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Hey guys welcome back to our repair guys in today’s video guys will show you the torque specs and torque sequence boats for hyundai elantra hyundai tucson if you have the 1.8 2.0 engine we’re them standing on a 1.8 so if you have the 2.0 verify that this is the correct one but for the 1.8 will show you that we said that in my work on the 2.0 because many of the parts

Are interchangeable on that engine so let’s go ahead and show you the torque specs torque sequence and all that stuff and if you’re putting a new head gasket you know what it is so we’ll have more than 200 videos taking the whole engine apart cut apart so please subscribe give a like don’t forget to drop a comment if you need help with anything and we will try to

Help you as much as we can so let’s start on it now so we have the torque wrench now and according to the menu the first step is thirty two point four to thirty six point three newton minutes i will be using foot pound a pound foot that will be twenty three point nine to twenty six point eight we set out the 25 pound foot now that’s the first step guys there is

Three steps we’re going to start with this this is bolt number one right in the middle there and here gonna left click when we get it type now before we do the inspect everything make sure you don’t have jobs everything is sealed good perfect and okay here to make sure on the back side everything is good as well okay listen now the trick will come soon okay you

Can hear that’s it we stop right there now we go to boat number two which is the opposite of number one we do the same thing so we give it a click okay perfect now boat number t will be right here this is next to number one on the right side okay perfect now we need to go to boat number four kind of like a ghost bother right here okay any time now okay bugs i

Click in that no boat number five will be this one here well this one got loose because we already got on with the other one side so it’s compressing the gasket already okay listen now okay this is number five number six is the opposite cross pattern click again number seven will be the one in the very corner on the phone all right lamare we go back to this side

Okay perfect now number nine will be right here this is number nine number ten is the last boat for step number one okay perfect now step number two it says that we need to go 90 degrees it says 90 degrees doesn’t have about torque specs or anything like that okay so 90 to 95 according to the menu how go 90 degrees on every ball that’s step number two so 90 degrees

Will be if i start right here i need to end about right here okay so let me see if i can do that now over there so you will be a little bit okay if i start here i need to end right there so let’s do that now 90 degrees boat number one number two you now well okay after the bar when you did in lambeau field okay this is number two ping then we have both i’m gonna

Fall okay 90 degrees after lot number five now this is number five here then we have number six on this side okay let me start like that so hip nokia number six seven is in the very corner here okay this is 7/8 here now he dismembered eight now we have nine and ten left for step number two we have one more step after that okay this is nine this is number ten over

Here okay now step number p we do the same thing 90 to 95 degrees on each bolt again okay so let’s start with number one now okay so i’ll just have to start like that so i have an idea for 90 degrees okay i need to go one more tooth okay that’s it now number two will be extra 90 degrees so if i start here i need to end over here now this is number two number two

It’s getting really really tight now now this is number p4 is over here oh no five so i need to rent over here okay this is number five number six after this is number six seven okay this is 703 more 819 time i remember right now eight nine man damn over here okay this is it guys you can see just like that so that’s how you guys install the ceiling there head

Gasket that’s the top spec same sequence thank you for watching please subscribe give a like check out our official facebook page and see you next time

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