heres how to drive a lamborghini
Altair Club Cars Heres how to drive a Lamborghini Huracan

Heres how to drive a Lamborghini Huracan

I’m starting the vehicle you’ll note its s fasten seatbelt that is just a safety mechanism you will of course need to put your seatbelt on when we drive off but that does go off after a while and then shows you that fork brake is applied as well so the coach is telling you all the safety features or stalls active while we in the fourth position soap on driving nada

It’s basically going through the gears it shows you the gear that i’m in it has three driving modes strada which is your car driving pause a sports re which is your in-between it’s a sport that in between your soft driving car driving and courser race mode the next one being your corsa mode is racist mode it’s italian for race it is also the only mode where the

Vehicle is in a full manual gearbox configuration as you can see it’s a smooth change of the gear i’m still in strata mode which is of course like i explained your tan graphing mode it is the easiest mode to driving most of the most economical mode to begin i’m now also going to show you the feature of the lifting system which we are now going to be using when we

Come to our first obstacle in the road so just to show you now – there’s a speed bump coming up so they need to stop to speed up i’m activating the lifting system now because i’m under 70 k is an hour and this is a pretty aggressive little speed bump yeah also it’s fitted with an override system so the minute you increase speed over 70 kilometres an hour and you

Still have your lifting system activated it will deactivate this for you automatically you also cannot activate the system if you’re above 70 kilometres an hour so it has the safety feature on it as well your esc or system the car is enabled at all times electronic stability control the vehicle is also fitted with an automatic engine cutoff system this will work in

Your strider mode as well as in your sport mode what this does is the wings you come to a standstill for longer than a second or few seconds the angel will switch off the minute you release your foot of the brake the engine will engage again you can drive off there is your aircon unit with airflow control system it also operates your heated seat functions which

Offer both seats which i explained earlier on that’s your fan speed which you can control that is your direction where you want your airflow to be that is of course your ac when you want to turn it on and off this vehicle also fitted with a front window domestic which is operated over there and it has a recirculating system the instance of smoky area where you

Don’t want to smoke too full of cockpit i would activate that and would cut off my pollen focus that no fresh air or smoky air from the arthur would come into the cabin visibility on the vehicle as you can see is paramount and all visible points have been indicated with the glasses put so you’ve got a lot of view of the vehicle as well as tesserae – well basically

Vantage points of cars approaching on blind spots i can also stay around i am nine strata then automatically the car gears down it is not waiting for me to go or launch off because it’s not activated it’s sport mode on the vehicle in the sport mode to the vehicle tightens up a bit so your steering becomes more taut as well engine suspension becomes a slight a bit

Harder your acceleration also becomes slightly more aggressive because you’ve got that little more capability available to you we are now in the second less aggressive driving mode the sport mode that’s why you get the backfire and the gearing down is of course slightly more visual in the sense of that you feel it more

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Here’s how to drive a Lamborghini Huracan By Wheels24

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