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Altair Club Cars GTA 5 Online – The LAST ONE? NEW Obey 10F (Audi R8)

GTA 5 Online – The LAST ONE? NEW Obey 10F (Audi R8)

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While Audi has left Need for Speed, Rockstar is making their own Audi R8! The 10F in my opinion looks better than the actual new Audi R8!

Today welcome back to gta online this is clearly an audi r8 and not any audi r8 it is the brand new model in fact i think it might look a little bit better you know we couldn’t reserve judgment water customizations on but i genuinely think this looks nicer than the new r8 i kind of like the one that doesn’t have the the mustachi the pigs knows that thing it’s nice

But it’s but this is a little bit more classic rockstar you’ve done pretty damn well all right let’s jump in and i should probably explain what the heck i’m talking about with the title my friends in case you didn’t know the r8 is almost dead it will not be long my friends before the r8 is no more at least in the way that we know it they may continue the name i

Think a lot of car brands are probably going to keep the brand names i just realized i active arrow wing nice and cruising speed and power what a beautiful sight anyway it’s it’s almost death it is almost the end for the audi r8 as we know it the beautiful v10 it’s gonna be electric i don’t know if they’re even gonna do a hybrid it’s audi they just go balls to the

Wall straight away saying that there is the e-tron line the weird q3 e-tron and then my audi’s a little bit weird i we’ve discovered this but the r8 however is probably quite far from weird it’s fantastic a lot of people prefer this to the horror cam i would call those people absolutely mental okay not absolutely let’s customize this thing now it’s been a little

While since i actually had a wander around this area this could have been so freaking awesome i fully expected them to increase the player count online here with the next gen they didn’t which is a bit of a shame and it also appears they constantly forget to update this thing and i say update it they may have updated it it’s not a car meet car really to be honest

Is it we’ve got why is this here it’s in the free room hey yo it’s our only fans lady posing for her instagram i’ll see yeah and okay at least we’ve got two i think this is two new two newer cars all right we’re here for customization let’s get it no waiting today uh everyone’s waiting for the need for speed trailer and pants man’s filming early and building the

Rh again i’m actually quite excited about building this r8 23 customization options we’ve got armor which i’m not gonna do we’ve got brakes which of course i’m gonna do we don’t have any kind of house special works so that’s good to know it’s worth coming here all the time just to check but anyway let’s get down to business with the front bumpers i’ve got a nice

Little line but a forged carbon which actually i’m quite into to be honest it’s grown on me i didn’t like it at first it kind of looked like someone hadn’t washed their car this is probably the best way i can explain it all right we’ve got some fins going on more carbon pretty subtle i have i must admit i was expecting something a little bit more aggressive i’m

Stuck between this and this i want a mixture i want the big splitter with the side part the side arrow but let’s go with the secondary forged carbon right there we’ve got the rear which oh my god is that just it’s literally like cutting off the diffuser don’t know why you would oh my god okay uh yeah yeah let’s just keep calm we know what’s about to happen we’ve

Got some uh arrowy bits on the side bigger area bits on the side forged carbon area but look at the diffuser it’s looking spicy i’m gonna be i’m gonna be struggling if they do a proper ex twin turbo exhaust system or something how can they not you are joking me what you’re telling me you’re gonna do this but not a twin what a disgrace i cannot believe you would

Do a twin turbo on porsches but not this you already did half the work still gonna pick it obviously engine upgrade all the way to the fall i just noticed as well the engine upgrades it looks like any of them are max so where is her where is that bloody exhaust customization give it a good old rev oh yeah that looks like it looks like tin cans what the hell that

Literally looks like they’ve used tin cans i don’t understand that exhaust is shaking a little bit too much i think you might want to get that scene oh maybe i jumped the gun maybe i dropped the gun we can uh go from a unresonated exhaust to putting on see why did i ever doubt rockstar you know i jumped the gun and i bet someone you did in the comments as well don’t

I what’s a machine i’m doing it i’m doing it of course i’m bleeding with it like like there was any doubt oh that looks sick is it just a sake of you know for the sake of it being different difference yes it looks freaking awesome i really do like it i i just love this from pompa this design is really really nice i think need for speed should take some inspiration

From this audi i think those dolphins there look super sick i’m i’m probably gonna do it because it’s pretty damn mental customization again it looks like it’s just rained and you didn’t clean your car but some people pay lots of money for it so you know quite honestly people are gonna pay for it i say do it car manufacturers to be honest i expect most of these

The supercar buyers to buy a felt car because there are people in this world that genuinely buy soft top cars it’s a disgrace i i can’t believe it and if you’re one of those why can you just explain to me that’s all i need just a little explanation this is what i’m gonna for the r spec hood a couple extra lines i do like these carbon bits but a couple extra lines

That make it look a little bit spicier we’ve got livery customization of course we’ve got generic stripes but it works really well i feel like this stripe was on the previous audi that we did do which is pretty cool we can kind of have a two-tone little design going on there we’ve got some race livery so that is pretty cool it’s kind of bugatti style i like that

