gmc sierra 3500hd crew cab denal
Altair Club Cars GMC Sierra 3500HD Crew Cab Denali

GMC Sierra 3500HD Crew Cab Denali

#MarlonBledman is showing a 2017 GMC Sierra 3500HD Crew Cab Denali – 5U221169 Live at Transwest Truck Trailer RV OF Frederick #TTTRV

Hey guys welcome to transwest truck trailer rv here in federer colorado i want to thank you guys for tuning in today we got this awesome truck as you guys could see off the bat just looking at it it is a 2017 gmc 3500 sierra this trim level it’s the denali hd this truck is awesome drives amazing i’ve taken it on a few road trips from the dealer to get a service

To here and of course a few test drives as well so as you guys can see off the bat right now you can see there’s a few aftermarket stuff on here and first of all i want to point out the rims and tires they’re really slick what you guys are looking at right now those are 295 60 r20s and they’re all terrain tires of course the rims are hostile also you guys can

See there are fender flares on here color matching the awesome blue exterior with this one also customer real um lifted the truck a little bit here so he needed a way to get in and out of that truck so he did add the amp falling steps so as you guys can see this one does come a little bit lower down to the ground to be able to go in and out of this lifted truck

Once the doors are closed those steps will automatically go in checking out the front here another addition to this truck as an add-on is that front bumper grille and it did add a light bar to it which the switch is underneath the steering wheel this one does come in handy in case of an emergency certain you know certain animals decide they always want to

Run in front of the road so with a truck like this protecting the front end or the front bumper i would say on for this particular uh design this one also comes with front and rear sensors also fog lights and of course the gmc headlights of course everybody wants to know what’s underneath the hood what you guys are going to be looking at right now is a 6.6

Duramax engine and it’s also partnered with the allison transmission this unit produces about 445 horsepower and about 910 foot-pounds of torque so you got tons of power with this truck let me just make sure i close this properly all right so as we come around here guys you could also go on our website or you could click on the link below the

Link below will actually show you all the pictures and prices online so feel free to view those view that information and of course with the stamps on the truck i did mention it does have the giromax engine and of course the allison transmission so that stamp will actually let you know the exact stuff underneath that engine of course like i said it is the denali

I’m going to open the front door and kind of make you guys glance at the interior it is a 17 but the condition of the interior is almost like new you have those tan seats on the left side of the steering wheel you guys will get the trailer brake the four wheel drive and of course all your light options on the door you have the bose sound system on all four doors

You have folding mirrors you have power mirrors power locks power windows and of course you got two memory bangs for your memory settings on there we’re gonna take a look at a back seat this is a crew cab so you have all your leg room that you need and of course storage underneath those seats as well we’re going to continue back diesel tank is located back here on

The driver’s side the death tank you might be asking it is located on the right side of the engine or if you’re looking at the engine on the left side another add-on to this is the bmw turnover ball hitch so you have that hitch right here and you have the turnover ball in here we got the soft release tailgate again all spray bed lined in here we got a seven pin

Hook up for your trailer also it is some modifications to his tie downs so it gives you a more heavier duty tie down option for this truck rear window i always mention it in our videos but sometimes we don’t always show it so that center part right here has a electric switch that will open this window as needed all right let’s jump inside and kind of show you

Guys some of the features of the interior just going to start this truck this one is not a push to start we do have a key but this one also comes with remote start on the remote so off the bat i’m gonna tell you guys the mileage we had 56 328 miles as of this video today on a steering wheel you have your denali badge in the center right here you have all your

Controls to toggle through the different options on your screen right here also you got cruise control you got heated steering wheel and also this one does have uh lane departure warning and driver assists also behind the steering wheel on the right-hand side when driving you have your volume controls for your stereo and on the left side you have your track

Switch here to change your stations or just change your tracks while listening to music we’re looking at your touch screen here this one does come fully equipped with navigation fm am and satellite radio you also have bluetooth technology right now my phone is hooked up to this truck so if in case i get a call bear with me i will pause this video just kidding

Um yeah but my phone is actually hooked up to this just to show you guys how easy it is um again if you guess you buy a vehicle and you see people previous owner phones already hooked up it’s very easy to delete it once you go to your bluetooth area you have this little sign here this one will actually allow you to cancel the the delete or you could actually

Delete the whole uh system to pay your phone you go back to paydevice you go into your bluetooth uh device setting it will show it would show your code if both codes match you set it and of course you’re done this one does come equipped with a cd player down here is all your ac options this one also has heated and vented seats for driver and passenger and

A few buttons down here i did mention lane departure warning this is a switch to turn on or off your parking sensors both front and rear you could turn it on and off you got your cargo light for the bed of the truck if you want to turn that on uh you could enable that right here traction off and of course pedal adjustment switch when it comes to charging one

Thing i love about gmc chevy you got all you always get a ton of charging so with the denali you have two usb ports here a 110 plugin and of course two 12 volts storage cup holders wireless charging pad this one is for more smaller phones i do have the bigger iphone it won’t fit in here but i do have the option for usb to plug in but again with your smaller

Devices wireless charging is available right up here again a huge storage box with an additional two usb ports in here and tons of storage down here we asked for storage we got more over here and of course your glove compartment with all the necessary booklets and of course your locket your lock nuts for your tires this one does come equipped with onstar and

We’ve mentioned that in a few videos onstar is a protective app that comes with those chevy gmc models and of course if you subscribe there’s so many different subscriptions to choose from i have the full subscription in case of an accident remote start check my fuel check my maintenance records everything that you want to know about your vehicle your location

Everything is on that onstar app even though you don’t have the onstar app and you want to talk to an agent you could actually push this onstar button this one that says on the blue one or you could press any of those buttons the sos is more of an emergency button but any of those if you hold on to it you would actually call an agent and you could actually talk

To them you could actually subscribe to it on the phone with them while driving so to avoid any um you know anything happening onstar will talk to you directly to your vehicle or from your vehicle this one that comes with universal garage controls uh sunroof is included also you have the switch here for your sunroof or your tilt and of course like i said this

Rear window we have this is a switch right here for that again this unit is available as we speak guys has 50 i didn’t mention so we do have a full service on this as well and of course this unit has 53 000 miles am i right i did see where am i going kind of missed where where that is um bear with me yeah so if you guys are interested in this vehicle you

Could please give me a call today my name is marlon bledman at 303 684-3412 or you could text or call me on my cell at 661-755-4344 if you guys want any more information i’ll be happy to give you that information and of course if you guys want to come in and test drive we’ll you guys could call make an appointment and we’ll have the vehicle ready

For you guys in the meantime i’ll see you guys back here tomorrow for another video we have some awesome units coming in we have two available 106s they’re both in white we do have a 112 that’ll be coming in that will be available come next week so if you guys are interested in a brand new 112 we do have one coming in just for me to put it out there for all those

Wanting those 112 freightliners one just came back on the market so ones that come in we’ll advertise it put it online but i just wanted to mention that to all those looking for a 112. so in the meantime thank you guys for tuning in today and i’ll see you guys back here tomorrow thank you you

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