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Altair Club Cars Here Are The Gadgets & Gizmos In The 2022 Ford Maverick That Are Cool (& Not So Cool)

Here Are The Gadgets & Gizmos In The 2022 Ford Maverick That Are Cool (& Not So Cool)

( ) In this video, Tommy gets a close-up look and gives a walkaround of the brand new 2022 Ford Maverick.

Hey guys check it out i’m at the ford facility here in irvine california taking a look at this the 2022 ford maverick a brand new compact pickup truck by ford now the maverick is something fresh and new and different something we haven’t seen in a lot of years this is a truly small pickup truck this is some 11 inches shorter than the ranger which is the current

Smallest truck in the ford lineup now in this video we’re just going to do a detailed hands-on walk around of the maverick show you some of the cool gadgets and gizmos and talk about what makes it so special now this vehicle is related to the ford bronco sport the ford escape that’s called the ford c2 architecture as such it’s a unibody it’s not body on frame like

An f-150 or a super duty or a ranger but it does have some seriously impressive payload stats which we will talk about in a minute now the style it’s pretty cool i definitely i definitely see a little bit of bronco sport sporting it really like the the big headlights here you kind of still have that iconic ford c there with the flat grill big ford emblem up front

This one is an xlt we don’t see fog lights on this one but a lot of kind of front-end fascia here and i love the sculpted hood i don’t know if you can kind of see the bulges but when you’re sitting in the driver’s seat it just looks super super cool now the maverick is only available in a crew cab configuration with this four and a half foot bed so there’s no

Single cab there’s no axis cab it’s only the five seater with the four and a half foot bed you can see because it’s a unibody construction there’s no division between the bed and the cab it’s all one integrated unit along the side this one’s got black door handles we’ve got the entry pad here which is pretty common in a lot of ford vehicles the antenna up there

Doesn’t have the big whip antenna it’s got a much smaller antenna and then coming in the back squared off and chiseled definitely an interesting look they have maverick stamped down here in the tailgate big plastic bumpers with this uh kind of angled line pattern and then the exposed receiver there now this is probably the biggest news with this truck check

That out hybrid the maverick comes standard as a hybrid let me repeat that it comes standard as a hybrid so the entry-level powertrain is a hybrid system that is a 2.5 liter four-cylinder gasoline engine made into an electric motor it makes 191 combined system horsepower similar to what you’d find in the ford escape hybrid now the hybrid is front wheel drive

And it’s got a cvt a continuously variable transmission that’s the only way you can get the hybrid version of this truck so you can’t get an all-wheel drive you can’t get it in rear wheel drive only front wheel drive with the cvt but the cool part is ford is estimating 40 mpg in the city that’s right 4-0 if you get the hybrid version of the maverick now if you

If you want a little bit more capability if you want all-wheel drive there is another engine option it is a 2-liter gasoline turbocharged engine you know similar to what you’d find in the bronco sport so that one makes about 250 horsepower somewhere around 277 pound-feet of torque and that one has a conventional eight-speed automatic um you can still get it in

Front-wheel drive or you can get it in all-wheel drive but um if you want a conventional transmission if you want all-wheel drive then go for the 2-liter turbo now the all-wheel drive system is pretty similar to what you’d find in the bronco it’s a single speed transfer case so it doesn’t have a low range like you would find on a ranger or an f-150 single clutch

Rear end as well so the broncos sport you can get with this crazy dual clutch um locking system this is just a single clutch more conventional uh rear differential system but we’re gonna you know get it off-road and see how it performs so all-wheel drive is availability now that brings me to the capacities the payload all that ford is saying the hybrid version

Of this truck can get up to 1500 pounds of payload capacity 1500 for a compact truck keep in mind it’s it’s not uncommon to see mid-size trucks in next size up to have under a thousand pounds of capability so having such a small little vehicle with 1500 is pretty nuts now towing capacity on the hybrid it’s rated at 2 000 pounds if you get the 2-liter turbo with

The max tow group you can tow up to 4 000 pounds now the max tow group also incorporates a trailer brake controller an integrated trailer brake controller inside so you’re legal in a lot of states a lot of states require even over 3000 pounds to have a trailer brake controller but that’s a pretty cool thing um i really like what they’ve done with the hitch down

Here oftentimes i really struggle with the recovery chains on or the safety chains and some of the ford trucks but this appears to be much more flexible and easy to get at now let’s talk about the bed so first of all tailgate lowers like that i don’t believe it’s damped on this version they have designed the tailgate cables to relocate up here so you can kind of

