heres why the 2021 kia sorento i
Altair Club Cars Heres Why the 2021 Kia Sorento is New Competition for 7 Passenger SUVS | CAR MOM TOUR

Heres Why the 2021 Kia Sorento is New Competition for 7 Passenger SUVS | CAR MOM TOUR

Today I take a look at the brand new 2021 Kia Sorento SX. The Sorento got a redesign in 2021 and I am very impressed with what Kia delivered! From the sporty style to the advanced technology the 2021 Kia Sorento should definitely be on your list if you are looking for a slightly smaller SUV.

Hey guys it’s kelly and i am so excited to bring you a 2021 kia sorento tour i’m doing the sx trim level and this one has an msrp of 39 000. now the kia sorento has been completely redesigned and it’s kind of fallen into a new category it’s going to start competing with cars like the toyota highlander and the honda pilot the telluride is a lot bigger about

Seven inches bigger actually and it has a much more roomy third row and then trunk space but this offers a nice alternative for people who don’t need a car quite as big as the telluride but are still looking for a vehicle that can carry their family i’m pretty excited to see the back seat in the third row i have not even sat in it yet so you’re gonna get

My live reaction on here and make sure you stay tuned until the end of the video because i’m actually going to go on the kia’s website and build my own kia sorento and take you through the different trim levels and talk about which one i think is worth the most bang for your buck this is the sx trim level and has an msrp of 39 000. the kia the kia sorrento

Will be starting closer to 29 though so this one has some good bells and whistles i really like the front end grill with this honeycomb look style and i like that they chose to incorporate so many high gloss black elements instead of chrome it really gives it a sporty look the new body style is awesome it’s very athletic and it goes nicely with the telluride

Without being a complete copy of it it definitely has its own look but it has that kia dna which i really like it looks very fresh very sporty and it really catches your eye on the road these new headlights are great because led headlights are standard led headlights do two things for you guys one they make your car look awesome and they give you a lot better

Visibility at night and again i really just like kia’s continuation of this high gloss black all around the car it makes it look very uniform we’ve got a high black gloss here around the door frames and then it really goes into this nice metallic gray color okay so taking a look at the back end it’s honestly not my favorite i mean there’s definitely some things

I like about it but overall i think the tail lights are pretty basic it’s got some really aggressive angles on it that give it like a very masculine look so that’s what you’re after maybe it’s the car for you but to me it’s an aggressive angle here aggressive here comes in on the side it’s just all very sharp i also don’t love the sorrento badging right here

Just feel like if you’re not a rain thrower like you don’t need to spell it out for me like you’re a sorrento i love this car i probably drive this car but i don’t know if i need all of that badging okay also i am gonna give some props to kia and once i say this you’re never gonna look at the back of the car the same again but if you notice there is no back wiper

On here because it’s hidden up here that really cleans up the back end a lot so i do enjoy that okay so you actually opened the i was like playing around here for a while and then i realized you actually opened the trunk all the way down there that’s interesting and let’s take a look at the trunk space this is kind of a tight car to have a third row so we have

A very tight trunk that is of course if you need to utilize a third row if not our trunk space gets a lot bigger these are really easy to put down it’s just a little pull and then push forward then i have a very nice sized trunk and i also have what else we have a little cubby space down there so let’s i don’t think my stroller is going to fit but let’s find

Out i mean no in no world in no world my stroller going to fit here even if i were to pop off these wheels i still have i don’t even have the seat yet so that is going to be a no on the stroller um i will go ahead and put these seats down so you can see what my stroller looks like oh i can do it one-handed that’s good for us mama’s okay so here’s a shot of

My stroller frame in here with this row down so again then you do have a really nice trunk size here’s a shot of me in the driver’s seat kind of just playing around with how everything works the headrests are very bulky and they are kind of at just like a little bit of an annoying angle and they’re not adjustable so you can move them up and down but you can’t

Control the tilt and they’re just so just a little big so i’m not loving that but i do like this interior design it is beautiful i mean we just did a bmw tour and this i mean this car feels almost just as luxurious the elements in here are gorgeous they’ve done a lot of nice contrast stitching they’ve put in some really interesting chrome elements with some nice

