hans 2020 toyota gr supra by jad
Altair Club Cars Hans 2020 Toyota GR Supra by Jada / F9 The Fast Saga / Diecast Collector **NEW** Unboxing

Hans 2020 Toyota GR Supra by Jada / F9 The Fast Saga / Diecast Collector **NEW** Unboxing

Welcome Back Spent2Much Diecast!! What’s Up Crew!!! We have a good one for you guys today. We will be unboxing the brand new 2020 Toyota GR Supra. This will be driven by Han in the new movie F9 The Fast Saga. This diecast was put out by Jada Toys and come in the scale 1/32 & 1/24. Let’s get started!!

Welcome back to spent too much diecast what’s going on crew all right we got a new vehicle to unbox for you guys today this one is exciting this is the new brand new toyota gr supra from f9 the fast saga so online people have been posting pictures about this vehicle it just hit the market um we actually got ours at i found the 132nd at walmart and then i did

Order the 124th online but i have seen both of them at tarte or at walmart so these die casts have just hit the shelves and everybody is freaking out over the casting and what it represents so we’re gonna go ahead and get this unboxed for you it is the toyota gr supra and it is driven by hans and the new fast and the furious movie f9 so they are coming out with

A couple of new die casts already for f9 um they have the new charger the supra and then we also already unboxed the gladiator they released this one first and then a couple of older ones from the series if you guys are interested go check back my playlists we have the mazda we have the charger the supra the skyline the jetta the peterbilt not sure if we did the

Escort yet but we did do the mclaren as well so we have a bunch of these unboxed already and up on the channel so make sure you go check those out and then after we get these unboxed and we take a closer look at them if you guys will stay tuned to the end because i have a bonus oh that’s almost the same color and who drove this one yup that’s right hans so let’s

Go ahead and get these unboxed all righty and we are back all right i guess first off we will start with the item number quick get it out of the way um the 130 seconds as usual guys the box is a generic number so we’ll look at the bottom here so the 132nd scale showing three two zero one six three two zero one six and they’re saying that it’s the 2020 toyota gr

Supra and then for the 124th it should be the same as the bottom of the box box is showing thirty two zero nine seven three two zero nine seven and again that should match the bottom of this vehicle three two zero nine seven scale one twenty fourth twenty twenty toyota gr supra all right so like i said these things are brand new just hit the market mom and pop

Shops have got them online walmart i’ve seen them at pretty sure they’ll probably be released at target and all that other good stuff so let’s go ahead and take a closer look at these and then like i said stay tuned until the end and we will give you a little bonus feature so we’ll go ahead and start with the 132nd and then um we’ll take a look at the 124th and

Then do a quick comparison all right so this one here the base is plastic and the front here this lip is plastic part of the base um the inserts there are plastic does have the clear headlights with a black part behind it does have toyota in silver then of course you got the two-tone paint job um and this black here seems to look a little bit of a matte finish

And then you have the nice orange gloss to it a little bit of side graphics here some nice black wheels like i said the 130 seconds usually aren’t that detailed no side mirrors or anything like that and oh there it goes again guys one thing i do not like about these 132nd scales is look when you open the doors they do not paint the door jambs it’s just all bare

Metal look at that ah that’s one thing i do not like about the jada cars so when they paint these vehicles they must keep the doors shut and then they just paint the whole vehicle like this so when you open the doors that is bare metal they got good with a couple of them but 9 out of 10 cars that i’ve seen all have those unpainted door jams but the interior is

A black all black plastic casting like i said these 130 seconds aren’t that detailed but take a look at the back does have a little bit of silver paint for the exhaust let’s see they got the f9 the last saga for the license plate does have the name and logo for super in the back along with the red plastic tail lights and of course on these cars the only thing

That open are the doors and there’s that door jam again and take a look at the passenger side so there you go there is the 132nd version but now let’s get into the 124th because these will be more detailed all right so we got the same plastic base here going along the bottom here that’s all part of the base we have some plastic inserts there chrome or silver