Change the position of the tailgate and they do say that the bed is wide enough to accommodate a four by eight sheet of plywood put the tailgate in its kind of middle position and have it hang out the back a little bit now the total length with the tailgate down six feet so four and a half with the tailgate up six feet with it down lots of different tie down

Points you can see them there this one has the rail system installed as well and then over here we’ve got bed lighting and a optional 400 watt inverter more tie-down points um ford says they’ve rated these tie-down points like they do in the super duty up to 1100 pounds bed size i think it’s i think it’s pretty uh handy for a lot of folks so they’ve brought

Out some props bicycles cool uh cool little freezer there um surfboard uh you can definitely tell that this is not aimed towards someone who needs an eight foot bed and a contractor and is you know um regularly hauling 16 foot boards but i think for a lot of folks this should be all right let’s check out this cubby i haven’t actually done this i’ve got a very

Brief amount of time with this truck oh a little storage in there so why don’t we go ahead and um step inside the maverick and see what that looks like all right well first impressions love the seats on this one it’s kind of like a blue denim with this gray fabric looks really cool and then tons of orange accenting that’s kind of an interesting look with this

Um oh that’s a cool material it almost looks like a marble it doesn’t it feels nice actually it feels really nice i thought it would feel um kind of more low end but that feels good so this one is an xlt we’ve got conventional gauges on this truck steering wheel looks pretty similar to what you’d find in the ranger eight inch touchscreen display here the sync

System um that so many of us have come to know over the years both volume and two knobs that’s a big win uh over here got a little bit of a cubby next to the display automatic climate controls it looks like um yep single zone automatic climate this one of course also has whoa turn that off this one also has the heated seats and the heated steering wheel usb

Ports as we move along down here rotary shifter so it doesn’t have the um standard console shifter doesn’t have a column shift this is a rotary shift parking brake down there and then drive modes five different drive modes as we start looking our our way down here cup holders a lot of storage though i mean this whole center section just all storage and massive

Center console as well i like the orange little orange accenting down here on the vents um that kind of white marbling material continued up on the dash and the door pockets super usable for their size automatic headlights in this truck and then small sunroof up there i’m kind of digging this design kind of digging it kind of square off chiseled almost industrial

Looking like that a lot all right let’s go ahead and check out the rear seat so that’s roughly my driving position power seat there you can see i am six foot one and not bad not bad at all for a compact truck head room very good i’d say knee room a little bit compromised but um for kids i think this would be fine and even for shorter trips i’d have no problems

Back here certainly better than like a uh access cab full-size truck now the cool part is there should be a strap down here and if i pull that there we go seat bottom lifts big deep cubby here a lot of storage now this truck is a hybrid the hybrid system um the battery lives up and underneath out of the way although they were saying that if you get the hybrid

The 12 volt battery lives kind of down there in that dark void so it does live underneath the back seat if you get the 2-liter turbo the 12-volt battery is relocated under the hood so what do you guys think of this new maverick now we’ve got a lot of coverage on this truck so if you head over to tfl truck i’ve got a much more kind of comprehensive in-depth walk

Around to this vehicle andre also interviewed the chief engineer so we’ve got uh um a big discussion with the chief engineer about the new maverick and of course we’ve got this video which is just the first hands-on walk around so three trims xl xlt and lariat there’s also going to be kind of a first edition or like a launch edition and then pricing now this

Is where things get really interesting ford says that the maverick standard hybrid front wheel drive comes in at 19 995 dollars base entry level that’s the most affordable under 20 000 for a pickup truck with a hybrid system that’ll make it the cheapest hybrid for sale in the market if that continues to be true when this car goes on sale or this truck goes on

Sale um it would also make it the most affordable pickup truck on the market i believe pretty unbelievable stuff competition wise well there’s really only one the hyundai santa cruz so the santa cruz is is you know kind of in this class too but there’s there’s not a lot else and um this is kind of more squared off it’s more chiseled in the santa cruz there’s

Also going to be an fx4 package available that will give you more aggressive tires skid plates tow hooks in the front um different suspension revised suspension for off-road use it’ll give you two different drive modes so mud and ruts and then sand so there’s an fx4 version coming we’re gonna get it off-road we’re gonna tow with it see how it does but so far

It’s looking pretty cool guys really excited about this one let me know what you think in the comment section below of the 2022 ford maverick and as always thank you so much for tuning in oh i forgot forgot one more thing i asked them how much it goes up to maximum price they said right around you know typical price of an average car so i’m thinking like mid 30s

Is how i interpreted that but under 20k starting all right thanks guys

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Here Are The Gadgets & Gizmos In The 2022 Ford Maverick That Are Cool (& Not So Cool) By TFLnow

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