Detailing the air vents are just like totally new and different i’ve never seen anything like them and they kind of kept that high gloss black that was on the outside and they nicely worked it into the interior as well it also comes with apple carplay wireless which is very exciting because a lot of the other cars you actually have to plug your phone in so the

Fact this could be wireless is huge for me this specific one comes with a wireless charger heated seats all of the bells and whistles as far as safety features are concerned i mean it’s pretty fully loaded okay so i’m really liking the interior i mean no shade to kia i feel like i’m not in the kia i think if you dropped me in this car i would think i was in a

Luxury vehicle the technology is awesome but the design elements are just really unique like i’m loving this stamped metal i think these air vents are just about the cutest dang things i’ve ever seen really tells you what to do airflow no airflow they have some little mini air vents down here and then just the fit and finishes are nice like i love how this is my

Heated seats it’s just a cute like little toggle instead of just like a big plastic button i also like just like the purple in there i think that’s kind of a unique thing and the display does go into the dash it’s not totally integrated like it has been some of the other cars i’ve looked at but it’s still kind of nice it’s a little small of a screen it’s an

Eight inch display so it’s a little tiny but i don’t totally mind it the cup holders are pretty good i was kind of nervous because they look squared and if you’ve been following for a while you know i hate square cup holders but i brought my car mom cup and they fit really nicely we’ve got a little change collector a little um i guess another change collector

And then the center console is here so it’s got one of these things you can take out and it’s got a pretty good size center console it could be a little bit wider but it’s pretty deep here’s my iphone 11 so it’s about the width of my iphone 11 but it’s got some nice height to it so for the size of the vehicle i’m pretty impressed with that center console the

Side cubbies are very shallow though like i’m talking not you couldn’t put anything you couldn’t put any drinks in there hardly so that’s not great um comes with a wireless charger it has three usbs up here which is crazy it’s got quiet mode this is great for children so what quiet mode does is if you turn it on it will actually turn down the sound system in

The second two rows and just have it up here so it says when quiet mode is selected radio and media is played only to the front seats all volume levels above seven will be decreased to seven automatically so that is super awesome for us mamas also something called sounds of nature so you can just turn on an open-air cafe and i guess drive to that could do warm

Fireplace okay this would this is dangerous this will put me to sleep if i was driving now i have to go to the restroom why do i love that so much voice memos are stored in this vehicle ooh spooky our navigation so again i do think that the screen is a little small but overall i mean look how nice that is like you go to your home screen and it’s just like the

Time and the temperature because i’m a guest you can always set up your own profile i’m having way more fun in the kiosk rental than i thought i would um beautiful sized mirror lame light but i like the mirror i hate when the lights aren’t in the visor that just is a little thing for me let’s look at the panoramic sunroof i mean there is nothing better to me

Than a panoramic sunroof i think it lets in so much natural light and makes a small car feel a little bit bigger okay guys here’s a shot of me in the second row i had set this driver seat for myself at six feet tall and i have honestly a lot of nice room this seat is um can slide forward and backward to allow either more room to this person or the person in

The third row as far as my amenities back here concerned they are pretty amazing actually i’ve got a cup holder right here which is making me so excited i think that’s much better than them being on the ground or in like in the middle part of the bench seat so if you have this cup holder i even brought a pretty decent sized cup because i was worried about it

And it fits perfectly so that is darling and i love that we also have another company right here it’s pretty shallow um can’t fit my cup but it is still there and my amenities back here are also pretty good i’ve got some vents right here they’re not on the ceiling so that’s a little tough for rear-facing kids but i still have some vents and then i’ve got one

Usb here and then i’ve got two usbs on the sides of the seats as well so that’s awesome it also on both sides of these seats they have these cute little nets which is like the perfect little thing to hold your phone cool okay let me climb into the third row so to access the third row there’s a little button right here and it’s also down here so i really like

This because if you have younger kids you need to access the third row sometimes they can always reach that so with this button being down here it folds it in pushes it forward and then i am going to hop in the third row okay so here’s a shot of me in the third row let me pull this thing back okay so it’s not back as far as it can go but wait this is actually

Not so bad okay hold on now let me get buckled there’s only two seats back here and that uh tell you right there’s three but i’m actually liking there’s only two because it gives everyone a little bit more room i can’t believe the high clearance i have it’s actually indented if you can see that but at six feet tall okay i’m kind of painting it a little bit but

