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Altair Club Cars *HANDS ON* All-New 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid + Refreshed 2023 Corolla Sedan and Hatchback

*HANDS ON* All-New 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid + Refreshed 2023 Corolla Sedan and Hatchback

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Got a lot of corollas to cover today we have corolla cross hybrid we have corolla sedan we have corolla hatchback all these are getting big updates for 2023 today i am still in plano texas so many special editions at hqc 2022 but this video is focused on the corollas and not all of them are here mind you there there’s still some more coral action coming your way

So for the base corolla sedan that’s what we have here not only does it get the new toyota interface wireless apple carplay wireless android auto they got rid of the 1.8 liter engine put the 2-liter in it with a dynamic shift cvt so it has a real first gear but it goes up about 30 horsepower and it gets about two seconds quicker zero to sixty and gets about two

More miles per gallon so even the base cheapest corollas are getting a nice upgrade for 2023 model year again nice refresh overall we can go to the hatchback next so i just found out that the manual is gone from the hatchback that’s not the gr the corolla so if you want the manual the six speed you’re gonna have to get the uh either like the core addition and

Up on the jira corolla but this thing is looking so beautiful i know this is a new color specific well it was on the sedan last year i believe this new color blue crush metallic it does look really really good here i want to see it in the sun too but it’s a very pretty kind of a dark dark blue dark purple xse grade gets a few upgrades as well so i believe these

Little um well gone are like the fake exhaust tips that i remember that were put here so toyota kind of made the upgrade made it look a lot cleaner in the press release i thought it said like chrome finish this is more of like a silver paint so it’s not that flashy and i’m glad it’s not blinding chrome it’s a definitely a different finish from the toyota badge here

Wheels are looking great is it the same finished wheels as the previous year i was going to say because they look better i don’t remember the the wheels looking as good as they do now they look amazing on the vehicle thank you thank you yeah and the the rear spoiler is that standard for the xse or okay it is a additional option okay but we believe it looks great

It looks really cool yeah it looks like it’s almost taken from the gr vehicles yeah the rear spoiler looks great is that like a dealer installed option very cool very cool also we have the upgraded daytime running lights on this particular model fog lights here and then additional accents so the reworked the front bumper here on the xse looks really really good

And you know it doesn’t look that much different than the more expensive gr corollas out there now for the corolla crosses new for 2023 not only do we have a unique front end a unique front end on the specific for the hybrid so we have two grades here all hybrids are on the sporty end so s se xse what we have in front of us is the sc over here xse over here this

Is a brand new color acidic blast is that right aesthetic blast it takes me a second to remember all these new colors on the inside it kind of has like this light olive color it’s uh hard to explain but what we have on the front here is actually the same sort of design we see from the curl across from the japanese market also something new for toyota not just the

Crawl across is this glossy blacked-out emblem here the toyota emblem it looks really good it looks premium it looks a little bit better in my opinion than the standard chrome badges that we’ve had for so long this particular grade has the falling lights now this hybrid is rated 37 miles per gallon but it has over 190 horsepower all-wheel drive is standard this

Thing is going to be a wonderful commuter car kind of a jack of all trades the corolla lineup it just gets bigger and better every single year uh with the sedan we have the curl across crawl across hybrid now we have the hatchback we have the incredible track editions out there uh the core the gr corolla core the gr corolla circuit edition as well as the brand

Newly announced marizo edition but i’ll see you guys i got more corolla news coming for you there’s a few more grades downstairs like this guy’s getting upgraded hybrid internals for the 2023 model year i’ll see you guys in the next one thank you so much for watching you

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*HANDS ON* All-New 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid + Refreshed 2023 Corolla Sedan and Hatchback By Kirk Kreifels

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