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Altair Club Cars HANDS ON | Toyota Just Shocked The World With a 300 HP TURBO AWD Hot Hatch

HANDS ON | Toyota Just Shocked The World With a 300 HP TURBO AWD Hot Hatch

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Hey everybody tommy here with the fast lane car bringing you one of the most exciting reveals of the year maybe of the decade because this is a corolla but not just any corolla this is the brand new gr corolla this is the all-wheel drive model with 300 horsepower nope that that is not that is not a mistake 300 horsepower 273 pound-feet of torque in a corolla

Hatchback everybody it’s the return of the hot hatch and in this video we’re going to talk to you all about the corolla and talk about what makes it so absolutely special now that engine that engine is something a little bit unique it actually only has three cylinders so it’s a 1.6 liter three cylinder turbo with direct injection and port injection so quite a high

Strung little unit but there you can see on the engine cover you got like the indication of the three cylinders you got some red there turbo gr you’ve got gr over here on the air box toyota gazoo racing but yeah 300 horsepower out of just a three-cylinder engine now i don’t have any numbers about 0-60 but this should be an absolute rocket ship for what it is now

Beyond that there’s only one transmission option a six-speed manual there is no dsg option there is no automatic option if you want a gr corolla you’re gonna have to get it with a six-speed manual now this one is something a little bit special you see this is a gr corolla but it’s a circuit edition which means it has a forged carbon fiber roof which is absolutely

Crazy on a corolla it looks fantastic it feels fantastic and it’s in theory going to save you some weight now the circuit edition also has this enormous wing in the back sophion come here what do you think i love it i think i think it has the right amount of aggressiveness and i’m really excited to see what honda does to retaliate i know because it’s the battle

Of the hot hatches now absolutely yeah so in the back what do you think in the back oh sorry rob in the back you have three exhaust pipes just like the civic type r um but unlike the civic type r we have two and then one middle one you’ve got one large one in the middle and then two outlets along the sides which is i mean it’s pretty absurd guys isn’t it i think

It’s super fun and super out there but that’s not where the styling cues end for the gr corolla because this thing well it’s wide bodied it’s significantly wider than a standard corolla and it’s not manufactured in the same place this is built in a a special gr plant in japan now the circuit edition also comes standard with porzin limited slip differentials and

That is not an error differentials it’s got all-wheel drive it’s called the gr-4 system and it actually has a mode selector so you can go between uh 60 40 split 50 50 split and even 30 70 split now let’s take a quick look at the interior this is obviously very much a pre-production model but some things you’ll notice of course the the six-speed manual shifter the

Circuit edition has a specially signed model and it’s a short throw unit as well so really kind of zippy really kind of short eight inch touchscreen display and then this is an early model um but it’s also going to have a 12.3 inch digital instrumentation screen it’s got automatic climate control and it’s got available heated seats and a heated steering wheel as

Part of a cold weather package the seats very heavily bolstered with red stitching gr along the top there and then we do have some aluminum finishes throughout but uh cool interior got a little mode selector down here and the fact that you can go 30 70 torque split with the all-wheel drive is absolutely absolutely crazy now check out these hood vents this is part

Of the circuit edition it’s got a bulged hood it’s got these hood vents and it just looks mean it just looks so incredibly menacing and cool now let’s take a break from this one and check out this red one over here this is what they call the core model now the core model is more of the entry-level trim kirk how you doing buddy we’re just full of youtubers here um

The core model has standard open diffs front and back but you can option it with the limited slip in the front and the rear as part of a performance package group you still get though the boxed wide body fenders along back then you don’t get that forged carbon roof on the core model but you do get aluminum doors and an aluminum hood and you still get a lot of the

Really cool venting that you see throughout now the wheels on these cars 18 inch wheels 235 width 40 profile and it’s got um a four piston uh front brake caliper jared from karma’s pointing out all the youtubers who got moto man we got miles from miles per hour everybody out here that dude in blue is over there uh uh max is out here too as well so it’s pretty cool

To see all the youtubers in one spot but uh michelin pilot sport four tires which is a really aggressive tire on a small car some other things we need to know about the corolla gr well it does have aluminum pedals which i think is pretty cool it’s got an available eight speaker jbl audio system um on the inside and it’s got really three packages so there’s the

Performance package which gives you the tourism limited slip on the uh on on the the core edition and then there’s also a technology package which will give you navigation and the eight speaker audio and there’s also a cold weather group for heated seats and a heated steering wheel all right a man i i’m just i’m in awe that this thing exists now it also comes

Standard with toyota’s safety sense 3.0 so it’s got adaptive cruise it’s got lane centering it’s got all those goodies that you’d come to expect in a uh in a new toyota product so it’s going to keep you safe from a driver assistance technology as well pre-collision emergency braking that kind of thing automatic high beams wireless apple carplay android auto all

That goodness but when we’re living in an era where you can buy an 800 horsepower electric car 900 horsepower electric car a thousand horsepower electric car and yet here comes toyota screaming out of the gates with a hot hatch straight out of the mythology of the 80s shove as much boost pressure as much fun in the front of a car give it a manual transmission and

Then send it how crazy how absolutely absurd is that especially considering that like subaru has walked away from the wrx hatchback uh you know toyota out of the blue comes through with this now abroad there’s also a model called the yaris gr and the yara is a similar engine three-cylinder turbocharged engine but less horsepower so the corolla’s getting a little

Bit more horsepower and it’s going to be available here in the states later this year so it’s coming to dealers here shortly now i am a little concerned going to be honest a little concerned about the markups we might see on these but if you want the ultimate in hot hatch fun it’s heating up guys we got the civic type r front wheel drive only though uh but civic

Type bar we’ve got the golf gti golf r with all-wheel drive we got red line reviews coming in the hot over here and then now of course we got the corolla gr let me know what you guys think in the comment section below as always it’s been tommy with dflcar.com what do you think it’s going to cost no word on pricing but we’ll get more info later see ya

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HANDS ON | Toyota Just Shocked The World With a 300 HP TURBO AWD Hot Hatch! By The Fast Lane Car

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