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Altair Club Cars Has Tesla Improved The Model 3 Build Quality For Oct 01, 2022?

Has Tesla Improved The Model 3 Build Quality For Oct 01, 2022?

Foreign please like share comment and subscribe and if you’re new to the channel please hit the notification bell and today we have ourselves a quality check with the model 3. so without further ado let’s get right to it all right so we have a quality check with the model 3. and this is the model 3 with the air wheels that are underneath your hubcaps they’re

Actually a little bit better but remember if you remove your hubcaps you are going to be sacrificing a little bit of range because the hubcaps have been optimized to get the furthest range on your vehicle with the model 3 you will find that its build quality is far better than the model why they’ve basically gotten to a point where majority of the model 3s are

Coming very good and the and uh the build quality is definitely improve and i can i can assure you that the the defects on the model 3s is very minimal now taking a look at the left side to the hood to the bumper onto the right side take a look at these uh wheels now let’s take a look on to the driver’s side door everything is nice beautiful and that’s what we want

To see here’s a look at the interior you see how it’s all packaged up and ready to go now let’s take take a look over here at the door handle to see if it’s flush and it is flush so i definitely do like what i’m seeing and take a look at this gap beautiful nice and tight and that’s what we want to see definitely like what i’m seeing on to the left side to the right

Side and remember there is a paint defect on model 3s and i’ll show you exactly where it is see where that dual motor logo is you want to go all the way up to the rear passenger right here and if you look right here right there there’s a paint defect it’s like a little it looks like a little stamp or a place that wasn’t painted properly so i strongly suggest if

You see that on your white model 3 x tesla about that maybe they’ll touch it up for you it’s really hidden but it is a paint defect that i’ve seen on many many model threes but very minor issue and this model 3 pretty much is flawless besides that paint defect so i will be giving this model 3 a pass now let’s move on to another model three all right so this is

Another model three and guess what it happens to be the performance and it has the white with the white interior a very beautiful spec remember if you’re getting the white interior you’re probably going to need baby wipes because the way the the the car gets really dirty and uh i i can tell you i own a model 3 with white season i tell you i’m cleaning them every

Single week i’m finding some thumb mark so be aware if you get the white seats they look good but you’re going to be uh cleaning all the time so taking a look at the left side beautiful making sure the defender matches the hood and the hood matches the bumper everything looks fine nothing looks out of place the bumper looks great and moving along on to the driver’s

Side wheel here which is fine you want to make sure you check all wheels check your glass roof check every single thing on your vehicle before accepting driver’s side door you want to check that gap and here’s a look at the beautiful white interior now let’s check the door handle and it’s flush okay this door right here is a little bit poking out a little bit but

It’s very minor but i would definitely point that out during delivery um right here this gap is nice and tight and that’s what we want to see so remember taking the delivery of the performance check your spoiler make sure that everything’s attached on properly now take a look at the left side wheel and the right side and remember that paint defect that we found

On that other white model 3 so let me show you that is on the performance too so you see where that logo is we’re going to move all the way up and we’re going to look right here so right here in the exact same location we have that paint defect located on the rear passenger trunk so be aware of that whenever you’re taking delivery it’s most noticeable on the white

Um on a darker color you’re probably not going to see the pain imperfection and i’ll show you the pain imperfection on a gray model 3 that’s coming up next so definitely love what i’m seeing the quality is definitely improving and uh this is a great job besides that paint defect this is definitely a pass now let’s move on to our final model 3 for the evening all

Right so this is our final model 3 for the evening and guess what it’s the gray performance with also the white interior so let’s check this beautiful gray model 3. take a look at the left side take a look at the hood and the bumper and then on to the right side no issues over here now let’s take a look at these wheels now let’s take a look at this driver’s side

Door over here um let me measure this gap over here uh this seem kind of big for me uh oh it’s not it’s about uh three millimeters so it’s not that bad um from an angle it did look big but uh taking a look at the interior remember if you check the exterior check the interior and this is our last model three for the evening so let’s see if this one can get it

Passed let’s see if we can get three for three store is fine uh this gap okay let’s measure this gap over here to see the size of this gap oh not bad not bad it is about four millimeters uh which is a slightly above what tesla considers suspect but it’s definitely if if i have a four millimeter gap i’m gonna accept it because definitely it’s really good and make

Sure to check the spoiler again all right right side fine remember that pain imperfection that we’ve seen on the other model threes so with the gray it’s basically not even visible so on the white it probably will be uh doors fine let’s take a look at this wheels now let’s see if this door is flush and it is flash so three passes three for three um besides the

Paint defects these vehicles are phenomenal so if you’re thinking about taking delivery of a model ysx3 even a cyber truck remember in your delivery day walk around your vehicle five times bring yourself a camera bring yourself an extra set of eyes so you can get a better view of the vehicle challenge the person that you bring along with you during delivery day

To find a defect all right so that’s all i gotta say so thank you and have a nice day hey would you like to win a tesla model 3 all you have to do is like share comment and subscribe and one lucky subscriber will win a tesla model 3. foreign

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