I see it i see a bit of bugatti there as the americans will say uh we’ve got the german motorsport we’ve got the half camo which i’m gonna say i kind of like i’m doing that i can’t believe i’ve just done that i’m going against everything i usually stand for here we’re going for the carbon mirrors which is only carbon visibly on one side on the other side it’s now

Gonna wrap on it obviously we can do license plate customization because we still have one apparently ps we don’t in case you you didn’t see we’ve got a roof fins i can actually say my apps now i’ve had invisaligning this is my first tray for like well it’s been a very small time so far but you know what i kind of like the the square even and then we’ve got roof

Customization which again half carbon roof which actually looks pretty sick i like that i kind of like the half carbon thing it fits better when it’s just the roof that is so much nicer we’ve got the forged carbon and of course we’re going to have some other kind of different styles i think i kind of like having a little bit of a different i love lines more lines

Better if i made a car it would just be more lines everywhere so we’ve got the stop handle which is in black of course it is like it should be carbon let’s be real we know it should be carbon but they wanted to make it seem that they’ve got more customization and it doesn’t even work the stock one is the only one that really breaks it up otherwise it just all they

All get painted i kind of like the black one i think we got the side skirt customization which is good because we need a little bit balance queen and around the car very very similar to the front you can kind of see and i’m probably going to go for well go for these carbon ones that don’t quite fit all the way which looks a bit odd no it’s time for the wangs i

Wasn’t actually sure because i love the active aero wing i really i wonder if those still work with the active arrowing they need i feel like i’m wearing a million miles an hour they need to add a button just as a way to test it even if we just rev the car and maybe how this should be a diner this should be a dino that would be better and like if this actually has

Active aero still that duck tail would be amazing uh that blocks the active arrow completely which is a shame because it would have been nice to see that wing looks pretty sick actually a bit of carbon fiber bit of more low profile quite an aggressive wing there i like that quite a lot and a little bit of bigger we’ve got the carbon big wang i’m gonna go for i can’t

Believe this i’m can attempt no i’m going for the big one you thought i was gonna go for something smaller speaking of smaller suspension bang that boy down the competition suspension it’s like the dream fitment but you could only really sense of do that if you had bags which um yeah install the turbo we need it we’ve got wheels to customize windows to customize

I’m gonna figure this out because i genuinely do not know what to do color-wise this may take some time i have an update get it the beard i’m old but i wanted these wheels i think they’re the closest to some like cool kind of stance boy whatever wheels but if you pay close attention to that back wheel yes i think there’s something wrong the brake sits through i

Don’t know how many cars this has been the case and i’m just completely done but what is going on so unfortunately it kind of then limits the type of wheels you can get and those are close but not man this is this is really annoying god damn it looks good i’m so ready this looks amazing i i’m sorry i’m happy we’re here doing this because it it just looks awesome

I was kind of limited on the paint styles because you can see the red stripe very clearly on the roof is red so on the pain i matched it to the kind of the torino red it looks a little bit different in the garage but can you tell it what in the g’s hello goodbye and attempts to try and blow me up i think you can maybe do that by blowing up another car you might

Be able to blow up mica something like that i feel like that’s the case i might be just blowing air up my ass but right now problem i had specifically with this car is that how that’s a hal race series right um maybe it’s not a house car is it it’s not i really want to do a race oh no my car’s stuck in the face it’s fine it’s fine no problem off we go all right

I was saying specifically about this car it’s really weird that the balance doesn’t feel quite right it feels like it’s just it’s supposed to be always right right it’s it’s an audi r8 these things are proper rapid i’ve actually driven was it the newest newest r8 or was it the one before it might have been the one just before this thing properly all-wheel drive

It doesn’t feel proper stable which is surprising again this thing should be an all-wheel drive plowing stuck to the ground monster and most of the time it seems like that was the case but as soon as you lose a little bit of the the ground it’s just gone it’s definitely better now that i am driving actually it’s uh is is definitely a lot better actually no this

Is a million times this is improved tenfold it’s it’s now no problem whatsoever the interior again the dials don’t work i really hope they fix that the wheel just make the wheel bigger really that’s the solution that i wanted to see the damned out it’s freaking sick i love this thing you absolute bozo and i love the the fact that i’ve gone for like the half camo

Normally i would not go for anything like this it’s just not it’s not my cup of tea normally but i can quite honestly see now it works really nicely and i think the red again works really really well too i wish the red stripe just wasn’t there or you could have maybe a black one or a few custom color options for the stripe would pretty much fix this car overall

Though not particularly one of the fastest cars has clearly not got the house upgrade though that may come in the future they seem to do that which makes you just waste more money it’s really a shame honestly just just give us it now to be honest now it does have a red sheen on the camo but that’s not really a problem normally that kind of bugs me when the paint

Bleeds but that is because generally i go for a classic over a metallic but they said it went metallic because you can actually get away with it which is pretty damn cool any who the audi r8 very sick addition to gta online let me know what you think is it in your collection already or are you now gonna pick it up considering you watch this video thank you so much

For watching this video oh holy crap this wing do some serious downforce apparently what’s a jeebus oh thank you so much for watching this video hopefully you did enjoy and be sure to smash like subscribe if you are new and peace

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GTA 5 Online – The LAST ONE? NEW Obey 10F (Audi R8) By BlackPanthaa

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