heres the 2015 ford f350 super d
Altair Club Cars Heres the 2015 Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab on Everyman Driver

Heres the 2015 Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab on Everyman Driver

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Here’s three words i never thought i’d uh tur blue jeans metallic every man driver nation dave erickson here and my first look impression of this 2015 ford f-350 crew cab today we are the everyman truck driver because we have a 6.7 liter power stroke v8 diesel mated to a six-speed automatic transmission listen to this 440 horses 860 pound-feet of torque holy pretty

Basic key fob it’s actually a keys not even a bob it’s kind of lock unlock double click if you want to start the engine and because we’re men we’re gonna go ahead and use the key and open it up alright 350 super duty crew cab all ford you done good you done good here we go like i said men use keys truck driving man use keys here we go yes here is your gorgeous

Center stack information display four quadrants of data and it is touchscreen search for sync on your device and select sync once it is found okay well let’s gonna back out of that one we’re not worried about sinking right now we’ll go to home first time i’m doing this so this is all new to me entertainment button down here so there is your radio serious touchscreen

Now let’s go back to home climate navigation sd card phone entertainment climate controls have i done that one so look at that that’s everything you’d want to have perfectly laid out here you have the controls for two wheel high four wheel high for real low and hill descent control traction control right there this instrument cluster is the bomb look at all the

Dials everything you’d want to know and need right in front of you so let’s back up and take a look at the mounted controls to see how intuitive this is so over here is that gonna work it up and down oh there he goes looks like this circle here dictates what’s in the center of the instrument cluster so it’s gonna back out i guess there we go can you see that okay

Over fuel economy settings good deal okay set that their bluetooth up here media you can get their audio controls bluetooth calling bar we here on the door panel good stuff there you need to have holy-o’s commands for these extra wide mirrors so here we have a sliding sunroof that’s manual but you can tilt and slide the sunroof open there we go good on a nice day

Like this let’s go ahead and close it up let’s count them for 6 cup holders here for the front two passengers i know this is for the front passengers but four of them and then two for the back passengers this is nice i’m a truck man i just declared it so what we have here the center console okay slide that over this is removable it says here removable and now we

Have a huge space how far i can put my arm will hide in here here’s something i just noticed they’ve got a section on the backside of this cards you can put pins there tissues up here really making the most of the space smart stuff here’s something else and just notice they got a slot right here i can see this being for business files or work files maybe they’re

Out in the field and they had to put their work plans there same thing with this side container to keep track of what you’re doing alright a closer look now at the crew cab itself this see right here was where my seat position was up front for being a guy at 511 it work you know there is a bit of an indent here in the seat back here’s a better angle for you so yeah

A guy who’s a 6 feet tall 6 foot 2 probably should be fine and this seat of course does push forward for more room clearly enough room for three grown men here in the back obviously because real men work can i say that enough there you go plenty of space this is good stuff and fall down for more cup holders no one’s going thirsty in a for 350 that’s for sure looks

Like you need to drop down the tailgate which is fine oh i heard about these and then this here we go so now i want to get up there you go i like the steps right so the msrp here on this 2015 ford f350 crew cab is 67 thousand dollars as you see here and that’s with that optional 6.7 liter diesel v8 so if you want all that power that’s what you’re looking at if you

Go with the the standard 6.2 liter this vehicle is about 50 grand that’s all i have for today for my first look impressions of this vehicle there’s much more on every man driver calm thank you so much for watching we’ll see you next time

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Here's the 2015 Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab on Everyman Driver By Everyman Driver

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