heres what we know about the all
Altair Club Cars Heres What We Know About The All Electric 2023 Genesis GV60

Heres What We Know About The All Electric 2023 Genesis GV60

Here’s What We Know About The All-Electric 2023 Genesis GV60.

Here’s what we know about the all-electric 2023 genesis gv60 genesis has been quite the proactive one among luxury brands over the years thanks to its bold and quirky design language and extremely aggressive pricing this korean luxury mark shot its way and now stands at par with the established germans like mercedes-benz audi and bmw genesis has given us three

Fun luxury sedans g70 g80 and g90 and two new suvs gv70 and gd80 till now all of the genesis badged vehicles have distinctive styling which is sure to turn heads and now the korean luxury mark is finally bringing out their first ever dedicated ev in the form of 2023 genesis gb60 this is not their first ev as the tag would go to 2023 electrify g80 which is

Basically a g80 swapped of its gasoline powertrain with an electric one but the gv60 is huge and will mark genesis’s proper foray into the evolving ev landscape it gets a slightly distinctive design language and a whole lot of new technology features including the provision of having wireless battery charging being a part of the hyundai conglomerate it will

Share a lot of mechanical elements with the electric fleet of hyundai and kia but genesis has sprinkled their share of lux appeal and exclusivity to help the gv60 stand apart the 2023 genesis gv60 will go up against the likes of the audi q4 sportback e-tron in the upcoming production version of the lexus lfc concept genesis gd60 is the brand’s first dedicated ev

That has a magical orb for the gear selector and wireless battery charging as genesis comes under the hyundai umbrella corporation the 2023 gd60 is underpinned by hyundai’s electric global modular platform egmp this is the same that underpins both the hyundai ioniq 5 and the kia ev6 and packs quite the bleeding edge tech it includes an 800 v charging system that

Offers ultra fast charging with up to 80 recharge in just 18 minutes as for the powertrain options genesis has not disclosed much but because this is a luxury suv we expect the genesis gv60 to come with the awd iteration as standard if it is bought about in the same configuration as the ionic 5 then expect hp and 446 lbft of torque but we bet the genesis will

Boost those numbers up notably the most interesting feature that the gv60 is slated to get is wireless charging capability this will make it the first tv from the factory to pack the same as well if launched in the stipulated time so few tweaks would be done onto the egmp platform to add the electrical transmission unit genesis has roped in us-based wytricity

A company specializing in wireless technology to develop the technology the charging speed would be around six to eight kilowatt hours reports from south korea also suggest that genesis is coming up with a bespoke division just like q for aston martin and mulliner for bentley this will give customers a playground to customize their vehicle in terms of styling

Security and lux appeal a possibility of armored vehicles is also possible later on genesis has made a bold name for itself from its inception with its radical styling it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but is a head turner for sure likewise the all-electric gv60 has the making to be the most radical and loud looking ev out there this comes in smaller than the

Proposed genesis gv70e which is based on the gasoline gv70 signature genesis touches are crisp and clear like the two line quad headlamps with jewel pattern leds and the split tail lamps there are a few design cues that help it stand apart in the luxury stable it gets a clamshell hood a new crest grille that is wider and located below the headlamps and a new

Wing emblem that is eighty percent slimmer and features a galosh pattern seen in luxury watches there is the funky lime green color but we dig the more sinister blacked out look on a gv60 that was spotted in south korea the gb60 is an suv coupe but has an impressively roomy interior despite having a steeply sloped roof to the rear it sports a cool wheel design

In 19-20 dash and 21-inch sizes there are considerable and interesting changes to the interior as well the 2023 genesis gv60 packs a clean minimalistic and tech laden cabin that boasts a fine luxury there are loads of soft touch fabrics and leather upholstery options here and the blue interior with aluminum accents amplifies its lux appeal a circular theme is

Quite evident in the image and the most interesting element is its electronic gear selector that genesis likes to call a crystal sphere it is a sphere-shaped shift-by-wire system that doubles as a mood light and has its roots in the genesis x concept technology is top-notch as well with two similarly sized screens stacked side-by-side for the instrument cluster

And infotainment unit there are screens at either end for the rear view cameras other cool bits include biometric authentication air-enabled head-up display natural voice recognition and gesture controls genesis has confirmed that the gd60 will be launching in the us in 2022 as of now they are focusing to launch this radical suv in south korea later this year

And they have already bagged in 2000 pre-orders expect the all-new genesis gv60 to start from around krw 60 million approximate 51 000 and top out at krw 90 million 77 000 the genesis gv60 will be quite the vibrant pack with a radical design impressive technology and ample lux appeal

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