Painted logo we have a clear chrome headlights with the plastic covering again the accent color seems to be a matte black and there are the nice gloss wheels with the brakes and calipers in the back then again here is your side graphic there your rubbery style side mirrors with the reflector stickers see and the one thirty seconds or the one twenty fourths do

Get paint on them so these they must paint the pieces separate and then assemble them but take a look at the inside we do have a chrome steering wheel mirror shifter and pedals and there are gauges back there as well otherwise everything else is just plastic same wheels on the back all right the back of the vehicle you have the chrome exhaust then you have the

Same says jada toys f9 the fast saga with again the super logo and word and this one actually has something on the side there and that says gr for toyota gr then you got the red plastic tail lights the deck lid does open nothing back there does have a little window there a little window there and on the other side and i got a little paint blemish there and here

Is your passenger side does have accent paint up here um the accent paint up here seems to be gloss and then the one on the door and the hood is matte all right let’s take a look see what they did under the hood ready so nothing too detailed they just go with the chrome top of the motor and then everything else around it is black plastic but i did notice here

The paint job under the hood isn’t the same as the body they don’t put any gloss or pearl to it it’s just a solid orange and it not really painted that well oh i i hate to say it but man these cars are getting worse and worse for getting painted and stuff like that like it’s not even i don’t know if it’s picking up on camera but you can it’s not even a full

Coat of paint you can still see all the black under it and like i said i don’t know if it’s catching catching it on camera i don’t know if you guys can see but there we go so there is the 2020 supra gr put out by jada toys this is from the new fast and furious movie f9 which should be coming out in theaters hope hopefully i think they put a release date now of

Sometime here in june so all right well the card doesn’t really sit on top so we’ll just do a quick quick recap comparing the two um did see some differences oop sorry all right so the biggest one i’ve seen is the 124th has chrome when the 132nd has black for the headlights of course you are missing the mirrors on the 132nd but that’s normal otherwise everything

Else on this side is alright going to the back a little bit of stuff they do a black around the window when this one they do not it is also missing the gr logo compared to that that is just painted chrome well that is actually a chrome piece that other ones just painted silver and other than that that is about it for the two comparisons oh there we go i guess

We got it to stay a little bit so there we go there is the unboxing and review of the 2020 um toyota supra and here you go guys here’s just a little bonus like i said this is driven by hans in the movie and we all know from tokyo drift oh there it is there is the rx7 that we unboxed before so you can see that he is keeping to a theme of his vehicles and look

How much smaller the supra is compared to the rx7 but there you go there is the bonus so we did go ahead and unbox this one before and actually when we unboxed this they only had the 124th scale um released and then a few months later they did oh there it is they did release a 130 second scale as well so if you guys are watching this this is a first to spend

Too much diecast we did not unbox this one at all so i might be putting up a quick video just showing um the 130 second for the but we do now have both of them and i’m glad when they release the supra they release them together because recently they have been doing them separately so there we go guys here is a hans unboxing so if you guys haven’t already go

Ahead and hit that subscribe button and make sure you join the spend too much diecast crew then also hit that bell notification that way you guys can get notified every time i put up a new video and we have a ton more coming new fast and furious are coming we still have all the colors of the fox bodies to uncover unbox all that good stuff we have a ton so make

Sure you guys join the channel help support spend too much diecast we can get these unboxed so you guys can see them and then also make sure you guys check out our facebook page and instagram facebook page will have all of the vehicles with more photos and information in their own um category or i should say their own album so there we go so thanks for watching

And we’ll see you on the next unboxing bye so so thanks for watching another video from spent too much diecast if you will hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel also check out our facebook page where there are more pictures and information on the vehicle that you have just seen and also on the right here you’ll see some more

Videos from our channel thanks again everybody and have a great day

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Han's 2020 Toyota GR Supra by Jada / F9 The Fast Saga / Diecast Collector **NEW** Unboxing By Spent2Much Diecast

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