heres the 2016 ram 1500 sport cr
Altair Club Cars Heres the 2016 RAM 1500 Sport Crew Cab 4×4 on Everyman Driver

Heres the 2016 RAM 1500 Sport Crew Cab 4×4 on Everyman Driver

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Every man driver nation what’s happened dave erickson here and i have a first look video at a brand new 2016 ram 1500 this is a crew cab sport 4×4 thanks my friends over at dave smith and kellogg idaho let me had access to it to give you some more 4i so that’s do a one-take walk-around why not just for the fun of it and show you what i have learned about it first

Of all 5.7 liter hemi under the hood v8 this gets a 395 horses 410 pound-feet of torque so yeah it’s a monster i’m going to turn it on let you hear it – and check out these bf goodrich holy crap xd series badass there it is 5.7 liter hemi inside boy you know wish i was a guy who drove trucks or was allowed to drive trucks as my job non related to cars because i

Would make this my executive vehicle check this out so turn around here let’s go ahead and push button start naturally 8.4 inch touchscreen multi informational display here so in this case they got am/fm xs/s xm xm satellite radio we got dual climate control down below heated steering wheel heated seats for both passenger and driver there’s your gear knob there so

You got the four wheel auto lock low and two wheel drive option there i love this space look how much space you have here this is a good spot for cellphones designed specifically for cell phones large cupholders more space here underneath look how deep that compartment is nice cloth seats here around the leather leather trim steering wheel leather wrap steering

Wheel i should say usual suspects on the steering wheel bluetooth technology over here cruise control on this option this is a seven-inch multi informational cluster instrument cluster look at all that data you have to work with in the instrument cluster looks really sharp i love ram these are good cars i’m not saying just because i have access to it i mean it’s

Cool isn’t it all right turn it off wait yeah yeah let’s go ahead and turn it off what’s going to do that exhausting but i can’t really do an exhaust well i have the camera on me ah nice step there i really like the backseat they say it’s seen four five but i think you can easily get six people for back there if you wanted to so here’s my driving position up front

There’s my leg room which is like i’m in first class in a on an airplane now what i like about this here so you have this big seat fold down to cupholders there two cupholders down here but this is really nice so you have this seat so you have room for you know big big sized working the man you can lift it up from this position here look at this look at that platform

And the cupholders are still exposed so if you are in this seat you can still stay hydrated not nice that is cool great great versatility nice huh this slides open headrest it does go up but i can’t lift it up with my one hand what else can i show you ah looking good dual exhaust nice taillights a sharp-looking silver truck huh so fuel economy numbers 15 city 21

Highway so a mixed driving number of 17 miles per gallon not bad right i mean gosh 5.7 liter hemi all that horse and all that torque pretty decent base price on one of these if you’re looking forward around 45 this one has some major accessories on it so right around the 50 mark i love it the sport hood up there check out these uh leds nice doesn’t it just say man

To you i know girls like trucks too that’s fine this is gorgeous speaking of gorgeous this is what kellogg idaho looks like folks this is nice they have a ski resort over here and on a day like this or this time of year people use the ski resort to do mountain biking down it so that’s something i like anyways here it is your 2016 ram 1500 1500 crew cab sport 4×4

I’ll have some more information on everyman driver calm if you’re interested but this is just a first look video because i had access so i want to share it with you alright guys adios

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Here's the 2016 RAM 1500 Sport Crew Cab 4×4 on Everyman Driver By Everyman Driver

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