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Altair Club Cars Hello Sunshine Checking out the 2022 Chevrolet Blazer RS in Nitro Yellow Metallic

Hello Sunshine Checking out the 2022 Chevrolet Blazer RS in Nitro Yellow Metallic

The 2022 Chevrolet Blazer is a stylish mid-size crossover with an available 3.6 Liter V6. It turns heads everywhere it goes. New for 2022 is Nitro Yellow Metallic paint with a two-tone roof. In our latest video, we walk around this new Chevy and show you why it needs to be your next car!

Good afternoon everyone john core here mcclendon chevrolet and i have something very special to show you here a all new 2022 chevrolet blazer rs with the nitro yellow paint and the black roof this one special stay tuned and see what this one has to offer i don’t wanna hold that all right now let’s start off with what is obviously the most stunning thing about

This vehicle that’s that paint job new for 2022 is nitro yellow metallic that’s the color you see there and then also new for 2022 is the tucson roof now a few dealers around like in ohio i saw did the aftermarket but now you can get a two-ton roof on the rs from the factory a lot of people love that look it’s very very popular now especially on high end suvs

Cars you know i see i see a lot of mercedes bmw vehicles having this on there so of course you gotta get on the the blazer that paint is amazing of course the rs has those rims that are standard i also like you can tell like the black against the yellow there on the trim you get the black the rocker panels there as well as the wheel wells let’s take a quick look

Here at the back of the vehicle of course it’s a blazer you’re going to get a lot of cargo space let’s go ahead and pop the hatch and see what all those to offer in there of course you’ve got your key fob you just hit that button twice the power liftgate this is a two-row crossover so you have plenty of space behind the second row for cargo it does seat up to

Five once again with that v6 engine you’re gonna have plenty of power over 300 horsepower and even from the back that they always say it’s camaro inspired styling which you look at the tail lights this looks a lot like a camaro it’s very you know yes it is a crossover but it’s a very stylish crossover and people love the blazer i hate to say it though we haven’t

Had a lot of these in stock this year as you know with supply shortages and ship shortages and all that fun stuff it’s difficult to get some of these vehicles in we just haven’t had a lot of blazers but this is one i’ve been asking for for quite a long time because of those that paint i think the yellow is awesome quick look at the interior naturally you have

Your cruise control there in the steering wheel your ford collision mitigation on the right is your bluetooth controls there’s your headlights headlight controls uh once again we set camaro inspired styling here with the hvac vents these are just like what you find in the camaro over here i like the piano piano black on the door of course there you have your

Power door locks power windows down here is a switch for the power liftgate you can adjust that so if you’re in a parking garage you don’t want it to go all the way and hit the roof you can adjust that this is a 9-speed automatic you do also have terrain management controls down there so there’s like a special one for towing your parking assist disabled as well

As your lane keep assist there are your middle vents and you can adjust on either side with turning those left or right and there’s your screen push button start and you can disable the auto start and stop okay we stepped inside i’ll show you one of the coolest features here on this blazer it’s the panoramic moon roof it’s got room for days it’s massive goes

Away all the way to the back of the back seats so it’s a great interior feature here’s another look at that infotainment screen another look at the vents of course you have usb usbc i guess that’s usb a usbc cup holders wireless charging for your mobile device of course your hazards over here let’s go ahead and start this thing up you’ve got your gauges there

And this i believe is new for 2022 also is the the the digital gauge in the center could be wrong about that like i said we haven’t had many blazers since 2020 so this is actually the first one i’ve sat in for 2022 but yeah it looks great another quick look here at the interior once again nine speed automatic and also this is a new unique feature and i don’t

Know if any other chevrolet vehicles have this but for the glove box there’s a button here that you just push to open that it’s a good size glove box got space there for your manual and you can probably fit like an ipad in there or a small tablet computer all right now we’re back outside of the blazer i want to take a quick look here at the front end once again i

Love those black rims just complements the color as a whole and then that front end styling is so aggressive you got your your driving lights up here on top your headlights then your fog lights turn signals are all there integrated together such a stunning vehicle in a world of boring crossovers the blazer definitely stands apart and when you combine it with a

3.6 liter v6 that horsepower you know it’s amazing now one thing i do want to point out that you won’t see on every chevrolet blazer is this sticker right here that is the clinton million when you buy from the clinton chevrolet mitsubishi you receive a 10-year million-mile powertrain warranty that’s when every new chevrolet we sell and most of our pre-owned cars

Too also when you purchase from the clinton chevrolet you receive dot track theft deterrent and identity theft protection up to a million dollars so that’s something to consider too when you’re purchasing your next chevrolet didn’t hit on this earlier but you do have like the dual exhaust there at the bottom then you can see your parking your your backup sensors

I love these black emblems on the nitro yellow metallic it just stands out so well that’s it that’s our look at the 2022 nitro yellow metallic chevrolet blazer if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call 304-422-6501 check us out online mcclintonchevy.com and be sure to like and subscribe for more videos and if you have a question ask it in

The comments alright everyone have a great day

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Hello Sunshine! Checking out the 2022 Chevrolet Blazer RS in Nitro Yellow Metallic! By McClinton Chevrolet \u0026 Mitsubishi

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