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Altair Club Cars HANDS ON WALKAROUND, of the NEW 2023 GMC SIERRA AT4X AEV Edition


Today I show you inside and outside of the NEW 2023 GMC Sierra AT4X AEV Edition, including the new Sterling Metallic exterior color.

All right so see this truck behind me this is the all-new 2023 gmc sierra at4x aev edition and that is what we’re going to look at today all right for those of you who don’t know aev stands for american expedition vehicles they’re a company based out of michigan right michigan yeah it’s not far uh from where gm is and they design components for off-road and over

Landing vehicles and as you can see that is obviously what this aev edition is in fact if you didn’t already know this and i’m sure you might have but the zr2 bison that we’ve had for the last however many years was a collaboration between chevrolet and aev not to mention the new silverado bison is also a collaboration and this is the gmc version of that as far as

I know this is their first collaboration on a full-size truck and maybe soon on the smaller trucks maybe in mid-sized trucks like the canon i don’t know we’ll see okay anyways let’s talk about a few things that make this different well first and foremost this is 2023 so this is the all-new sterling metallic color the sterling gray if you have not seen that color

How do i explain this if i didn’t know it was a new color i would come in here thinking especially in the darker you know the darkness of where i am i would think that this is a the satin steel it is not this is the new sterling gray so if you like that satin steel this is pretty damn close and closer to this to that color i think than the silver now maybe outside

In the sun it shines up a bit brighter and looks more like the silver but regardless of that all right so we’ve got some newer things here of course this is all blocking out and now you have like this kind of bronze finish here in the grill so that’s new compared to the 2023 model a 2022 model part of me of course you have your 84 x magic but here’s where the main

Stuff comes in right there’s your winch there you have a much more aggressive front bumper this is a steel stamp uh bumper out here so very aggressive it’s more higher cut up as well so you are going to have better approach angle than last year did um we also have one little bits here in the floor i don’t think i see it but um they’re the regular by the way at4x

Not not the av edition with the regular 2023 84x is gonna have that front bumper as well not some of the other things they’re going to show you but at least it’s gonna have that front bumper in that newer front grille but let’s keep talking about what it has here they bumped it up now 33 inch tires so now we have a 33 inch uh goodyear wrangler territory mt tire now

Last year for whatever reason the at4x used it used used it used the goodyear wrangler territory tire there’s a 32 inch tire this is now a 33 inch tire so a little bit more beef there and you’re getting the salta gmc wheels so it’s completely different wheel with the aev edition than what you would normally see um in the others i like this too i don’t know if it’s

Going to show up here it almost looks like a bronzy finish there very much kind of similar to that i guess anyway let’s talk about some more things of course you have led headlights here there’s your led daytime driving lights obviously um 6.2 liter is going to be the only offering in the engine of this at least as of now very much the same as what we’re seeing

Um currently of course with the regular at4x right so 6.2 liters your only choice the big 420 horsepower 464 planter also only the shorter boxes available so crew cab is the only configuration and the shorter box which is the five foot eight box not the six and a half foot box is there only available option again there’s those awesome tires and awesome wheels you

See there now obviously it’s still going to retain the multimatic dss-v suspension like we would normally have on the at4x obviously we don’t want to go from that and you have the rock sliders on this one as well very aggressive rock sliders as you can see and i’ve seen the rocksiders in action and if i had one of the instructions oxygen off-road it hands down no

Questions asked i would be getting that of course you can have a little bit bigger beefier fender flare here than you would on a normal sierra where it has you know has a little black trim it says a little bit more to it which of course you’re going to need right heading back here you’re going to see it does have of course the regular box back here at the spring

Line are tons of tie downs like we usually see sliding your window power outlet equipment back here there’s your handle for your multi-pro tailgate which is has the kicker sound system built in right you need that of course in your off-road you’re sitting out there now it’s kind of in the way i don’t want to move it but you don’t really need to see much more other

Than of course there’s the bumper back here but as you can see there’s no steps back here and of course there’s a reason for that you’re not getting mud and all that kind of stuff caked in you’re not going to need you got this anyway so if you want to get in the back right so um and again the bumper is still stand back here as well not to mention on the underneath

I didn’t see what i can show you with my gopro here but underneath we have i don’t know if you can see it at all but maybe uh more skid plates underneath not more necessarily but steel stamp skid plates ah they’re underneath it right so just more protection if you’re doing that off-roading now let’s head inside and see you have the black door handles here heading

Inside that cool stitching and the at4 such a nice truck in person i love the red stitching here i love the white piping of course my favorite thing to do open those back here the storage back there of course you have the cup holders back here heated rear seats by the way for your passengers not to mention uh you know the vent controls and the usb and usbc charging

Ports back there oh by the way have you noticed this it’s an off-road truck with a suede headliner yeah i’m not kidding the fit and finish is amazing back here though too you got leather back here real leather with that stitching same way you went up up front when treating the passenger the same as the driver really honestly i love the at4x badging you have here

The nice steel um aluminum i don’t want you to call it i guess steel uh bose speaker system now in the aev edition you’re gonna get the aev matte they’re all weather liners like we normally see when you have any badging and of course the aev badging right up there in the headrest and of course there’s that white piping with the red stitching down there in between

It’s really for the most part of the rest of this is pretty much like your regular at 4x you have the heads-up display here head up this way your auto track four wheel drive system all that kind of stuff four wheel drive four high four low uh heated steering wheel no no super crews of course in this this model of truck um you have a 12.4 inch or sorry 13.4 inch

Color touch screen a 12 inch uh programmable digital screen in front of the driver of course you’re going to have your center console shift there’s your trailer brake controller there separate climate control for your driver passenger heated and ventilated seats big aluminum push button start um you can get the rear version camera mirror in this one as well actually

That’s when this one has there’s your sunroof yes it’s the regular sunroof you’ve had that it’s not going to change i don’t think until at least 20 25 if they’re even going to do it because you need to change the whole roof line and they didn’t do that this is a refreshed truck as of 2022. so lots of changes though and i i absolutely love this interior every time i

Get in it i’m just that much more level that much more impressed with the auv edition what a great looking truck i’m really curious though would you go with this aev edition this one right here or would you go into that silverado bison that’s silverado zr2 bison i don’t know it’s a hard choice but either way what a great looking truck and until next time everybody take care thank you

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HANDS ON WALKAROUND, of the NEW 2023 GMC SIERRA AT4X AEV Edition! By General Motors Jeff

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