and don’t forget the death trooper helmet replica the car also sported a rogue one star wars limited edition badge created by lucasfilms which of course got die hard

Star wars fans really excited only 5400 units of this rogue were produced but there is something else that really sets rogue apart from its competitors first there were many standard safety features take for example the automatic emergency braking forward collision warning with pedestrian detection blind spot monitoring the rear view camera lane departure warning

And rear cross traffic alert other notable safety options include rear automatic braking adaptive cruise control and a 360 degree surround camera and then there’s cargo space even without folding the rear seats that offered 39.3 cubic feet of cargo space and if you did fold them the cargo space increased to 70 cubic feet that’s really competitive when compared to the

Honda crv for example which offered 39.2 and 75.8 cubic feet respectively or compare that to the toyota rav4 which offered 37.6 and 69.8 cubic feet of space as for the rogue hybrid it debuted january 2017 with a two liter four-cylinder gas-powered engine that generated 141 horsepower and 141 pound-feet of torque with an x-tronic cvt when combined with the electric

Motor the total power is up to 176 horse the rogue hybrid has been available in two trim levels sv and sl but does not offer a third row of seating in a dedicated family package or divide and hide cargo system due to the large capacity of the lithium-ion battery did you know that nissan is to japan what ford is to america ford led car production in the u.s in the

Early days of the car industry but actually car innovation developed independently all over the world nissan in its infancy was known as nihon sengio company it handled the majority of japan’s car needs in the early 20th century so it’s rather interesting that down to today ford and nissan are still competing but now if you’re looking to buy a used nissan rogue

Or ford escape which model years are best to consider and which should you avoid let’s start with the badgers and finish with the good regarding the nissan rogue the worst is 2013 because it racked up the most consumer complaints other years to be cautious include 2008 and 2011 also due to many consumer complaints in short any nissan rogue model from 2014 to 2019

Is generally a good bet for example 2014 was a year of the rogue redesign it became a more solid quieter and generally more stylish car and its additional third row seating became more comfortable than ever between 2015 and 2018 there were minor appearance changes as well as addition of apple carplay and android auto to the 2018 model the 2019 model retained all

The same previous features while adding more standard safety features as far as the ford escaped is concerned 2014 model is probably one of the worst due to issues with the powertrain also take extra caution with the 2008 model because they year received the highest volume of consumer complaints the 2017 ford escape was an updated model with new styling a more

Active and passive safety feature its eight inch infotainment system is powered by a ford sync 3 software that has a user-friendly interface and if power is something you’re looking for in the escape the engine has several powerful options for example its base 1.5 liter turbo provides 179 horsepower and the 2-liter turbo has 245 horsepower and a fuel consumption

Rating of 25 miles per gallon but if you want something newer then i check out the fourth generation specifically the 2020 ford escape ford made some pretty significant changes to it and i mean more than just heading comfort and cargo space its base 1.5 liter turbo engine now produces 181 horsepower while the 2-liter turbo engine now gets up to 250 horsepower it

Has also been engineered to offer a cruising range of 26 miles per gallon on the highway and a hybrid vehicle’s combined consumption is now 40 miles per gallon but now you tell me which do you favor the ford escape or the nissan rogue and why please comment below and share if you like this video please like and subscribe to my channel thanks for your support

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Here’s Why the Ford Escape is Actually a Toyota By Scotty Kilmer

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