Overall it’s pretty comfortable i’ve got a cup holder back here i don’t have any vents on this level i have vents on the floor though so at least that’s something okay i could actually ride back here i’m impressed there’s also some usbs on either side as well so really your third row has pretty good amenities guys this is awesome i’m super impressed i thought i

Was going to have knees to my chest and as you can see i don’t i do want to point out this aisle is very narrow maybe like a skinny seven-year-old could get past it but an advertised adult is gonna have a really hard time like it’s the size of my thigh so to get out of the third row there’s there’s just this button right here you could just hit that and push it

Forward so that does make it very difficult to get out of the third row if you were to have car seats in both these seats really then your only option would be to either be skinny enough to go through here or enter through the trunk so that is something to consider okay let’s talk about the car seat situation color me impressed kia because it is actually pretty

Good so i’ve driven the old sorrento before and i always had a hard time with the car seats i felt like it was just a little bit too small for rear facing car seats but i have my graco extended fit and i put it forward facing obviously plenty of room you can even have like a seven year old or skinny child kind of finagle their way through here and then enter

The third row that way and then i have a mess on the other side and i actually have a pretty good amount of room and i had set both these seats for myself at six feet tall as far as the the hardware is concerned in the captain’s chairs we have sets of lower anchors in each with tether anchors on the back and there’s two sets of lower anklers in the third row

With tether anchors as well so that’s a total of four sets of lower anchors and fourth of the tether anchors that’s awesome okay guys so let’s talk about the kia the 2021 kia sorento and the different trim levels if you go to the kia website and build your own it’s a really nice way to break down the different trim levels so you can see the different equipment

That’s on all the cars so let’s go look at the trim levels the lx starts at 29 and the sx prestige goes all the way up to 40 000. i actually like how these well i kind of like how these trim levels are broken out i do think that some of the lower trim overs do come with a lot of nice equipment and a lot of nice safety features and some of these higher trim

Levels you’re not necessarily getting any safer vehicle you’re just getting some more comfort features with the sx prestige being at 40 000 even some of these sx’s there is going to be a little bit of crossover between the price of the sorrento and the price of the telluride so if you like all the features that come with the telluride which don’t need the space

Definitely check out some of these higher levels higher tremolo sorrentos but i went through these trim levels i do think the lx doesn’t quite have all the safety features i’m looking for so i do think the s is worth it especially from a mom’s perspective to go up to the s because that’s when you get the blind spot you get the rear cross traffic and just some

Of those more safety tech features one thing that i found super frustrating though was that when you go to the ex you lose the bench option it only is available in captain’s chairs um the bench versus captains debate is a pretty heated debate here on the carmom crew i prefer a bench and i’ve talked with a lot on my instagram but i’m going to leave an article in

The description box by the car seat lady and she talks about why she prefers a bench to a captain’s so that being said i’m going to stick with my s trim level and i am going to start building that one okay so here are the different color options that they can come in um i actually really like the black normally i’m a blue girl but i didn’t really like how this

Blue was with these body lines i thought it was just like a little too much for me i also thought the silver was really pretty kind of had a blue hue to it but i’m going to stick with the black which is kind of rare for me i’m going to stick with just the black sensotec letter so it’s not real leather but it’s like a leather rat and i find it to be hold up just

As well as real leather and i don’t it’s not quite as soft and comfortable but it’s fine show you a shot of the interior so you can see i have the bench and then i have my other headrests in the back so that would be my 2020 2021 kia sorento just keeping it pretty simple with the astro mobile with the ebony black and the black sensotec leather brings my total

Price to 33.6 660. okay that’s going to wrap up my kia sorento tour and i am really impressed by this car the third row is so spacious the captain’s chairs are so nice the technology is amazing it’s aesthetically pleasing i really like it if you are looking for a mid-sized large suv if you don’t want something quite as big as the telluride check this car out

Again if the toyota highlander or the honda pilot is on your list come look at this car as well it is awesome make sure you um subscribe to my youtube channel and give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below about which cars you want me to tour next and as always make sure you check out my instagram at the karma because i post a lot of great car related

Content there including a ton of car buying tips and tricks thanks

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Heres Why the 2021 Kia Sorento is New Competition for 7 Passenger SUVS | CAR MOM TOUR By The_Car_Mom

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