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Altair Club Cars Gta 5 Obey 10F Customization – Audi R8 Customization Gta online

Gta 5 Obey 10F Customization – Audi R8 Customization Gta online

hey guys here is my customization for the new obey 10f in gta 5. This video shows the custmozation for the audi r8 in gta online.

What’s going on youtuber welcome back to our video so guys today we are customizing the new car that was released today the obey 10f or also known as of course the audi r8 now this car is supposed to get a benny’s upgrade as well i think it’s still well but right now it doesn’t have it yet but when it does i will also make a separate video about that so first of all

Regular things armor brakes stuff like this then first of all we have the front bumpers you guys can see that we have some nice options nothing too crazy we can see that we have the forged option again as a color we also have carbon and then also the secondary this time i tried the forged ones last time in my customization video i didn’t really like it but on this car

I think it looks better for the rear bumper i have to say quite a lot of options some of them also a little bit too crazy for me i think on this car it doesn’t look that nice if you have too much going on so i just went with a modest simple rear bumper for the exhaust all of them four pipes just like always hold down the gas so you can see it better of course there

Are two options where you have the red insight i don’t know if this is just because my primary color is red over here or maybe it’s just red in general but definitely looks nice for the grilles the front grille wasn’t changing for some reason so i don’t know if this is the only option that you have maybe it’s bugged but basically you could see that on the sides the

Fenders i think it’s called are changing so again just like with the rear bumper i think a more modest option looks nicer on this car definitely hoods i think you have five options and then for each option you have carbon and then forged and then primary color a fully carbon or a fully forged hood doesn’t really go with this car in my opinion for the headlights i

Went with red headlights i know some people don’t like it when you have colored headlights but i think if it’s a combo with red especially at night it’s gonna look very sick now for deliveries definitely some good looking ones some of them too chaotic like for example the half camo one but definitely the first options where you just have the stripes can be a very

Nice touch to the car the white pin stripes i think it’s a good combination especially if you have a red as a main color for your car you can also do the red pen stripes and then you can maybe combine it with a black as a primary color that’s what one of my friends did and it also looks pretty cool for the primary color i went with a darker tone of red it’s called

Gray threat also by the way metallic i didn’t go with chameleon this time because i have noticed that i go with chameleon too often lately it looks nice but you don’t have to do it always of course as secondary color i went with torino red and i also added torino red as per lessons to the primary color to give it kind of a lighter touch in the sunlight as well but i

Don’t really know how much it will affect it for the inside for the trim also just red because it looks nice therefore the roof fins pretty basic options i would say for the roof itself again a couple of options where you have carbon forged and then primary color for the side panels the secondary color actually didn’t look that bad so the lighter red but i already

Went with the forged tones everywhere so i just kept it like that but for the skirts i did do a torino red line so a lighter red line that is also a nice touch now for these spoilers you have ducktail spoilers which look nice of course i wasn’t planning on doing a large spoiler for this car but i have to say the forged race spoiler definitely looks nice so i just

Went with this one and i can say that i’m also quite happy about it other things like suspension and turbo tuning i just max it out and then finally the wheels very important i went with track wheels and then the type super lux then i also painted them black this is often what i do i either paint them black sometimes white sometimes i also just leave it chrome but

Other options than this i don’t really do for example red wheels on this car i wouldn’t do especially because it’s an audi but in general i don’t really think it looks that nice when it comes to the performance of this car i don’t really know it doesn’t feel very fast but if you look on the dashboard in first person it does go up to 140 miles per hour which is of

Course very fast but i don’t know what the exact max speed of this car is for the rest of course it feels nice a normal sports car i would say and of course the front of this car looks sick as well so guys that was basically it let me know in the comments what you guys think about this car make sure to like subscribe check out the discord in the description and peace out you guys

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Gta 5 Obey 10F Customization – Audi R8 Customization Gta online By Bawsarnold

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