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Altair Club Cars Government Motors New Electric Hummer Takes 4 days to Charge

Government Motors New Electric Hummer Takes 4 days to Charge


What if you’re not a fast charger and just at home how fast does it charge just plugged it at my house 120 volt right now it’s about 6 pm on tuesday and it says it’ll be full by saturday at 10 55 which is four plus days of charging thank god there was a flotilla of electric federal vehicles all the way down to florida to save all you dastardly stupid republic tarts

Who used petrol gas edges to create the climate change that came in and destroyed your stupid state take that you scumbags this criminal by the way hates you so much he’s sending another 625 million dollars just today by the way to ukraine but florida can get i think i think i think we’re now at 50 plus billion dollars on record to ukraine one billion to florida

50-1 america last boys america last and of course america will be last because we’ll be driving around these stupid things if we let these criminals continue running our country off a cliff zero zero wind turbine vehicles flew to florida zero solar powered vehicles were utilized in florida none of the big trucks none of the heavy machinery right now all of the

Equipment being used to save people and fix florida right now none of it’s running off of rainbows morons anyhow take a look at this this is the electric hummer who asked for this nobody asked for this there was this dude who had one of these ford electric trucks and the thing couldn’t tow anything it’s like oh man you got uh 90 miles of range left yeah if i

Just hooked up 3 000 pounds towing equipment what looks like he got about 30 miles left what the hell happened to the other 60 miles don’t worry about it don’t you love mother guys so much no i don’t actually have you met mother guy have you met mother nature she’s constantly trying to kill us that’s why we live in houses that’s why we utilize electrons mother

Nature hates us idiots especially you you kombucha experts out there you idiots would die in any place outside of california overnight if you had to go spend a night in montana in december you’ll be dead because see how much mother nature loves you when she’s killing you anyhow you could you could drive up there in one of these by the way you hollywood tarts can

Take your your gigantic electric hummers and you can drive all the way to montana it’s going to take you 18 weeks but you can give it a shot look at this holy balls plugin fiasco video shows electric covers need four days four days eight holy balls four days to fully charge with wall outlet this is criminal this is a criminal scam that’s happening right now this

Is solyndra on aids monkey pox and steroids and 18 booster shots by the way so it’s probably needing a little bit of afib dfib help anyhow holy balls four days you’re better off walk look at this dip over here listen everybody how many kids can i stick in the back of an electric hummer whoa whoa i thought he’s gonna say how much ice cream can he stick it but you

Went straight to the kid thing anyhow youtuber recently demonstrated that buyers of gmc’s new electric hummer better clear their calendars if the truck is running low on battery juice the video he produced demonstrated that when you buy an 80 plus thousand dollar electric vehicle and that’s base that’s base you’re gonna get steel rems with that all right eighty

Thousand uh if you got a regular house outlet it’ll take you four days to fully charge lefties how do you not understand that this is a scam how do you not see that this is a crime nobody’s asking for vehicles that don’t work that’s this doesn’t work a ford electric truck it doesn’t work you’re not gonna be able to haul around any tools you can’t do any work with

It you can’t haul you can’t haul a thousand pounds with that thing without throwing out a good half half of your range immediately goodbye and this thing takes four days to charge up if you plug it into a wall socket and a usable socket i’m gonna use a fast charger well then it only takes 24 hours 24 hours for every four hours that you use this thing it takes 24

Hours on a fast charger that’s a scam it’s a scam this is only produced this is only brought to market right here because of you dumb you dumb idiot lefty morons you stupid captain planet idiots nobody wants this this would not exist in a free market situation the only reason this exists is because all of these criminals in washington have gained the system they

Have all put their children and their children’s children their nephews and their cousins and other family members they’ve all put them in positions where they will financially benefit by taking a ton of taxpayer money and dumping it into gmc so gmc then we’ll go make this stupid crap right here it doesn’t work it doesn’t work this vehicle doesn’t work making a

Car that takes 24 hours to charge up on a fast charger or four days if you plug into your house that’s not a vehicle that should exist but they don’t care the the people at gmc they already got your taxpayer money they already got paid through the back don’t let melon door they’ve already received all this is already paid for in full with our taxpayer money so

I get why you left these don’t care because you don’t pay taxes you leeches but the rest of us we are we’re a little bit upset that money’s being stolen from us to produce that doesn’t work so dumb idiots who won’t even buy this can run around telling everybody how great their farts smell screw you four days to charge this thing up damn that’s insane 86 000

Vehicle that if you plug it into your wall it’s going to take you four days to drive insane again again now i’ll stick i’ll stick with a good old fat i want a v12 i want a v12 i don’t want a catalytic converter i don’t want to fill the thing up with leaded gasoline take that greta and by the way i’ll be able to fill it up in like four minutes from my house i’ll be

Back on the road four minutes well you idiots are spending four days scam scam absolute scam atrocious all right guys thanks so much for watching the video support check anyway kept it to date on these electric vehicle scams being run by this criminal regime hit that subscribe button and make why because the salt must flow

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